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The Seven Sacred Weeks! is HERE!

Mighty Victory explained to us:
These mighty beings who are pouring a radiation during these Seven Sacred Weeks, wield activities of the cosmic sacred fire which you can scarcely comprehend! The magnitude of the flame which they can direct is past all human concept! The authority and power which they are to the earth are overwhelming to everything human, and their love is the greatest manifestation of the fulfillment of the divine plan. | Vol. 9 - I AM Discourses, VIII:485, Saint Germain Press.
My Note: Dear friends, this outpouring of sacred fire at Christmas time is no myth! It is a wonderful time that comprises a great accelerating activity of human consciousness, blessing humanity and all life on Earth. Let us unite our efforts during this period and release the energy needed for the Ascended Masters to descend with great currents of blessing for all of us! We count on each one of you!

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Comment by Wm 7 hours ago

Morgan Le Fay
Beloved Mary speaks:
“There is no such thing as an angel who does not answer a call from any individual, not only those of you who know of the wider service of the angelic host – but of any soul who needs help! Those of you who know the names of the seven Great Archangels and their Archaii and know the names of many of the Great Cherubim and angelic host, are particularly blessed, for you have a closer communion with these beings because of that. This close feeling of association can be builded into quite a momentum, until you REALLY FEEL, right here in the physical appearance world, that you are on “close terms” with one or more of them. That affinity ofttimes is consummated while your physical body sleeps at night. Your angel-guard often accompanies you to the Royal Teton or some other retreat, where the Ascended Masters are gathered together. You are then enabled to counsel with them and learn much from them. This angel-guard may be either your ministering angel or, as we have just said, one with whom you have developed a particularly close feeling of divine love and devotion.
Beloved ones, during this year which we are just now entering, PLEASE ANCHOR, WITHIN YOURSELVES, THE CONSCIOUSNESS THAT THE ANGELIC HOST ARE AS REAL TO YOU AS YOU ARE TO EACH OTHER. They are far more willing to assist you than the average human being, FOR TO SERVE LIFE IS THEIR ONLY REASON FOR BEING!
Tonight, from the heart of the Great Central Sun of this system, I do invoke the most powerful healing essence into this room, to heal the soul, the mind, the feelings, the bodies and affairs of every blessed one, using the fully-gathered momentum of my healing consciousness so to do. Then I amplify that to include all who now (or ever did) belong to our beloved Saint Germain's activities. I decree that this same radiation from beloved Raphael's Legions shall be established in, through and around every sanctuary and group under this radiation from this night on.
Now, my children, LET GO, LET GO, LET GO, of the appearances of lack, ill health and discordant appearances of any kind which are disturbing you! From now on, LIVE IN THE ACCEPTANCE OF PERFECTION, NOW MADE MANIFEST! Always know that, as your mother, I am as available to you with my healing help as is the most loving mother on Earth – even more so, because my consciousness is all-encompassing! I can hear the calls to “Mary” coming from your heart, even though such a call be inaudible to human ears!” Memoirs of Beloved Jesus and Mother Mary, page 209-210, The Bridge to Freedom, AMTF

Comment by Wm on Sunday

Morgan Le Fay

Dear friends, the beloved God Harmony reminds us that we cannot get results in our application if we continue to divide our attention and give power to external appearances! He clearly tells us that our body is the great centralized focus of our world and our heart is the focus of light in our body. That's exactly why we practiced in the SSW protocol, visualizing light being anchored in the heart and from there being directed to the brain and then to the body. Within our heart the Higher Mental Body is anchored, we need to expand the light there, so that the Higher Mental Body, which is one with the I AM Presence, can increasingly govern our external activity, creating in our body and world, the perfection we want! The Beloved God Harmony tells us:

“All is a triangle of activity — a Trinity of Action. You stand here at the point, and by your understanding of Life you can call into action at this point the Full Power and Trinity of Life. Your body is this point. Your physical body is the centralized focus of your world, and your Heart is the Focus of Light in your body. Think of it, Children of the Light! Your Heart actually — and there is no person on Earth that can deny it — your Heart is the Almighty Focal Point of Light in your physical body, and the center of your world of Life — of action — of Life in all the Universe, waiting to pour Its Assistance at any one of Its Points in the Universe — waiting to pour That forth.
You have thought of Harmony of God, Harmony of music, Harmony of art, Harmony of your business activities, but that is only a part of all That which “I AM,” and which the Light within you is. That is but a fragmentary action of It. Therefore, as you understand that, Precious People of Light, there within your physical body is the Power, the Authority, the Strength of all Life; and that is how I must reach you. I could project a Ray of Light and Energy into your feeling world independently, but that would not be sufficient. The moment I stopped, that Energy would cease to act; but when I act through your Heart, I can so charge those Currents of Energy to remain indefinitely. Now please understand this tonight, because I want, with all My Heart, to give you the Assistance you require.
We are offering — oh yes, some of you have asked, but We are offering without your asking, Our Almighty Assistance, because We see the Victory that you have won. We want you to go on to Completeness, but We cannot compel you, Dear Ones. While We want to see you Free, We could not compel you — the Law does not permit it. Your Stream of Life is the Authority, and your Higher Mental Body is the Director of those Mighty Currents of Energy to Freedom, to Victory, in all you require.
Now then, let Me tonight use another illustration to try to help you more clearly to see. Your body, your physical body, is like a great switchboard, and the Operator at that switchboard is your Higher Mental Body. It is the Director of all those Currents of Energy that are a part of your Life Stream; They are a part of your world. Your Higher Mental Body being the Operator can direct those Currents of Energy anyplace, anytime, anywhere, to bring about the result that you require.
Now then, sufficient harmony maintained in your feeling is all that is required to allow those Forces to act. Life and energy through your human form becomes force in action. That is why intense feeling released against another can knock him down, just the same as a fist. Would you believe it has been done time and again? However, I shall repeat it to you. Do you know that more people are thrown out of their bodies, killed as you call it, by hatred than by war? As true as I am telling you, the record is there.
Now let us take one step further in that. Since hatred is the greatest killer there is — notice I am quoting your language – then do you not see how it draws together great masses of human beings, and throws them against each other, which is just another activity of that hatred to destroy human forms, and cut them off before the Life Stream has so decreed.
Therefore understand, My Beloved Ones, that you are dealing with Almighty, practical, Intelligent Forces — Currents of Energy, of Light, that follow absolutely your direction. And the Wisdom of your Higher Mental Body answering your Call can project such a Mighty Current of Energy and Power of the Light Rays, that no human being could resist or act discordantly within It, if only the Beloved Ones would understand It, and would feel and know their Authority, and call It forth.
It only remains for them to feel the confidence, the Authority, the ability, and call that Light Ray forth without limit, to harmonize any person or condition. They would not be able to act discordantly while that Mighty Ray and Focus was held; and if It was held any length of time, that desire within them would cease to be.
That is how, Beloved Ones, nothing is ever gained in this World by criticizing or condemning your fellowman or your associates. You just pile more of the discord into action to be governed and handled. The pity is that mankind does not understand that very simple Law, and yet It must be understood. Mankind just have to go on until they do understand It.” The Voice of the I AM, August 1989, pages 6-8, Saint Germain Press.
Therefore, dear friends, we need to maintain our harmony so that the Higher Mental Body can direct the Life Energy Currents so that our calls are fulfilled. And there is no real harmony when we get into a vibration of criticism, judgment and hate. We need to say no to these destructive elements, and instead of allowing them to rule us, we need to cut them off before they reach us. This is true mastery! This is what opens the door for more and more help, instruction and descent of gifts from the Ascended Master Octaves! Let's stand firm! Let us be ambassadors of peace and blessings for everyone and everything in our world! And if there's something we don't like, let's just call on the I AM Presence and the Masters to take command, hold dominion and produce Their Perfection over that person or condition! And then, forgive and forget, and most of all, trust the Invincible Power of the I AM Presence to adjust everything harmoniously for us!
Have a bright day! May the Flame of Harmony sustain and lift you in the Victory of Ascension!
Humbly, Morgan
Comment by Wm on Saturday

Morgan Le Fay

Master Quan Yin wants to tell us a little about the Flame of Mercy and Its Invincible Power of Healing, which causes not only the temporary cure of an illness, but permanently eliminates it from the life stream that we wish to bless. This is an activity of the Sacred Fire and we need to learn to handle the cosmic rays perfectly to achieve this ability, as Master Jesus did for many. We need to develop this capacity so that we can help people rise from their limitations and make the Golden Age, where beauty and perfection are visible and tangible realities for all, manifest on this planet. Would anyone want to apply for this? The Temple of Mercy is opening to new candidates! Master Quan Yin explains to us:

“For many years, I have been known as the Spirit of the Flames of Mercy and Compassion. I would like to speak to you about that Flame of Mercy, because its presence is so important in the feeling world of those who desire to heal. No permanent healing of mind and body can come, just through effort of human will, beloved ones! Your feeling world is composed of far more than half of your life energy, and the quality flowing through your feelings is the “conductor” through which flows that qualified healing essence into the world of the one whom you wish to benefit. Blessed ones, your feeling world is the bridge over which flows the gathered healing elixir of qualified life, entering into the mind of the patient to dispel shadows, entering into his feelings to dispel depression, entering into his flesh to resurrect it and bring it new life.
Through the ages, there have been individuals who have practiced the art of manifesting healing power and who have developed a tremendous capacity for holding a mental concept which is comparatively free of imperfection. This has developed into a science by which that concept, through a trained and powerful practitioner, can be injected into the consciousness of the patient and accepted by effort of human will.
However, almost without exception, you will find that when the individual who is rendering the service is removed from the Earth in so-called “death,” the condition will either recur in the patient in that embodiment, or remain to be transmuted into light in a succeeding Earth life. You see, through the ages, there have been recorded upon the etheric body many, many effects set up by causes of imperfection in thought and feeling. These outpicture later on the screen of life as diseases of mind and body. By effort of will, they are often pressed or forced back again into the etheric garment, but not transmuted into light at inner levels. Therefore, you have no sustained and permanent purification of the lifestream.
Those healers who render a service of a permanent nature (like unto that of your Master Jesus, whom we honor in this holy week), use their feeling worlds as the “conductor” through which the Flame of Mercy and Compassion flows. Jesus embodied that authority in his oft-repeated statement, “Thy sins be forgiven thee;” also, “Take up thy bed and walk.”
Now, these Flames of Mercy and Compassion stir within the breasts of many men and women as a vocation, although not all of them are necessarily spiritual healers. Many of these people act in the medical profession and minister in other ways to the minds as well as the bodies of the people. When we see these feelings stir in any individual, we know that we have a new candidate for our cosmic Temples of Mercy, new students who are ready to be enrolled among the Brothers and Sisters of Compassion. We raise them to the point where their feelings become master of the energies which they contact.” | Dictations by the Ascended Masters, pages 155-156, Bridge to Freedom Teachings, AMTF.
Dear friends, in order to be a perfect conductor of healing, we must first start healing ourselves! And permanent healing is only possible when we learn to keep our feelings and thoughts in perfect harmony. Without this, we cannot receive extra help and greater amounts of Sacred Fire, as this would only create more problems and imbalance in our lower bodies. Our beloved Quan Yin wants to welcome us to the Temple of Mercy, let us strive to earn this grace!
May the Flame of Mercy flood your hearts and minds! May you be true conduits of permanent healing and peace for everyone in your worlds!
Humbly, Morgan
Comment by Wm on January 13, 2022 at 1:55pm

The Seven Sacred Weeks
Saint Germain tells us: “The Golden Light never affected anyone's brain except in a harmonious manner, and to illumine and perfect it. It is time to take the nonsense out of the human. There cannot be two masters. Always use the Golden Light on the brain; everybody's brain needs a "Light bath" every day.” | Ascended Master Instruction, Discourse XXVIII, page 291, Saint Germain Press.
Dear hearts, this is exactly why the Masters put this part in the SSW protocol, as we need to clean our brains daily, just as we clean and sanitize our bodies and homes. All of you who have done the protocol on a daily basis may not have consciousness, but you have done a great job of clearing and your vibrational frequencies have been greatly accelerated! This will allow you to hear, perceive and understand more clearly the voice of your I AM Presence and Its will for you. And the will of the Presence is always Perfection and points the path that will bring you happiness, health and perfect accomplishments.
The expansion of light in you, caused the light of the planet to also expand immensely in the period! It's up to you, to us now, to sustain this and collaborate so that it continues to grow and expand!
Thank you for being part of this work with me! My I AM Presence, beloved Saint Germain, Jesus and all Ascended Masters thank you immensely!
Humbly, Morgan

Comment by Wm on January 12, 2022 at 7:12am

Morgan Le Fay                 Lord Gautama           Day 49/49 of SSW

Today we close this great outpouring of Sacred Fire with the Luminous Presence of Lord Gautama. He will multiply our conscious efforts during the holy weeks and will make it a permanent momentum of light for our blessing and that of the planet. He wants to say a few words to us and shower us with the Seven Rays that flow from his heart. This blessing will extend horizontally embracing the entire planet Earth and life within it. Beloved Gautama tells us:
“When it was told to me that my own Causal Body was prepared to take upon myself the responsibility of enfolding this entire planet and all her evolutions in sufficient peace and mastery so that Sanat Kumara could return to his star, I felt the responsibility which the accepting of such an Office would mean. Remember, beloved ones, the Lord of the World becomes the guardian, protector, and the illuminating presence of every electron belonging to the planet for which he has been ordained to serve. An individual who comes to the place where he is considered by Cosmic Law as ready to assume the Office of the Lord of the World, has full access to the status of all the souls in that planetary system, all of the etheric substance around it, and the mental and emotional radiation from its peoples, embodied and disembodied, from its elemental life, from its nature kingdom (and in the case of Earth) the animal kingdom as well.
I can tell you that many who are offered the position of the Lord of a World do not choose to accept it when they look upon the inner vibratory action of the evolutions they are offered the joy of redeeming. But as my path has been that of renunciation, and as I began the world teaching through returning to the Earth and giving the simple doctrine of the Middle Way, when I had achieved a Causal Body equal to that of Lord Sanat Kumara, it was within my very nature to renounce nirvana again, and take upon my shoulders the responsibility for this planet's sustenance in the solar system, which previously had been sustained through the love of the great Sanat Kumara.
An individual does not easily make such a decision, beloved ones, especially when a planet has been allowed to degenerate to the point that the Earth has, yet regeneration begins from within, out, from the very heart of your Earth to its periphery, from the very seed of divinity within your souls to its periphery, by which the light of the world increases hourly.
We are grateful in the extreme for the return of the great Sanat Kumara, who has again renounced his freedom on Venus to become a part of the balancing process during this particular period when the very Earth itself as well as its peoples are passing through certain chemical as well as physical and inner changes.
Beloved ones, how can I speak to human minds of the type of service and endeavor which I have followed through so many ages? It is like talking to small children. Yet, for the privilege and the honor of establishing the radiation …, I have come, and through you each, according to your individual consciousness, shall I pass the radiation of my flame and my virtue until your souls transcend its personal nature and truly ascend into the divine. Then that divinity — expanding through you like flashing, blazing light — creates that Causal Body around your flesh form, which is the divine and immortal protection which life requires at this moment and shall require until all life is set free.
As some of you may have witnessed the activity pouring through my body, you can see that it carries the seven rays in a horizontal radiation, circling outward and outward, starting from the heart of this humble room, until it does envelop the Earth. That radiation, starting from my own heart, grows larger and larger and continues to swing around the Earth in a clock-like manner, rendering a service which only those who are ascended and God-free can truly know. As you tune into that, please feel the gifts of the seven rays passing through your own inner vehicles and your chakra centers and your own physical form, and see if you can hold your own conscious balance within that outpouring.
NOW, WHEN THE RADIATION FROM THE ASCENDED MASTERS OR COSMIC BEINGS IS VERY RAPID, THE CHELA OFTEN FALLS ASLEEP OR BLACKS OUT, because the brain consciousness cannot rise to the vibratory action of the Ascended Being or Master. There is that constant and eternal problem of how high a vibratory action can be achieved among the magnetizing chelas, without its passing beyond that point where consciousness can no longer stand the power of those vibrations. For that reason, even here this morning, you can feel that sensation and to counteract it, just draw within your own heart that stabilizing, anchoring presence of God-peace, that infinite peace, that cannot even be disturbed by the rending of the human veil and the astonishment of the senses at seeing the magnificence of the members of the Celestial Hierarchy, for that, too, has often times in an earnest one thrown him off balance because it also causes him to witness human imperfection on a large scale.
So, to hold that infinite Middle Way of balance, no matter what the senses report or the eyes shall witness or the ears shall hear, whatever revelation shall have come, to hold that balance and retain conscious control of your own vehicles is the mastery which I did teach and do yet teach to those who choose to come within the compass of my aura. TO HOLD THAT PEACE, NO MATTER WHAT THE DISTRESS OF THE ELEMENTS, TO HOLD THAT PEACE NO MATTER WHAT THE CHAOS OF THE OUTER WORLD, THAT IS THE APPLICATION OF THE ASPIRANT AND THE CHELA OF ONE WHO FOLLOWS THE BUDDHISTIC WAY.
I spoke of detachment from form for exactly this reason — form, in itself, is very beautiful. The form of the great Archangels, the seraphim and the cherubim, it is very beautiful. Form in this physical world may be beautiful, but the difficulty with the soul of the chela is that it attaches itself to the form, and that form often becomes more dear to the chela than another form who may require assistance just as much. When form becomes for you something of beauty that you can enjoy impersonally, and you are free of attachment to any one particular form — then you have gained a great victory. But in my case, as in that of the beloved Jesus and other teachers, many centuries went by and many of these simple and homely truths that we spoke of were embellished upon by eager scholars and created into many rituals and formats in which much of the essence of the simple truths as we presented them were lost.
The only thing that I can tell you, beloved ones, is what the Masters who have come before me have taught and will teach, that is, THE CONTROL OF YOUR OWN ENERGY, which creates a magnetic field and makes you porous to the Spirit of God which beats your heart. That Spirit of God moves forward or in and around you, establishing peace or healing or protection wheresoever you may require it, and is the same activity that was manifested through the body and person of Jesus, as well as through the body and person of myself and many other good and faithful individuals who have lived before us and since.
Now, as you proceed into your worship and cognizance of the Spirit of Almighty God, take with you the blessings of one who found the Middle Way, the safe way, in God's most holy name!"
Discourse from the book: Dictations by the Ascended Masters, pages 310-313, Bridge to Freedom Teachings, AMTF
Dear friends, take a moment and feel the seven rays flowing from the heart of Lord Gautama and passing through your bodies at this time and from you, visualize these rays flowing to bless everyone and everything on this planet. This will cover you with a blanket of peace that will help you immensely during this year. Let's decree together:
We call beloved Lord Gautama to seal the Earth, its atmosphere and all lifestreams within with his Cosmic Victory, Power, Illumination and Perfect Balance, during the Seven Sacred Weeks and forever!
Beloved Lord Gautama, we are grateful for all that we have done and received during this great outpouring of Sacred Fire, carry us with your Love, enlighten our minds and hearts and show us the way by which we can become more perfect in our service to the Light and more deeply attuned to our Mighty I AM Presence.
Guide us to the ultimate Truth!
Guide us to the heart of Father-Mother God!
Guide us to the heart of Love!
Lord Gautama, we love and bless you forever! (3x)
Beloved Lord of the World, make all Good that was released during the Seven Sacred Weeks a Permanent Victory for us, mankind and all life here!
By the Light of God that Never Fails! By the Power of the Great Central Sun! I command! I demand! and It is done!
Here is the invocation of this day so that we can command that the blessings of the SSW continue to expand and be sustained:
Beloved Gautama, take command, hold dominion and produce your perfection on the energy released during these Seven Sacred Weeks! Keep this momentum of Light ever increasing and sustained, for our blessing and the blessing of all life on Earth! Make it a permanent Victory for us all! We are grateful!
Dear hearts, I want to thank each and every one of you who participated in the holy weeks, who gave your support through your “thumbs up” and comments, who shared the messages and carried these blessings forward. The Masters are very happy with our dedication and will comment on our achievements during the SSW in the next messages. They wish to continue giving some special instructions to this group and all connected indirectly with it, so that we can grow stronger and stronger in our I AM Presence. So let's continue together, learning and expanding our consciousness, until we are completely free in the victory of our ascension!
Have a wonderful day and may the Peace and Light of Gautama dwell in your hearts!
Humbly, Morgan
Comment by Wm on January 11, 2022 at 6:02pm

Morgan Le Fay

The Higher Mental Body of All Mankind//Day 48/49 of SSW

Today we have the powerful blessing of Mankind's Higher Mental Body. Master Jesus tells us that we need to understand that the Higher Mental Body and the I AM Presence are one. When we focus on our Presence, It acts in our external activity through our Higher Mental Body, which knows our problems, difficulties and what needs to be released in our experience so that we can mature and become the Masters that we propose!
The same thing happens to mankind, the Presence acts upon mankind through the collective Higher Mental Body or Planetary Christ Consciousness. Master Jesus explains to us:
“Remember, do not separate your Higher Mental Body and your "Mighty I AM Presence.” They are one insofar as the action of the currents of energy, of Life and Power is concerned; but the Higher Mental Body is the Director, knowing both conditions, the Inner and the outer; but because of that there is no separation between your Higher Mental Body and your Presence of Life, the "Mighty I AM.” They are one, and as you enter more into the full comprehension and understanding that the Power of Life flowing through you, is your "Mighty I AM Presence” directed by your Higher Mental Body, then will you stand the Dominion of that Light wherever you move and in whatever circumstances you find yourself.” The Voice of the I AM, April 1939, pages 11-12, Saint Germain Press.
Therefore, dear friends, we need to learn to call the I AM Presence and ask It to let the Higher Mental Body alone control all our individual and collective activities. We need to make the call so that the Masters can intervene and illuminate our individual consciousness and the collective consciousness of the human being. The Higher Mental Body cannot interfere if our call does not exist! Mankind's Higher Mental Body cannot interfere if there are no unascended human beings making collective efforts and calls for the Masters and the Higher Mental Body to interfere in human conditions. When the Higher Mental Body cannot interfere directly, it asks for the help of the Ascended Masters, who have overcome all human limits, and therefore, can act more directly in the mental and emotional worlds of the human being, or humanity, illuminating them, so that they strive and seek help from above, so that the Presence, through the Higher Mental Body, can then act and balance the conditions in the external activities of the individual or humanity. Our beloved Master Bob explains this to us:
“The Ascended Master is One who is using the Inner Consciousness of His Achievement. Every particle of Consciousness, which He is using, is that through which He attained. The Consciousness, which the Higher Mental Body is using with the unascended being, is not the same consciousness as that of the Ascended Master Who has attained. Try to follow this closely. The Consciousness, which the Ascended Master is using, has attained and knows all the requirements of the human. When the Higher Mental Body cannot have sufficient dominion, in the human form and in the feeling world of the individual for any reason whatever, It calls into Assistance the Ascended Master, who projects the Ascended Master Consciousness into the FEELING WORLD of the individual. This enables the Higher Mental Body to do the thing It could not do without the Assistance of the Ascended Master.” The Voice of the I AM, March 1938, page 31, Saint Germain Press.
Saint Germain also reminds us that we need to make the call and maintain harmony, for if there is no harmony, the Higher Mental Body cannot produce the perfection we desire, either for us or for humanity. The Master offers us a simple call that we can make both for ourselves and for humanity in general:
“Mighty I AM Presence” take command of my feeling and desire world and raise them into Your Heart and the full command of my Higher Mental Body.” The Voice of the I AM, January 1939, page 33, Saint Germain Press.
Therefore, dear friends, I invite you to join me during this year, asking every day, that the Presence raises our collective external activity to the full command of the Higher Mental Body, producing in 2022, the perfection, happiness, health and perfect accomplishments that we desire. Let's decree together:
We call the Higher Mental Body of all mankind to descend upon every human being, enfolding him or her in Its Cosmic Victory and Fiery Christ Discrimination during the Seven Sacred Weeks and forever!
Higher Mental Body of all mankind, descend! descend! descend!
Higher Mental Body of all mankind, command! command! command!
Higher Mental Body of all mankind, expand! expand! expand!
Higher Mental Body of all mankind, I AM! I AM! I AM!
I AM only the Christ Presence in action here, there and everywhere!
By the Light of God that Never Fails! With the Power of Thousand Suns! I command! I demand! and It is done!
Here's the invocation to charge ourselves even more with this perfect activity:
Beloved Higher Mental Body of all Mankind, take command, hold dominion and produce your perfection through these Seven Sacred Weeks! Keep this momentum of Light released during this period ever increasing and sustained, for our blessing and the blessing of all life on Earth! Please, always move us in God’s Way! We are grateful!
I wish you and mankind to be enlightened and guided by the Higher Mental Body and have a year full of Victories!
Humbly, Morgan
Comment by Wm on January 10, 2022 at 3:49pm

Morgan Le Fay                Sanat Kumara                 Day 47/49 of SSW

Today we have the dazzling radiance of our beloved Sanat Kumara. He comes to reinforce upon us His Love Star, which, if continuously activated by us, will bring us great protection and blessings during 2022. This Star is linked with our Threefold Flame and has great power to expand the I AM Presence within us. And Sanat tells us that only when we feel the fullness of the Presence, will we know what is mastery, happiness and perfect and instantaneous realizations! He explains to us:
“You sometimes think you are quite happy, yet it is such a little bit of happiness to that which you will know. The only true Happiness is when the “Presence” really begins to act in the fullness of Its Powers, which gives perfect peace and rest and poise first; then as Its Action goes on in Its expansion, then true Happiness comes — and that does not come from anything in the outer world, not even achievement. It is just from within, because the Light — the “Presence” — is all happiness. You do not have to struggle or fight for it, but the Light from your Heart pouring forth shall be your warrior. When the Light of your “Presence” pours forth enough through you, you can say to a whole army, “STOP!” and it shall be so, because that Light that gives you Life is the Controlling Power of the Universe, and therefore all that is within.” The Voice of the I AM, July 1985, page 27, Saint Germain Press.
The Mighty One reminds us once again the importance of contemplating the descent of the Golden Light from the Electronic Body into our Heart, and feeling, with all the fibers of our body, the expansion of the Light of the heart and then of the brain, exactly as we do in the protocol. This acts as a bath for our inner bodies and releases the obstructions that cause doubt and lack of confidence in our application. Doubt, fear and wavering block results. These enemies come in and live in us because we do not yet have perfect control over our attention, qualification power and vision. To gain this ability, we must draw any and all power from outer appearances and boldly move forward always, trusting in the full power of the I AM Presence and Its Light that knows no conflict, defeat or battle. Sanat Kumara adds:
“It is so important to remember that the Light as It floods forth into the world knows no struggle or battle. It just moves into action and everything before It, unlike Itself, just ceases to be; and that is the feeling I wish to convey to you today. As you call your “Presence” into action, that is the exact activity that takes place. There is no battle, there is no strain, there is no anxiety; but It just moves into action and all unlike It disappears. As you can feel that with great earnestness, you will find it can only bring the real peace within you that lets the Powers of the “Presence” flow through without requalification.
In all that has been said about your attention and qualification and your outer vision, still so much is to be comprehended in the full meaning of it; because those powers, those three faculties are almost infinite in their power of action. That is why today I am endeavoring to give you such a vivid feeling of the power of your attention and your vision, that when you look upon an appearance you can, even through the vision, say to that appearance not only, “You have no power,” but, “Be thou no more,” and it shall cease to be. In that attitude there is only the most glorious feeling of Victory and Mastery; there is no particular human consideration.
You will find that even though certain outer activities in their requirements would sometimes seem to need superhuman activity, as you become aware of the “Presence” doing it, one person can do with great calmness and no overexertion, what four or five people would ordinarily do. Henceforth remember that your human has no opinions at all. It does not exist so far as you are concerned, until the whole of it is dissolved and the Radiance of your being is the only acting Intelligence.” The Voice of the I AM, July 1985, pages 26-27, Saint Germain Press.
So, my dear friends, let's stand together and determined to completely defeat our greatest enemy – our own outer self! Let us strive to keep our attention only on the positive, beautiful and constructive side of all that exists and close our door completely to what is different from that. This is true mastery! If we do our part, Sanat Kumara promises to help us and give us a great boost towards our complete victory over all human limitations! Let's decree together:
We call beloved Sanat Kumara to come forth and fill the Earth, its atmosphere and all lifestreams within with his Cosmic Victory, Love and Authority of Light, during the Seven Sacred Weeks and forever!
Sanat Kumara dear, touch our hearts and expand our Threefold Flame! Envelop us with your Blazing Presence, raising our consciousness into the Ascended Masters’ Victory and Perfection! Protect our feeling world against all human discord and hold us in Perfect Balance forever!
Sanat Kumara, we love you! (3)
By the Light of God that Never Fails! By the Seven Mighty Kumaras’ Cosmic Victory! I command! I demand! and It is done!
Let's use the invocation of the day to create an activity that sustains our momentum of Light created during the sacred weeks:
Beloved Sanat Kumara, take command, hold dominion and produce your perfection through these Seven Sacred Weeks! Keep this momentum of Light released during this period ever increasing and sustained, for our blessing and the blessing of all mankind and life on Earth! We are grateful!
May the Love Star from the Heart of the Great Kumara light your way! May your Threefold Flame completely govern your external activity! May you be victorious this year! Please, let's keep our application until the last day of SSW! Let's keep our effort alive until the end of this great outpouring of Light!
Humbly, Morgan
Comment by Wm on January 9, 2022 at 9:40am
The Seven Sacred Weeks                                            Mighty Astrea                                    Day 46/49 of SSW
Today we have the Radiant Presence of the Goddess of Purity, our beloved Astrea. She, along with Archangel Michael, offers us protection during the year 2022. She reminds us today, that in the Golden Age, all forms, in all realms, express great beauty and perfection. She wishes to carry this Fiat within our internal bodies and Threefold Flame today, and also, in the collective consciousness of humanity. She reminds us that Purity and Beauty go together. She tells us:
“I speak directly to the Higher Mental Body of each one to take up this Fiat of Life which it is My Authority and Privilege to give; cause It to be sustained and active, aside from My Own Effort in that respect; and bring Its Dominion into the world of mankind; not only in your physical structure, your flesh body, but in the atmosphere of earth. I ask the Great Cosmic Light to take this up and charge the atmosphere of earth with the Purity of Life from the Great Heart of the Great Silence and to replace the substance of mankind’s creation, which has been consumed, with the Purity of the Substance of Life that Its Radiance may pour forth to assist mankind in bringing this redemption; in bringing this Dominion of the Purity of Life into action. It will make Beauty, Perfection, symmetry of form and the glory of all that the incoming Golden Age requires, come into the outer manifestation of the physical form; for understand, beloved ones, that in the incoming Perfection of Life, all form even to that of nature, must take on Its Perfect symmetry and beauty, for that is the Law of Life.
How in Perfect harmony with this requirement was the glorious song rendered, "The Presence of Beauty” which always comes with the Presence of Purity. May you feel this. May you find Its complete out-picturing through both the ladies and the gentlemen in the fulness of Its Power, Its Perfecting Activity. I charge this to be eternally sustained and all-powerfully active in the feeling world of each one in Its cleansing, purifying activity, and the restoring of the Qualities of Life which have been absent so long.
In your acceptance, give response by Self-control until the Inner Activity of the expansion of that Purity and Perfection takes Its Dominion and requires little of your outer efforts to sustain it. Thus, is the fulfilling of the Great Law to-day. It is the last step which Life requires for entering into the Freedom of all Life, your Ascension.
When Purity takes Its Dominion in your feeling world, the desire for wrong qualification will quickly cease, the natural Dominion of Life will take Its Command and a River of Light will flow forth even greater in Its Intensity, until everything by which the earth has held you in its embrace will release and you will go free in the full Glory of Life.
I thank you and bless you with the Purity of Life, Its All-expanding, All-sustaining Glorifying Presence; and the Presence of Beauty joins Me in the performance of that service which will bring the Perfection of Life. I thank you so much.” The Voice of the I AM, February 1939, pages 6-7, Saint Germain Press.
So, my dear friends, let us accept this blessing from the Goddess of Purity, let us strive in this year 2022 to keep our thoughts and feelings always constructive and charged with the Beauty, Purity and Perfection of the Elohim of Purity! All the resistances and problems that we experience in our bodies and path are generated by the lack of Purity somewhere in our outer self. Let's take the reins of our emotional and mental worlds and keep them forever in the grip of our I AM Presence! The best service we can do for humanity is to maintain our own Inner Purity! This causes an expansion of the Light throughout our sphere of influence. Let's call that Purity and Beauty for ourselves and the entire planet. Let's decree together:
We call the Mighty Astrea to bless the Earth, its atmosphere and all lifestreams within, with her Cosmic Christ’s Blue Lightning during the Seven Sacred Weeks and forever!
Beloved Elohim of Purity, descend with your Blazing Cosmic Circle of Blue Flame around all peoples and nations of this planet, and annihilate, annihilate and annihilate, all astral entities and human creations, also dissolving their causes, cores, records, effects and memories in the time and space! Consume, consume, and consume all thoughtforms of war that create conflict between men and replace everything with Christ Purity.
Beloved Astrea, seal our auras with your Blue Lightning! Seal our houses with your Blue Lightning! Seal all religious and public places with your Blue Lightning! And sustain from now and forever the Purity of the Ascended Masters in our lives and experiences.
By the Light of God That Never Fails! By the Seven Mighty Elohim’s Cosmic Power! I command! I demand! and It is done!
And here follows the invocation of our beloved Astrea to further anchor Her Purity and Perfection within us.
Beloved Astrea, take command, hold dominion and produce your perfection through these Seven Sacred Weeks! Close our 2022 with your Cosmic Circle and Sword of Blue Flame! And keep it in God’s Purity and Perfection! Prevent all wrongs during this year and protect us by your Cosmic Blue Lightning! We are grateful!
Remember, my friends, we are in the final days of the SSW, but we need to keep sustaining this momentum of Light until the last day, when the Lord of the World, will multiply it, seal it into the Planetary Christ Consciousness, for our blessing, the blessing of humanity and the planet. So, let's stand firm and give our best in these last meters, before we lift the Victory Cup and surrender our efforts together to the Cosmic Christ and the Lord of the World!
Purity, Happiness and Peace dwell in your hearts!
Humbly, Morgan
Comment by Wm on January 5, 2022 at 5:48pm

The Seven Sacred Weeks                              Mighty Helios & Vesta                                Day 42/49 of SSW
Today we have the Radiant Presence of Mighty Helios and Vesta, our Solar Parents. They wish that we remember them more and that we can clothe ourselves with the Blazing Globe of the Love of Their Hearts! They have unlimited currents of blessings to give us! But we need to make our conscious calls to receive these blessings! Mighty Helios explains to us:
“Feel yourself, each one of you, sealed within a Blazing Globe and Sun of My Flame, the Flame of Love from My Heart, and I will anchor it around your physical form to the blessing of all creation forever! “I AM” not limited! Your Presence is not limited! You may just as well have this Sacred Fire as the air you breathe! Aries gives you Air without limit! I will give you My Love without limit, in the Cosmic Healing Flame of Cosmic Love and the Cosmic Peace about you, which compels Peace wherever you move! You may have Power without limit so long as that Power is qualified with the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love and Wisdom, to hold the Balance in the Fulfillment of Life’s Divine Plan. I will not deny you one thing! I have all to give!
Make yourselves Suns of My Flame of Cosmic Love, My Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Healing! Acknowledge yourselves the Cosmic Healing Flame of Cosmic Love from My Heart, and I shall show you what you have never seen nor known before! I can reveal thru you to the rest of mankind, Knowledge that they very much need! Mankind cannot stay in the ignorance of their own limitation any longer, my loves ones, if you love them enough to call this Power about yourselves! These Manifestations of the Sacred Fire thru and around yourselves for the Freedom of your fellow man, can come forth around yourselves Now! Mankind cannot stay in this limitation longer, when Love is calling them to Freedom in the Heart of God’s Sacred Fire!
Life, wherever you move, needs to be held within the Cosmic Flame of My Love, consciously concentrated in thru and around yourselves; consciously endowed with that Outpouring from your own “I AM Presence” of the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love; and consciously commanded to go forth and free Life from human distress forever!
Your hearts all desire to draw Power from your “Mighty I AM Presence” for the Freedom of those who are in distress! My heart desires to give Freedom to all mankind who are in distress! Will you not unite your calls with Mine and be the Conscious Command in the physical octave which compels the annihilation of all distress?” Booklet: The Four Elements, Part Two, pages 45-46, Saint Germain Press.
So, my friends, let us accept this blessing from Helios and let us seal ourselves constantly with the Blazing Sun of His Infinite Love, Healing and Peace! Let's send that Sun to bless humanity and everything and everyone in our worlds, and let's ask the Transcendent Love of the Heart of Helios & Vesta to lift humanity and all of us above all our limitations! Let's decree together:
We call Mighty Helios and Vesta’s Solar Authority and Victory to envelop the Earth, its atmosphere, mankind, the Elemental and Angelic Kingdoms, during the Seven Sacred Weeks and forever!
Beloved Helios and Vesta, seal each one of us within a Blazing Solar Globe of your Flames, the Flame of Love from your Luminous Hearts! And raise us, right now, in your Immortal Perfection, so that we may became a Sun Presence on Earth compelling your Cosmic Healing and Peace wherever we move and in whatever we do! In God’s Way! In Ascended Masters’ Way I command!
By the Power of the Seven Mighty Elohim! By the Light of God that Never Fails! I command! I demand! and It is done!
Here is the invocation of the day to charge ourselves with the Solar Presences of Helios and Vesta!
Beloved Helios and Vesta, take command, hold dominion and produce your perfection through these Seven Sacred Weeks! Make this moment a Source of Love, Wisdom and Power for all of us! Keep us in your Loving Embrace until we are all Ascended and Free! We are grateful!
May the Flame of Love from the Heart of Helios and Vesta enfold you and never dissolve until you are ascended and free!
Humbly, Morgan

Comment by Wm on January 3, 2022 at 8:24am
The Seven Sacred Weeks                       The Seven Mighty Archangels                           Day 40/49 of SSW
Today we have the combined radiation of the Seven Mighty Archangels! They come to bring us their virtues and perfect balance to our feeling world. They wish to address us a few words:
Archangel Michael speaks “Your aura is determined by the length of the rays precipitated from your thought and feeling centers. Your sphere of influence is expanded by your self conscious activities in the light. You can well see the responsibility of your great hearts, for many people live within the personal atmosphere of your mental and feeling worlds. When I am enabled to enter right into your bodies, and animate those auras from within, the aura is filled with wings of light that have control of energy through love divine. The gates of consciousness – human and divine – swing on the hinges of free will. No man, nor angel nor God can enter the consciousness of another, unless he is bidden freely so to do. But now – at last – you have opened the doors of your outer consciousness, your hearts, your homes, your worlds, and I am asked to enter! Can you see what that means for mankind?” | The Angelic Kingdom, pages 80-81, The Bridge to Freedom Teachings, AMTF
Archangel Jophiel speaks: “From the sun behind the sun, from the parents of our system, and from parents of every galaxy, I bring to you Light! Light! Light! into your souls, into your spirits, into your consciousnesses. You shall know what Illumination’s Flame can mean when you have used the limited consciousness so well in service! Do you know what it is for God free beings, looking through the veil of your limitations, to see you using in that limitation every cell and atom of your beings in service? Well we know that if in limitation you serve, what shall be your service in your full freedom? How many men and women say “When I have attained I shall serve my Lord?” THE MEASURE OF A MAN OR WOMAN IS IN WHAT HE DOES IN THE ETERNAL NOW! There is not a living, breathing soul within this room who is not weaving out of the eternal NOW, immortality for a planet; immortality for the souls upon it; God Freedom for every elemental imprisoned in destructive thoughts and feeling forms; resurrection for Virgo; resurrection for Aries; and initiations into superior systems for Helios and Vesta themselves.” | The Angelic Kingdom, page 233, The Bridge to Freedom Teachings, AMTF
Archangel Chamuel speaks: “I am the Angel of Adoration, he who embodies that mighty fiat; “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God, with all thy heart, with all thy soul, with all thy spirit!” The beloved Venetian, who serves with me on this ray, embodies the activity of which Jesus spoke, when he said “Thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself.” I bring to the remembrance of the flame that you hold within the chalice of your heart, that its very nature is adoration to its source! Its way back home to unity with God is through externalizing its divine nature. Oh, Immortal Flame of Life within these hearts! Arise! Let the song of thanksgiving, the immortal gratitude to the eternal Father of light, sing through the temple wherein thou dost dwell. Why sleep ye, when all the universe and all the galaxies are in constant adoration to the God of life and his messengers?” | The Angelic Kingdom, pages 252-253, The Bridge to Freedom Teachings, AMTF
Archangel Gabriel speaks: “I come form the realm of the “Light of God that Never Fails” into the shadows of the Earth plane and I say to you, “Gods and Goddesses! Why sit ye in the shadows, when within your heart beats that Fire of Immortality? It contains within itself the power to redeem, to transmute, to harmonize, to purify, to heal, to supply and to regulate every condition – even with the speed of thought!” | The Angelic Kingdom, page 270, The Bridge to Freedom Teachings, AMTF
Archangel Raphael speaks: “May I introduce myself? I am called “The Archangel of Consecration and Dedication.” It is my specific service to the universe to stand at the head of a glorious legion of beings who direct the Ray of Immortal God into those lifestreams who consecrate their life energies to a specific humanitarian service to bless the masses. My flame and ray in this action is one with Hilarion’s, and its color is a lovely green. Every doctor and nurse, every priest, nun, minister and rabbi, every chela and initiate who voluntarily dedicates his or her energies to serving life comes under my particular blessing, radiation and care. … If you will now turn your attention with me to the Beings who are the Archangels to your world and to your sun, I can perhaps cast the beam of my light upon them, allowing you see the magnificence of their service to life. In turn, you may be an outpost and an outpouring of each one of their great consecrated rays while you are gathered together in group activities, as well as in the daily course of your living.” | The Angelic Kingdom, page 294, The Bridge to Freedom Teachings, AMTF
Archangel Uriel speaks: “I am the spirit of ministration! I am the spirit of peace! I am the spirit of grace! I am the servant of the one God and I stand before you, each one, this day as your servant also! Wherever the name of God is invoked, silently or audibly, THERE I AM ON AN INSTANT with the fullness of the love, the blessings and the benediction, the healing, the faith and the power of the almighty. According to the capacity to receive, is the blessing given. I, Uriel, come into the atmosphere of this Earth at the invitation of Earth’s people. I stand in your midst, bringing with me the fullness of the love of God. I say to your consciousness, to your minds and to your bodies, “In the name of the one mighty God, Peace be unto you! Peace be unto your striving consciousness, your restless minds, your weary bodies – the peace of God that does surpass the understanding of the outer mind.” Let it enter NOW into every cell and fiber of your being and you relax in the knowledge that you are immersed in the presence of the Almighty! You live, move and truly have your being within the living, breathing, intelligent body of the universal God, and no matter how far you may stray in thought, YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE THE SAFETY OF HIS BOSOM. It but requires of you the awakening to your presence within that safe, secure, loving heart!” | The Angelic Kingdom, page 310, The Bridge to Freedom Teachings, AMTF
Archangel Zadkiel speaks: “You are my beloved chelas, children of the White Order, come into embodiment to serve your glorious Saint Germain and to bring in this age of beauty, ceremony and perfection. I love you! I am fierce as Lord Michael in defending truth, God, Life, Light! Never again, in the name of almighty God, shall the Order of Zadkiel come forth as a travesty! When I stand, one day, as the result of the acceleration of your vehicles manifest before you, you will be grateful that you have listened to me this day and prepared in grace for tomorrow! In the name of the great Arcturus, whom I love and serve, beloved Diana, in the name of our blessed Holy Amethyst, your glorious Ascended Master Saint Germain and Portia, beloved Kwan Yin and all the beings and powers that serve the Seventh Ray, I bless you with the discerning mind and illumined understanding heart, with a consciousness of listening grace, with a purity and childness of spirit and of infinite protection against that which appears, on the surface, to be true, but when you cut through that surface you find nothing but imperfection there. So until we meet again, I am your Lord Zadkiel” | The Angelic Kingdom, page 389-390, The Bridge to Freedom Teachings, AMTF
Dear Ones, let us learn to adore our I AM Presence more and to invoke more often the protection and assistance of these Great Beings, who are our great friends and are waiting for our invitation to help us! Let's decree together:
We call the Seven Mighty Archangels to fill the Earth, its atmosphere and all lifestreams here, with their Cosmic Sacred Fire from the Great Central Sun and God’s Virtues, during the Seven Sacred Weeks and forever!
Beloved Seven Mighty Archangels descend with the Sacred Fire of Love and Peace from your hearts into our feeling worlds and set us free from all discord and wrong patterns. Involve each country on Earth with your Flaming Presences and protect us and all humanity against all evil! Keep all human activities in angelic perfection. Keep all Children of Light under your protective wings!
By the Seven Mighty Archangels’ Invincible Power! By the Light of Great Central Sun! I command now! and It is done!
My beloved friends, the Archangels are the guardians of the Sacred Fire, let's repeat this day their invocation in such a way, that we are charged with their virtues and perfection!
“Beloved Seven Mighty Archangels, take command, hold dominion and produce your perfection through these Seven Sacred Weeks! Make this Christmas a Gift of the Sacred Fire of Love for all of us! Pour your Perfect Feelings into us! Teach us to produce and use the Sacred Fire of the Angelic Host perfectly! And keep us in your Luminous Presences forever! We are grateful!”
May your paths, choices and experiences in this year of 2022 be illuminated and protected by the Seven Mighty Archangels!
Humbly, Morgan


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