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Day 28/49
Beloved Master Jesus’ Day

Today we have the Radiation of the beloved master Jesus. After his ascension, He became the Chohan of the Sixth Ray. On January 1, 1956, Jesus, together with Kuthumi, became World Teachers, and Lady Nada became the Chohan of the Sixth Ray.

In the book “Ascended Masters and Their Retreats” from AMTF - Ascended Master Teaching Foundation, we can read more about beloved Jesus:

“Jesus was born at a time when the collective constructively-qualified energy of the Earth was at its lowest level since the days of Atlantis. His coming and successful mission turned the tide.

Jesus was born without karma. According to a dictation given by Jesus, in 1953, in previous embodiments he was Appollonius from Tyana, Zoroaster in Persia, and Joshua, of Biblical account.

Jesus’ mission had to comply with the laws, as they applied to the Earth at that time. He did not receive special privileges, such as the gift of consecutive consciousness. He was bound by the “bands of forgetfulness,” like any other lifestream seeking his evolution upon the planet Earth. Therefore, when he awoke as a beautiful baby, in Mother Mary’s arms, or later, when he grew older, he did not remember any former embodiments.”

In the same book, we can read the reflections of Jesus, regarding his last embodiment:

“My ministry was one of action. Every day, before I left the house, great numbers of people had gathered, primarily to receive relief from all manner of discomfort and disease of mind and body. Very few came to learn the application by which I had achieved such prayers, to give surcease from distress. I had learned never, under any circumstances, to go forth to serve until I had first anchored my consciousness, feelings and self in the Presence of God. Only when I was firmly established in that unshakable faith, that indestructible fortress of His power and presence, would I endeavor to convey that consciousness of his goodness, through word and works, to my fellowman. Earnest men and women, filled with zeal and enthusiasm, often rush forth without such personal contemplation and communion with the God-Self.

When the fishermen in the boat were sore distressed because of the raging sea, where did I receive the power which stilled the waters? I had, through the assistance of both my mother and father, and Lord Maitreya, been taught from childhood to magnetize peace. That peace became a great reservoir, and so I said to the waters, ‘Peace, be still.’ And naturally they responded, because there was more energy already drawn around me qualified with God-Peace than all of the turbulence of the sea of Galilee.

Before I came into the world of form, I was ‘charged’ with a mission, to manifest unto all mankind the full perfection of our Father who is in heave. You were also so ‘charged’ when you were created. Now, your mission is similar to my own!”
Therefore, my dear friends, remember that the beloved Jesus told us that what he accomplished, we can do today and even more than he did in the past. He is a symbol of the Christ in our hearts, who is sleeping, like the Sleeping Beauty, until the day, that we through a kiss of true love, which means, our love and devotion to this Divine Presence within us, we wake up this Inner God and call Him to fully govern our lives and experiences. Then we will again be the Christ in action on Earth. No longer the baby Christ, but the Full Master, the Christ in full stature, God in action in this human octave. Let us invoke today the awakening of the Christ in our hearts and in the hearts of all human beings on this planet, so that we may live again in an era of love, opulence, peace, purity and perfection.

Beloved Master Jesus’ Decree

We call the Beloved Jesus to come forth and fill the earth, its atmosphere and all Life Streams within, with His Cosmic Sacred Fire of Immortal Love of the Cosmic Christ during the Seven Sacred Weeks and forever!

Beloved Jesus Christ, flood us and mankind with your Light, touch our hearts and expand our Pink Flame of Love, illumine our minds and help us to see the Truth of the “I AM” Presence. Lead us on this Path of Ascension, let us know the right thing to do and give us courage to fulfill it day by day. We thank you! We bless you! We love you forever!

Fill the Feeling World of Mankind with your Flaming Presence! (3x)

Come forth in your Visible and Tangible Body! (3x)

Show us the Way, the Light and Truth! (3x)

We are ready! We are willing to give the necessary obedience! (3x)

By the Power of the Great Central Sun! By the Light of God That Never Fails! I command! I demand! And it’s done!

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Comment by Wm on December 31, 2019 at 6:41am

Second Activation of the Threefold Flame

On December 31 and January 1, we have a special activation of the Golden Flame in our hearts. This dispensation was given to benefit all who are sincerely doing the protocol of the Seven Sacred Weeks. In these two days, there is a shedding of the Cosmic Golden Flame in the Heart of the Great Central Sun, through the upper triangle that acts in the Christmas period, formed by the beloved Elohim of Peace, the Mother Mary and the Cosmic Christ, directly into the hearts of all students who are serving the Cosmic Christ in this period, putting themselves as catalysts of the Sacred Fire and directing it to bless the earth and mankind.

This activity is done for all in the proportion of each one's commitment, but as always, when we consciously help this process, this comes to our external activity of consciousness, in a clearer, faster and more intense way. So, take a few minutes between these two days, and in a quiet place, in a comfortable position, relax and visualize these rays coming down from the Great Central Sun to bless your hearts. Focus your attention on your heartbeat, feeling as much as you can the activation of the golden flame within it. Feel this Flame pulsating and expanding radiant golden waves, loaded with divine intelligence and wisdom, feel this golden light filling all the cells of your bodies. During the visualization, try to harmonize the respiratory rhythm and mentally or in a low voice repeat 9 times the mantra:

"I AM the Christ Intelligence operating in all that I am, do, feel, and speak. I AM the Master Presence in full stature acting through me always!"
Always remember, my dear hearts, the Law tells us: first you need to call what you want, and then, to the extent of your effort and worthiness, you will receive it in your life!

Comment by Wm on December 26, 2019 at 9:00am

Day 29/49
Beloved Elohim Cyclopea’s Day

Today we enter the fifth week of the Seven Sacred Weeks, in which the Green Ray of the Godhead is more evident. It fits perfectly because we have today the radiation of beloved Elohim Cyclopea, which is also known as Vista and is the Elohim of the Fifth Ray.

In the book “Ascended Masters and Their Retreats” from AMTF - Ascended Master Teaching Foundation, we can read:

“The beloved Elohim known as Vista (also called Cyclopea), acts as the All-seeing Eye of God to this Earth. He is also the Elohim of Concentration, Consecration, Healing, and Music. Vista and Crystal (my note: Crystal is His Divine Complement) are representatives of the Fifth Ray. Both have their home in the Emerald and Crystal Temples.

The power of concentration is necessary to bring into manifestation any worthy objective, and the mighty Vista will assist all who will call unto him.

Elohim Vista tells us:

“If there is not concentration, there is only mediocrity, and only the bare surface is scratched. Those determine to rise above the masses, take one facet of living and masterfully develop it – deciding, within themselves, to excel along at least one line of expression. According to their concentration, is their mastery and efficiency.

“It is the Law – actual scientific Law – that what you begin, can be accomplished, when it is in agreement with God’s plan to bring forth perfection, whether it is healing, precipitation, financial freedom, eternal youth, the restoration of a limb – it can be done – but the ‘stick-to-it-iveness,’ the energy with my life, is required to produce these.

The greatest obstacles encountered to successful precipitation are discouragement and doubt. I have seen men and women, on the verge of great financial mastery, stop working on their project within an hour of receiving their financial freedom! This is also true in healing.

I implore you – decide on some pattern and plan of manifestation and follow it! Follow it through! Follow it through! Concentrate upon your design, until you have brought it into fulfillment!

Concentration and consecration are almost one and the same, for whatever you are going to do that will amount to anything, requires the consecration of your life.”
So, dear friends, let's call today the Beloved Vista's Power of Concentration to all of us, so that we can make the necessary efforts for our victory over all human limitations and see tangible results in our physical world.

Beloved Elohim Cyclopea (Vista)’s Decree

We call beloved Cyclopea to descend with His Cosmic Victory and Power of Concentration in, through and around the Earth, its atmosphere and all lifestreams within, during the Seven Sacred Weeks and forever!

Mighty Cyclopea, envelop us, mankind and all children of the Light with your Radiant Green Rays and raise our consciousness in the Ascended Masters’ Perfection. Charge our feeling world with Ascended Masters’ Feelings. Charge our thoughts with Ascended Masters’ Brilliant Ideas. Charge our lives with Ascended Masters’ Beauty, Purity, Opulence and Perfect Realizations. Keep us in your Fire Presence of Love and Protection and place again your Sacred Jewel of Light in our foreheads.

By the Light of God That Never Fails! By the Seven Mighty Elohim’s Invincible Power! I command! I demand! And it’s done!

Picture: The All Seeing Eye of God | Google Images


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