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Saint Germain talking on karmic debt:

Morgan Le Fay

June 25, 2018

Saint Germain talking on karmic debt:

Beloved ones, in the Sacred Heart Temple, among those who are going to take embodiment here during the coming year, who are going to stand before the beloved Mother Mary for the formation of their hearts, do you know how many of these have karma of an extra weight because, in some embodiment, you caused them to have the feelings of despair, discouragement, rebellion or resentment, and that soul who is waiting to embody, carries certain etheric scars of distress, put there by past association with your lifestream? Think about it!! Then think what your Presence – in its unlimited capacities (by releasing its infinite powers of light and love) can do to make a balance to life for you at your call!

Incidentally, those of you who have four-footed creatures as pets or are associated with them in other ways, have you ever thought that perhaps you are paying back through them a service to life to balance precious actions, when, in the past, in self-righteous and zealous enthusiasm, you offered animals upon sacrificial altars, as well as bird and human life?

Oh, there is much that you do not know! Fortunately, there is a veil of mercy between the conscious mind and certain etheric memories and that veil is drawn apart very slowly from time to time because a quite sane man has been known to go completely mad just by looking upon the “Dweller on the Threshhold” as the human creation of his own lifestream is sometimes called. There is again the balance, it is really a razor’s edge! On the one hand, we have the complacent type of individual who feels that everything will come out all right and there is no need to do anything about it. Then, we have the over-tense one, so eager and desirous of rendering the service (whether it be individual, planetary or cosmic) that he becomes so tense that the vibratory action of the Presence cannot flow through him. There is great balance and relaxation in a complete alertness to the reality of that Presence, to the reality of ourselves and to the capacity of the presence or ourselves to act through the Causal Body, directing our radiation and blessing at your call.

In my life as Francis Bacon, I had come upon certain understanding of the Law of Re-embodiment which interested me deeply. I was a great reader and, during the various temporary incarcerations in that embodiment, I had much time at my disposal. I became interested in the idea of my own past embodiments and as I read about certain historical characters, they deeply touched me, etherically. Feeling that perhaps I had some connection with these lifestreams in the past, I began to practice releasing the power of the presence to pay whatever personal debts I might owe to those lifestreams, even though I could not tell where they were abiding at that moment, whether they were disembodied, in embodiment, or in the “Compound” (My note: This region called “compound” is already completely dissolved, thanks God!), whether they were awaiting embodiment in the Sacred Heart Temple or whether they were my next-door neighbors. That was not important!

One day, however, before my ascension, while in deep contemplation of the Presence and its Violet Fire of Mercy, Forgiveness and Transmutation, my inner sight was opened and I had a glimpse of a farmer walking through a field, sowing seed. This man was heavy-hearted and his head was bowed. Suddenly, I saw a light ray from my Presence go forth, within which was the Violet Fire. It blazed around that individual, instantly transmuting the cause of his distress, for which cause I had been responsible, at one time or another. Thus was paid the particular debt which I owed that lifestream. Then, that individual raised his head, free of that burden and actually ran laughing toward the farmhouse! Now, that person never knew from whence his release came. I did not even know the name of that man, but I knew that his burden was lightened and that at least some part of my karmic debt had been paid. Interesting – if you care to develop it!
Journal 3 The Bridge to Freedom, AMTF

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