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The Left's True Agenda Revealed: Satanic Human Sacrifice On An Industrial Scale And The Complete Decimation Of White's, Conservatives, Chris

The Left Splinters Into Warring Tribes And Falls Further Into True Madness
By William B Stoecker - All News Pipeline

I noticed some years ago that most people on the left fall into one or both of two categories. There are those I call “professionally offended people,” meaning that being offended is pretty much the life’s work of such people. If a school teacher inadvertently so much as mentions God, or dares to pray silently in class, someone will be “deeply offended”, “marginalized,” and “threatened” by his behavior, and will sue the school district, usually after contacting a professionally offended organization like the ACLU or the SPLC.

The other group is composed of “againsters,” people who pretend to be for some vaguely noble-sounding cause, like women’s rights, or Black rights, or saving the planet from some imaginary peril. But if we look at their actual deeds, and the actual, real-world consequences of the programs they advocate, we find that women and Blacks are ill-served, and the planet is neither imperiled nor saved. Their real motivation is opposition…typically they oppose America, Israel, Judaism, Christianity, Judeo-Christian morality, free speech, the Second Amendment, free, Republican government, and a free market economy. And most leftists fall into both of these categories.


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Comment by Byron wilkins on July 28, 2018 at 1:40pm

Good article about how insane our world really is. Join the resist anything club because that is what you do best.

Comment by Keith H on July 28, 2018 at 9:24am

...and this is so true.  A good Racist article- and the Left instigated these thoughts in the Universities. 


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