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SGP#04 – Ascended Master Instruction, II, p. 11

Saint Germain teaches us to take a firm grip on the inner “Presence” to govern every inharmony and to remove any wrong condition permanently:

Knowing that the outer mind or consciousness is a mighty vehicle through which the tremendous Energy of God can be consciously directed, then we know that we have every moment, all about us, the most powerful Presence for protection and direction, and the supreme solver and adjuster of every condition that opportunity bring before us. It would save so much distress to the individual if on the first intimation of any intruding discord he or she would leap, as it were, into the heart of this Mighty “Presence” and say: “Seemingly the outer has made a mistake. I call on thy law of forgiveness. See that this is adjusted quickly and completely.”

Take a firm grip on the inner “Presence” to govern every inharmony and to remove any wrong condition permanently. The highest and quickest action is always to make the demand to the great inner “Presence.” God’s energy always acts according to the consciousness we have of it. Opportunity is a very poor master; it is you who must always govern it. Use opportunity, but never let it use you.

SGP#04 – Ascended Master Instruction, II, p. 11

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Comment by Wm on October 28, 2017 at 7:50pm

Beloved Leto says that we need to make dynamic application, without cessation, until we gain more than fifty percent of perfection, then things become easier and easier to be attained:

Quite often the students write in to the messengers and ask why certain things are not accomplished as fast as they think they should be. The Messengers had to make the most dynamic application, without cessation – and they still do, to hold in abeyance the things which would sweep them under. So, every one of the beloved “I AM” students must do the same thing, until each one has gained more than the fifty percent of perfection. Then, the great onrush from the momentum gained gives you the assistance which requires less of your firm, determined application than it did at first. After that is attained, you will find, just like this good brother, that in one sweeping decree you can release the power and energy from the “Presence” to come forth and do things almost instantaneously, where before it might have taken you weeks to accomplish the same thing. You are all gaining just such a momentum, precious ones; and it is my mission tonight to register this in your feeling. At this point you are gaining your victory, which will enable you to have more instantaneous manifestation of the things you require.

Do not be discouraged. Go on, and on, and on – because until you have reached the ascended state, dear hearts, you will have to continue to make your application! There is no one to do it for you. You would not want to just be in abeyance and allow us to do it for you, would you? There would be no victory in that. One blessed student recently said, when a certain thing happened: “Where in the world were the ascended masters? Why did they not prevent it?” They prevent a thousand and one things of which the outer is never aware, dear hearts!

SGP#07 – Ascended Master Light, p. 224


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