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Very Interesting videos I came across on Why The West Wanted Ghadafi Dead

Is it true, is it a  lie?

I have  seen  reports  where the  MSM  media  was  making  fun  of  the  speeches  Ghadafi  would make  about  a  United  States  of  Africa.  They  called it the  rantings  of a  Madman.  One  has  to  wonder  just  what the  truth  is  behind  all of  this.  I  have  always  felt  it  was  more than  just  oil.  And  now  they are  attacking  Africa.  Seems  that  there  may  be  some  truth  to these allegations.  They  had never  bothered  with  Africa  before.  The  people  were allowed to  be  killed  ,  to  die of  hunger  and  to   waste  away  in  abject  poverty  and  no one  ever  lifted  a finger to  help them.  Turning  a blind  eye as  if  the  situation   did not  exist.  So  why  now ? 


These  videos  make it  a bit  more  understandable.  These  allegations  make it  a bit  more   concrete.  If  true  these  allegations also  make  things  a bit more  disgusting.  Has  the Western   world been  blind  to the  atrocities that  have  been  perpetrated for  so  long?  I  think what  happened  in  Irag  and  what is  happening in  Afghanistan should  answer  that  question  rather  clearly..............





(These  are the reasons why they  killed  Ghadafi Part 1)



(These are the  reasons why they  killed Ghadafi Part 2)



United States of Africa


Nigeria: United States Looming Invasion of Central Africa (Two)


United States of Africa: A dream that shook the West


The Time of History is NOW! The Formation of: A United States of Af...


Gaddafi’s unfulfilled dream of United States of AfricaAfrican Monetary Fund


Africa Monetary Fund’s model is based on the concepts of private an...


Central banks and currencies of Africa


Bank of Central African States


Gbagbo seizes central bank branches

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Comment by Keith H on October 31, 2011 at 7:40pm
I felt the 1st 2 part African testimony was the most compelling. If a Non-African had said that, it would not be as credible and the same meaning would not have been conveyed.
Comment by desertrose on October 31, 2011 at 11:43am

I   know  they  are  facts Keith,  that  is  why  I  posted  the numerous  links  at the  bottom  of  the  blog.  I  stated  them  as  accusations  because   some people  are  still unwilling to  deal  with the  truth.    For  their   benefit I  sought  and  posted  the  links  to the  information  available  on all  that  was  referred  to in the  videos.


We  are in  agreement , Keith.  This is  all a ruse to accomplish  the status quo of  rape  and  pillage.

Comment by Keith H on October 31, 2011 at 9:53am

DR, these are not accusations, these links just state the facts. United States of Africa movement has been going on for a long time. Hear much about it in the Elite controlled MSM? NO! I actually think that they are getting close to it being a reality. The West has cut off the Head of the most influential supporter.

Then the US/NATO have demonizing Gaddafi for years. Why? Because the United States of Africa would not be under control of the West, both in the resources and financially.

Libya built their water system without one dime of IMF funding and no indebtedness. The US and Europe turned a blind eye to all the atrocities that have gone on there in the past 30 years.

What has changed? The discovery of natural resources that may be possible to remove from Africa and rape the countries of their natural wealth.

The United States of Africa would have prevented this looting by the West. This United States of Africa movement makes so much sense. The countries would be able to band together with their own gold backed currency, work together for unity and would most likely alleviate most of the strife and hunger that exists there now.

Most of the conflicts now can be attributed to the West and their greed and continued attempts to retain control.

The United States of Africa would eventually eliminate the Idi Amin's and bring an end to the corrupt and lawless regimes such as Somalia.  Gaddafi and Kenya supported a coalition to send troops into Somalia. 

I also think that the United States of Africa would initiate the world in the direction of Global Unity.

Many countries have tried in the past;I don't think Somalia has any other countries that support it. Almost every other Country in the world has had problems, and wants to see Somalia change.

That is where NATO should have went instead of Libya. No, sorry, that would have been constructive and helpful to people and the world.



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