I got an email that was incorrect and thought that I should post the facts; since, misinformation will cause unnecessary death.


I am, Doug Copp,  the Discoverer of the triangle of life. The previous blog told you to go to snopes.com and wikipedia to read the condemnation of myself and the triangle of life. Here is the reality:


snopes.com was started by a couple who published outrageous lies to get hits to their on-line tabloid. They knew they were publishing lies. We tried to locate them to serve papers for a defamation lawsuit. It was impossible to find them . They were hiding, like bankrobbers, for 2 years until they sold the site and then disappeared again. Eberything at snopes.com relating to myself and the triangle of life is a proveable lie. Go to my website and blog to confirm. Wikipedia is similar. Many times we corrected the material, put in links and more..much more..the editor of wikipedia kept deleting it. You are left with lies and propaganda.


Here is one of the many articles at my blog. All the world's NASAR and INSARAG Rescue Teams ( 50,000 teams) are training with the triangle of life. The United Nations personnel, many countries and even the Pentagon use the triangle of life. The article is called The Triangle of Life is spreading around the world. Here is the link:



The should also read The History of Duck and Cover From a 22ND Century Perspective, at the same blog site.




If you go to http://www.amerrescue.org  You can watch many videos to see for yourself what happens inside of collapsed buildings.


Be sure that I care and want to help.
Doug Copp

founder of ARTI ( the world's most experienced rescue and disaster mitigation/management organization) and the Discoverer of the 'triangle of life' to take building collapse survivability from 2% using 'duck and cover' to 90% using the 'triangle of life'
See www.amerrescue.org for hundreds of pages of testimonials, videos, docs. Complete information to survive major disaster, learned from doug's searching 896 collapsed buildings and witnessing 1+ million  collapsed buildings, at more than 100 major disaster events; throughout the entire world..
email: amerrescue@aol.com ARTI website: www.amerrescue.org

see my eye opening blog at

watch youtube videos at https://www.youtube.com/user/amerrescue (31) 
and https://www.youtube.com/user/amerrescuegmail (9)
or www.amerrescue.org (40)

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