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The opening of the Resurrection Temple!

Dear hearts of Light, an activity similar to this happens on every Easter Season. Look what a beautiful thing:

Maha Chohan said:

The opening of the Resurrection Temple, which has been guarded and sustained by the Ascended Masters Jesus and Mary for centuries of time, was accompanied by a tremendous spiritual acceleration of the souls of incarnate lifestreams, as well as those who wait at the door of birth.

The great Archangel Gabriel, who is the Angel of the Resurrection, accelerated the power of the beautiful Resurrection Flame in the circular flame room, itself, which forms the heart of the retreat. The seven great Archangels stood, all in snow-white garments, drawing the flame into their bodies and breathing it outward through each of the circular corridors which form the graded order of chambers in which initiates gather, according to their light and capacity to stand the pressure of the flame.

The beloved Mother Mary chose to welcome each guest herself, standing at the great open doors at the extreme outer circle of rooms, so that the first contact the beloved aspirants might have, would be her warm and gentle presence. It was my pleasure, as director of the great powers of nature, to anchor a ray from the nature temples through the Resurrection Flame, and then expand it to bless all the forces of nature, the beings who direct them, and the elemental substance that makes up the physical and inner bodies of mankind.

The beloved Master Jesus, who manifested the power of the Resurrection Flame through a flesh form, revivified the records of the first Easter Morning through the lower atmosphere of Earth, and through the etheric bodies of all who had witnessed that event, as well as all the Christians who had accepted that event as not only a possible accomplishment, but an actual fact.

The beloved El Morya, as hierarch of the Brothers of the Diamond Heart, directed the assembly in the creating of diamond hearts out of the sparkling atmosphere of the retreat, and millions of these throughtforms were literally catapulted into the atmosphere, with every outbreath of the august company which participates in the transmission of the flame around the world. As the flame was released by the assembly, beloved Morya, and his assisting Brothers and Sisters of the Diamond Heart, began creating a diamond heart around each sanctuary, home, worker, and student, made up of the qualified energies drawn from the Resurrection Temple. These hearts are a practical, tangible, and positive protection against the invisible, as well as visible, forces that flow through the psychic and astral realms, and act as a further insulation around the Tube of Light of each individual and group activity. DAILY RECOGNITION OF THIS SERVICE WILL GREATLY STRENGTHEN AND INTENSIFY THIS BLESSING AND THIS GIFT GIVEN.

May I congratulate each sanctuary and group, as well as each individual student, for their ability to control the breath and hold the visualization, and also to contemplate the activity of the evening with such clarity through the mental body as well.
Book: Thomas Printz’ Private Bulletin, Book1, Ascended Master Teaching Foundation – AMTF
Picture: Caduceu de Hermes, on Google

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