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The Purification of the Etheric Body Archangel Michael

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The Purification of the Etheric Body
Archangel Michael
The etheric body, beloved ones, is like a mirror. It records instantly the thoughts and feelings, the actions of the spoken words into its very self. It imitates that which you do, what your attention rests upon, and mirrors that as well.
The etheric bodies of mankind have been so scarred, so mutilated, so deeply marred by the experiences of life, that they look for the most part a sorry sight. They are what you would call in earth-life seemingly "pock-marked." These garments carry the scars of all the disappointments, the disillusionments, the hurts, all of the experiences wherein mankind has destroyed faith and trust and confidence.
Your etheric garment is so much a part of your flesh form, that when it is purified, it will form for you a much better instrument for drawing back into the brain structure and outer consciousness, the memory of your inner experiences.
These experiences, imbedded in the etheric body, seemingly lie quiescent. Even as your flesh mends a cut or a wound, so does the intelligence and light within the etheric body weave over the scars and wounds a similar semblance of repaired tissues. But under tension of stress and strain, those inner experiences and weaknesses are very likely to burst forth again in renewed hatreds and renewed antagonisms. It is my counsel to you to set about in earnest to purify these etheric garments and make them shine as they once were, pure white and exquisite, when you first began to record, through cause and effect, the experiences of life into them.
Book: The Angelic Kingdom, Ascended Master Teaching Foundation – AMTF
Picture: Archangel Michael on Google

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