Stand up and take your power back!!

This applies to all facets of life!  As humans we have so many lower vibe templates to change which are abusive.  One of these is the need to control another template (I call it bullying at it's finest).  Both have abusive under tones and it is something we need to be aware of, and step up to eliminate it by standing in your power and not allowing it.  Here are links to the signs of  this behavior.   I am posting because I have seen many suffer due to this nastiness (including some friends).  And it is painful to watch as someone allows themselves to be emasculated.

In relationships 10 signs of this to bring awareness (IMO bleeds out into the collective):

AS a collective things we can do:

As a collective we can take our power back.  And change the world.  And so much more!  (that's another blog.  lol)

"I couldn't stay in the box you built for me.  It was small and dark cluttered with your insecurities" J. Nodarse.  I love this quote and it speaks volumes.  So many allow themselves to be controlled like this within relationships and marriages.  It is sad to see.  Nothing you can do for these people except for pray they open their eyes and take steps to get back into their power.  As I always say, call their bluff.  Break the cycle.  Figure a way AROUND this.

"People will get angry when you won't stay in their box.  Do it anyway (get out of their box)." Marla Kelly

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  • Some people just allow others to walk all over them and control them.  No boundaries and living how another dictates they live.  How sad.

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  • "Why choose to hand over your power (or give it away) to a limiting belief (which could be a job, relationship, person) when my power once folded into myself.  It is the power that I fold back into me that's going to crack open the pinata of my dreams"  Phil Good

  • Stand in your sovereignty!  Lori says it well!!  7 minute video

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  • Quote: 

    Don’t allow people with no purpose to distract you away from yours. Some people just don’t deserve the opportunity to faze you or the power to make you upset. You will get it wrong at times so expect to be judged, expect to be doubted, expect to be talked about; but understand that your mission is greater than your mistakes. Don’t waste valuable time trying to prove yourself to pointless people. Accept where you’ve been, understand where you are, and focus on where you’re going. Let the Universe handle the rest.
    Much love beautiful souls
  • As I say, do not comply.  Do not allow oneself to be put in that control box of theirs.  Do what one must to skirt around it if trapped.  There are many ways to go stealth if needed.

  • "Agree with q:"  Yes one must protect themselves (and others) from them any way you can.  And yes I agree these situations can and do affect others.   

    We cannot change the bad habits (bad templates, emotions etc) of others.  We may call them out on it and establish boundaries and hope they open their eyes and change.  And pray for them.  That's about it.  They must see it and get out of denial in order to work on themselves and their issues (which they project).  Many controllers are in denial that they are doing nothing wrong.  It usually comes from insecurity, possessiveness, hatred and or jealousy.   It's a toxic soup!

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