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Skepticism, This is our tool to bring forth the facts of any given Answer. Because something stated as a fact is not always a fact. This has created this behavior. But what most people believe is skepticism is actually skepticism mixed with judgment. When we put judgment out in the open we all know its wrong. Unless you can view something from every possible perspective, you really cant say for certain without many others or a well known other to back the information up. Again we put that in the open we can still see this judgment is wrong even with others behind it. The most enlightened should be the ones involved with the judgment obviously because they can see from the most angles, and every one of our opinions is an angle that can also be considered applied.

 If you catch yourself in a skepticism  state of mind I urge you reflect your questions and absorb only your answers. In the end you will be led to the information to spark your understanding much quicker with much better results.

In the new age there will be no room for judgment or skepticism, for all will know the truths as scientific facts, if they desire to accept it.

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Comment by Steven Harris on March 30, 2012 at 9:23pm

I hope that's not sarcasm lol

Comment by Jennifer Knight on March 30, 2012 at 9:08pm
very well put steven. Thank u for that i obviously needed to read that. thanks again u helped me see the uglyness i was allowing myself to get sucked into and going the wrong way on a road. Much appreciated.


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