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The War in Syria is not going away so you might as well find out why and who the major players are and what is at stake..

happening there is a 50 minute video below page down after you open the link to a picture of a rebel with a gun and click on the video. In 2011 Iran, Iraq and Syria signed an agreement to run a natural gas pipe line from Iran to Iraq through Syria and underwater to Europe this would bypass the use of the petro dollar and the US began its attack on Syria. Covertly with rebels and with the help of Turkey. There was another deal made with Qatar who is also siting on the same large gas field as Iran and Iraq they are Muslim brotherhood controlled and can't go through Syria to get to Turkey so Qatar has spent 5 billion funding rebels to turn Syria into a Muslim brotherhood country and allowing the Qatar pipeline to happen. Now enters Saudi Arabia to help Qatar to hire mercenaries from all over the world. Why is Israel in this conflict? well it seems that Israel has found its own Natural gas gold mine in the eastern Mediterranean ocean and also wants to become a player in the gas boom and as long as they can keep the Arabs fighting amongst them selves they can drill their own well and keep the Arabs off their back. Finally the last player is the USA and first the threat of loosing the petro dollar but more than that which the video explains is the need for the Military industrial complex to keep up its production of weapons which needs trillions of dollars to keep afloat at the end of the video you will see what they spend a year since 911 to now. Eisenhower said " Beware of the military industrial complex " Now they own Obama and they will call the shots. Page down to the video Episode 279 – Who Is Really Behind the Syrian War?        Episode 279 – Who Is Really Behind the Syrian War?

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