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SVT: Arab ancient texts speak of the abrupt climate change in ancient times.

Arab ancient texts speak of the abrupt climate change in ancient times.

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Ancient texts IX and X century, highlight data that shows that climate change is cyclical and cosmic. The texts come from Iraq and show evidence of a cold snap in severe conditions took place in Arab countries in the ninth century and X. 

The manuscripts come from ancient texts that describe in detail a bitter cold wave that took place between the years 900-950, in full Golden Age of Islamic Empire. Research has been brought to light by a team of scientists from the University of Extremadura , in particular the so-called Air Team. Cruz Maria Gallego, Fernando Domínguez-Castro and José Manuel Vaquero, are the researchers of this new finding that supports the thesis of cyclic changes in history.

The latter finding reveals that for 50 years suffered intense Arab cold waves. Specifically, this atypical phenomenon marked by low temperatures occurred between 900 and 950.

Article published in the journal  Weather  notes how in 900 the territory where it is now placed Iraq and Syria suffered periods characterized by a very unusual cold today, with thermometers even below zero. According to one of the scientists who participated in this study,  Fernando Domínguez-Castro , the importance of this article is that it has been considered really old Arabic writings, also showing the importance of these data to better interpret the current climate. Parameters that help us with more rigor dimension of any change or climate changes, says Dominguez-Castro. Sources are "direct" data traditionally neglected by many climate scientists, and hide an enormous scientific potential, as noted.

According to the expert UEx climate there are few studies about by language and cultural barriers between Arab culture and western results in the generation of researchers. "Scientists must work together with experts who can read these historical texts because there is much information to be discovered."

The temperatures reached levels below "0" and is described in the texts as even came to freeze the wine, which involves several degrees ceníigrados negative.

According to Dominguez-Castro, the phenomenon of quenching was the result of a major volcanic eruption, but it is necessary to conduct additional research on the subject.

In any case, it is interesting to note, as in Spain this news has had little media attention, while the rest of the world scientific journals, has been a real "crack" in the broadest sense of the word. Outside Spain, the community of climatologists Team considers independent of the University of Extremadura as almost "Heroes." Such is the case of the prestigious International Climatologist "Anthony Watts".

Draw your own conclusions.

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