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The Master's Talks through Morgan Le Fay

Morgan Le Fay

January 31, 2020

Beloved students of my heart,

I bring you greetings from your Ascended Friends who are constantly protecting and guiding you towards your final victory over all human limitations!

Yes, this planet is a school and I can tell you, through my personal experience, a wonderful school for those who really want to become masters! Masters who perfectly manipulate and control energy, vibration and substance! Masters who have perfect mastery over their activity of thinking and feeling! Masters who assume their divine condition and express it perfectly in their external activity! Masters! Masters! Masters of themselves! Masters who block the destructive side of the external personality and give vent only to the expression of the divine, beautiful and constructive side of man!

Ah, my beloved ones, you are all potential masters! Many of you have immigrated from distant stars to Earth, just to expand your skills and abilities, and thus help Earth's children in their evolution.

Know, children of distant stars, that when the Father and Mother Gods of this system expanded the thought form that gave rise to this planet in the future, they created a perfect divine plan for this sphere, and in this plan, there is only beauty, perfection and mastery for all the lifestreams that have decided to make Earth their home for eons.

Thousands and thousands of new lifestreams were expelled from the hearts of Helios and Vesta, and you, children of distant stars, came to join them, to be the guides, the teachers, the motivators of these new children of God. Oh, has the veil become so thick over your eyes that you have completely lost the memory of your original missions?

Many of you were the pioneers and thinkers of the past, who embodiment after embodiment have inspired and motivated the children of this world! Many of you have been kings and queens, princes and princesses, priests and priestesses, thinkers, philosophers and prominent in all human fields! Ah, if I could, I would cut this thick veil with my own hands! That veil that erases the memory of what you truly are and keeps you anesthetized in limited visions! For it is time for the children of light to remember their divine origin!

Children of light, please, claim your divine memory! Invoke the memory of your origin! Center in your hearts and say “I AM the Revealing Power that shows me everything I desire and need to know, so that I can see, understand and walk according to God's will every day!” Call, children of my heart! Call your cosmic remembrance, so that you rise from your illusions and rescue the magnificence of the gods and goddesses you are!

Why do you get so attached to these garments of flesh, which is so transitory and fleeting as figures of clouds in the sky, that form now and dissolve minutes later?

These flesh garments serve only for the purpose of your current experience, but how many garments of this same matter you have already used and discarded after a few years of experience? You are not these clothes of flesh, children of light, you are greater consciousnesses that experience life in this sphere through these outer garments!

You and your spiritual groups need to plead for the law of oblivion to be suppressed, so that the children of light can remember and through their remembrance, they can recover their inner confidence and courage to move determinedly towards their final victory!

A time of miracles and wonderful deeds is approaching, but in order for this to really manifest, you need to call this divine memory to the fore, for you yourself will be the instruments of these miracles and deeds that will tear the curtain of forgetfulness and human ignorance!

Voilà! Rise from the dormant state you are in and like Lazarus, return to life to become the authors and witnesses of God's Unlimited Power, the Great I AM!

I leave you with the confidence that at least some of you will hear my love song and resurrection call and will answer me cheerfully: “Yes, we have heard you, Master! And we get up now, following your steps, advice and eternal example of love!"

Saint Germain

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