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Archangel Michael
Beloved ones, there are certain vicious conditions active in the astral realm into which I would not think of entering WITHOUT FIRST PUTTING ON AN ENTIRE ARMOR OF LIGHT. Yet, so often we see you, through mighty decrees, plunging into mass creations of sickness and disease and all manner of distress, just clothed in those Tubes of Light which you have drawn about you (without full faith in their adequacy) and which you puncture every few moments by discordant thought, feeling, spoken word or deed! I am very grateful indeed that you do call those Tubes of Light forth and that you are strengthening them as you continue to call for them and then hold more and more uninterrupted harmony in your worlds.
Now, WHY DO YOU THINK I HAVE OFFERED YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN THE USE OF MY ARMOR OF LIGHT? Please use it, for it is, of course, to completely enfold you in my feelings of protection, my helmet, armor, sword, shield, Cross of Christ, PLEASE PUT THEM ON AND USE THEM BEFORE you go into action, dealing with powers of certain concentrated viciousness of which your outer self knows nothing!
Dear ones, when I see you so sincerely and earnestly making your calls to light, and without adequate protection of the light, I always immediately call in limitless legions of angels around you to give their Christ protection to you. You have no concept of the amount of Cosmic Christ protection which has been necessary to be invoked by myself to enable you to receive from “On High” through the psychic plane into the lower atmosphere of Earth, the radiation and spoken word of the Archangels, … .
Up until now, most of this protection has been given from our side, but it would be so wonderful if each of you individually and all collectively (when in group activities) were to call my Protective Armor of Light into action BEFORE you call forth and direct the mighty flames and light rays into the rip-tides in the atmosphere of Earth of hate, uncontrolled sex, crime and viciousness of every kind. Unless you had been given this protection by me and our legions in the past, you would not even be here today, nor could there have been anything of a permanent nature anchored into your outer consciousness from the Great Ones to whom you have called, nor could there have been the tremendous purification which has taken place here.
Now it is not that we are not either able or willing to sustain this protection for you, but it is a matter of divine economy. You see, you are all at a point of consciousness now where you are able to hold this protection for yourselves and when you do reach such a consciousness, the great Law requires that you use it! There is a great conservation of energy in the heavenly realms as you have been told. For every project we undertake, we are allotted a certain amount of energy to accomplish that task and, if we are obliged to use that energy to protect you, there is less for us to use in other ways – either to expand your own personal light or our activity. Do you see? SO, IT WILL BE OF TREMENDOUS ASSISTANCE TO US, TO OUR ACTIVITY AND TO YOURSELVES IF, FROM NOW ON, YOU WILL CALL FORTH MORE CONSTANT AND COMPLETE PROTECTION AS YOU PROCEED IN THE SERVICE OF THE LIGHT. WILL YOU TRY?
The Angelic Kingdom, The Bridge to Freedom, AMTF

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