Surprise Blessings

Surprise Blessings: Submissions from the Family
Be Joyful! We Are Expanding Light!
A New Decree by Marcia and her Higher Team

Photo Credit:  Unknown
Be joyful We are expanding Light !!!!!!!  
Smile, Breath, Pillars, Invites, many...they want to see us fly!!  
Thank you Mother and Father and mother Earth ~ I Love You!!!

We call upon all benevolent forces of Light,
To join with us as we invoke
Peace, Harmony, Unity, Cooperation and Miracles
For our beautiful Planet Earth, 
All of Humanity upon and within Earth,
And all the Kingdoms both known and unknown
Who work unceasingly on behalf of the restoration 
Of the Divine Plan as Inteded by God.
We set this intention on behalf of and for 
The Highest Good and the Highest outcome for All.

Let Peace manifest on Earth ( x3)
Let Love and Light manifest on Earth (x3)
Let freedom manifest on Earth (x3)
Let Abundance and Properity manifest on Earth (x3)

Thank you Father and Mother for we are precipitating and manifesting the New Earth with your Loving Light!!  
Thank you everyone, it is Done!!  And it's forever!! 
You Blessings are felt every day!  Thanks!

Love, Joy and Surprise Blessings from Marcia & her Higher Team
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