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The two Wings of the Soul Saint Germain explained us:

Morgan Le Fay
The two Wings of the Soul

Saint Germain explained us:

It is said or conceded by those of orthodox opinion that Angels have wings. I shall explain to you why. DETERMINATION AND POWER ARE THE TWO WINGS OF THE SOUL, not necessarily visible even to the Inner Sight, but they are there just the same. And where you recognize determination as will with its accompanying power, the Soul may rise to any height of Mastery, and in that recognition draw the outer into Itself that there be only One - God in Action. The Supremacy of the Mighty Inner Master "Presence" must be acknowledged by the Students as Real and True, and the Students must acknowledge that they have the ability and power to practice that Mighty "Presence" in every act of Life. The more the Students practice the Presence of God within themselves, the easier it becomes and the more they want to practice it. However as I have mentioned many times before, the outer, in the beginning of the advancement, will find every excuse to try to get the attention on outer things or on the body, which in its ignorance it claims as its own.

The only sure release from bodily conditions is to take the mind off the body and keep it off. If there seems to be something that needs correction in the body, put your mind on God and hold it there until the condition that seems to need a remedial agent suddenly disappears. This is why there is now and then a Student who conceives the idea that there is nothing to heal – because anyone who will practice this the instant there seems an appearance in the body of anything discordant, and who will put the mind on God, knows that "Presence" is the most powerful remedial agent in the Universe.

Many, by the use of this Application, will find instant release from any bodily condition that seems inclined to hold the attention. This is, in reality, consciously taking the problem into the Great Silence where there is nothing to heal because all is Perfection. This is just as true of business conditions as for healing the body. In fact, anything that seems to express imperfection can be handled the same way. NO PERMANENT RELEASE FROM BODILY DISTURBANCE CAN BE HAD, SO LONG AS THE MIND OR ATTENTION IS ALLOWED TO BE DRAWN TO THE CONDITION FROM WHICH ONE WISHES TO BE RELEASED. With many natures the same thing is true of denials, because the more they deny a thing, the more they bind it to them; for in the denial they are letting their attention rest on the very thing from which they wish release.

To truly practice the Presence of God, we must know that there is only One Intelligence which can act, One Power to use, and One Love with which to accomplish. You know by this that you have within, the Victorious, Conquering Activity every moment. Thus, whenever there is anything to be handled – it matters not what – the moment it seems to have an appearance, using your Wings of Determination and Power, say: "God, solve this problem and do it at once! I give You all the power where it belongs! I recognize You as the only Activity! Therefore, this appearance has no reality and dissolves instantly before Thy Mighty Presence!"

Vol. 4 – Ascended Master Instruction, XII:107-108, book:

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Comment by Wm on June 18, 2020 at 6:13pm

U R so very welcome!

Comment by Kim B on June 8, 2020 at 4:41pm

Perfect.  I am in pain and this is just what I need right now!  Thanks Bill!! 


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