Twitter, Facebook, Google, You Tube admittedly are Leftist mouth pieces.

Like many print magazines and newspapers, the social media has become divided between left and right. Conservatives need to check out alternate sources in order to get a balanced view and ,in many cases, the truth. Things are going to get really nasty regarding 2020.

Blatant Election Rigging: Twitter Wants To Make Sure We NEVER Have Another President Like Trump

by Michael Snyder

Just in time for the 2020 election, Twitter has come up with a new “policy” that is obviously intended to neuter the effectiveness of President Trump’s Twitter account...

Needless to say, the radical leftists that run Twitter were absolutely horrified by Trump’s upset victory, and they want to do whatever they can to make sure that such a thing never happens again. They started by deleting, shadowbanning and greatly suppressing the accounts of prominent conservatives...


Totalitarian social media bigwigs busy themselves for 2020

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