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SVT: Viewing the "Cluster" (NEBIRU) criteria to differentiate the "Lens Flare".

Viewing the "Cluster" criteria to differentiate the "Lens Flare".  Please go to the page to view the videos.


For months on a daily basis there is a phenomenon that does not go unnoticed: A sunrise accompanied by another set of objects concentrated at one point to the right of the Sun Despite the many pressures and insults, the truth is that there are tens of thousands of photos that can not be considered "lens flare". Simply show the presence of new objects in the scene of our solar neighborhood.


There is a key date June 22, 2011, from which, every day at the station this morning Newmayer binary appears in the Antarctic. From then until today, every day is same as above, but not every day can be seen the sunrise with the sharpness with which he beheld the June 22, 2011.

The date is key, because scientists Newmayer station, had first visual evidence of this.

In Hawaii, could be seen for the first time July 23, 2011.

Remember that the phenomenon can be visually observed 5 minutes after sunrise in the southern hemisphere and about 5 minutes before sunset in the northern hemisphere. When viewed in optical instruments, the object is clearly visible at the top right of the Sun, just at the point where the infrared spectrum of the sun reaches its yellow-orange, and before it becomes reddish-violet.

The reason is precisely that the object can only be seen when the sky reaches the proper visual spectrum, which allows more than two minutes, three time for viewing. (We recommend conducting the viewing eyewear or some type of eye protection).

We leave here links to Hawaii Telescope and Newmayer Station, to behold yourself.

To learn how to discern the object of the effects astral and "Lens Flare" derived from the ice and atmospheric saturation or lens, we place here this video lets discern clearly the events that can be viewed at dawn and dusk.

Remember that events are seen with the naked eye. The Lens Flare, require a lens. The key evidence is crucial, because ls photos received 70% are Lens Flare, but 30% correspond to the exact reality of the phenomenon.

But back to the Newmayer: Days Prior to viewing the phenomenon for the first time.

The key period runs from June 18 to June 30, 2011.

The full moon provided different effects and positions of certain objects. Then comes the dawn. Observe the effects of lens and focuses the Newmeyer, this will allow a views understand objects and positions.

Remember that the use that all are effects of lens allows skeptics "cover" all the evidence, and that any photo or video requires a lens to record.

Highlight the issue involves months, days and hours of observation. Something that no one can afford to make.

We leave here the link to the Newmayer:

In this video we can distinguish all the elements "Lens Flare" Included ". The decision is very recent (Sunset in California) in January 2012.

Now analyze what object rises in the west and after sunset can be seen from north-northwest

If we take a stellar positioning software as Estelarium or Starry Night and look what purpose rises in the west from Mauna Kea Hawaii at 7.24 pm in north-northwest direction, from January 4 to January 9, we get nothing.

However, the object can be seen every night and brighter.

Now let one of those videos that go up the disinformation to discredit the event:

Has anyone noticed that there can be? The reason is simple, in this video the disinformer not noticed that in the Northern Hemisphere, the event can be seen at dusk and dawn.

Draw your own conclusions and send your photos to

StarViewerTeam International 2012th



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