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Final UN Arms Trade Treaty Disarms America With Clinton’s Signature

by Ask Marion

Susanne Posel - Occupy Corporatism - July 27th, 2012

The UN International Arms Trade Treaty Conference (ATT) is wrapping up in New York and their final draft is completed .

See: Bombshell Alert: U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Negotiations – ATT DRAFT! L... for background info and leaked treaty.

In 2009, Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State, proudly announced that the Obama administration was in full support of the ATT. It was the intention of the US government to assist the UN in implementing and establishing “common international standards for the import, export, and transfer of conventional arms to help prevent the acquisition of arms by terrorists, criminals, and those who violate human rights or are subject to UN arms embargoes.”

Clinton stated that “the United States is prepared to work hard for a strong international standard” concerning global gun control. “The United States is committed to actively pursuing a strong and robust treaty that contains the highest possible, legally binding standards for the international transfer of conventional weapons.”

In 2010, the US began talks with the UN regarding the initial drafting of the ATT.

With perfect globalist rhetoric , the UN claims that it is “not pursuing a global treaty to ban gun ownership by civilians.” But rather a “tightening controls over the international import, export and transfers of conventional arms, because without such controls it is easier for weapons to be diverted from the legal trade into the illegal market, and into the hands of terrorists, drug traffickers and criminal cartels.”

However, with the confirmation of the Fast and Furious scandal, it became clear that new new gun regulations were coming to America.

Trent Franks, Arizona House Representative commented to a House Judiciary committee in 2011 that: “If the American people learn that the motivations for all of this was to make a case to deprive them of their Second Amendment rights or to make a case to further the (Justice) department’s ability to further regulate gun rights within the United States, that would make them very angry. Clearly, an attempt to use Fast and Furious as a way to bolster the request for that long-gun regulation would have been foolhardy.”

The Obama administration supports international regulation of all “advanced conventional weapons, including tanks, armored combat vehicles, artillery systems, military aircraft, military helicopters, naval vessels, missiles, missile launchers, small arms and light weapons, and combat support equipment. It should also include parts, components, and/or technology to manufacture, modify, or repair the covered items” as stated in the ATT.

When talks concerning the global gun grab began in 2010, the US claimed to “want a treaty that will prevent, or at least significantly impede, illicit trade in conventional weapons by reinforcing national commitments and supplementing those obligations, thereby elevating the degree to which the worldwide trade in conventional arms is conducted in a lawful, transparent, and accountable manner.”

Indeed it was through seemingly lawful procurement that the Department of Justice (DoJ), as stated in a demand letter, required border-state gun stores to report multiple gun purchases by an individual in a 7 day period could be used to confuse the actual issue. US Attorney Dennis Burke wanted to connect the guns shipped to Mexican drug cartels to Fast and Furious, and ultimately introduce the “enforcing gun sale laws at (gun stores) and gun shows.”

Terry Gowdy, House Representative, said: “The federal government certainly aided and abetted gun trafficking, which then may very well have been the proximate cause of a border agent [Brian Terry’s] death.”

Fast forward to the Batman shooting where James Holmes entered a crowded theater in complete SWAT gear (which consisted of a tactical armored vest, throat protector, groin protector, a gas mask and a ballistic helmet) and threw two gas canisters into the crowd while opening fire with an assault rifle, shotgun and a .40 caliber Glock pistol. The result: 12 people dead and 59 injured.

Immediately, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg decried to the public: “I mean, there’s so many murders with guns every day. It’s just gotta stop. . . No matter where you stand on the Second Amendment, no matter where you stand on guns, we have a right to hear from both of them, concretely, not just in generalities, specifically, what are they going to do about guns?”

The Batman shooting prompted a nationwide dialogue about gun control while the UN was putting the finishing touches on an international treaty that would eradicate the 2nd Amendment and disarm Americans, all in one fail swoop.

The cover story is that guns in the hands of violent criminals are dangerous. And potential criminals lurk around every corner. The claims that legal procurement of firearms is not part of the discussion are distracting from the truth of the matter.

The ATT clearly states that the UN, after Congressional ratification, will force the US government to:

  • Enact internationally agreed licensing requirements for Americans
  • Confiscate and destroy unauthorized firearms of Americans while allowing the US government to keep theirs
  • Ban trade, sale and private ownership of semi-automatic guns
  • Create and mandate an international registry to organize an encompassing gun confiscation in America

The Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties (VCLT), which was ratified by the US Senate in 1969 may be the loophole to allow Obama and Clinton to destroy the 2nd Amendment and enact international mandates on gun control in America after the treaty is signed by a member of the Obama administration (i.e. Clinton herself). That signature alone will implement the ATT within the domestic US regardless of a formal rejection by the current Senate.

The VCLT views international treaties above the laws of sovereign nations wherein disputes are directed to an international tribunal as defined by the Charter of the United Nations . Essentially, the UN will have the legal backing to force any nation that has signed a treaty to do their bidding; or face international mandates as recognized by the international community and not the individual laws or constitutions of independent countries.

In the final draft of the ATT, the establishment of a UN sanctioned “national control system” will regulate:

  • Import and export of guns
  • Sale of small and light arms as based on relevance defined by the UN
  • Transfers of arms based on international agreements and obligations under the guise of protecting human rights, war crimes and breaches of the Geneva Convention of 1949, Article 3
  • Governmental permission prior to exportation of arms
  • Governmental record keeping of all arms transferred, imported, exported, and sold which is turned over to the Implementation Support Unit (ISU) annually

The ISU will be an internationally appointed supervision department that controls all records concerning arms trade who also can force governments to implement international amendments and mandates as is or could be decided at a UN General Assembly meeting regarding the ATT.

A national enforcement department would be installed to prevent diversion from the ATT. However, this department would also readily assist individual implementation of the ATT should a country have trouble allocating their existing laws or regulations to the ATT.

The UN, under the ATT demands that all nations “offer or receive assistance, inter alia, through the United Nations international, regional, subregional or national organizations, non-governmental organizations or on a bi-lateral basis. Such assistance may include technical, financial, material and other forms of assistance as needed, upon request.”

To join the ATT, world leaders need only accept or sign the treaty. Once signed or accepted, the ATT must be implemented within 30 days to ensure “transfer competence” with regard to changes in governmental structure that may occur due to the ATT. After the 30 day allotment, the UN expects the ATT to be in full control of all matters regarding arms control.

Nations, under the ATT, may take each other to a UN tribunal court to facilitate legal matters of dispute. That tribunal will interpret the ATT and negotiate between the parties.

In the end, the UN will govern the right of arms control, legal matters concerning arms control and the methods and means by which arms are allocated to individual nations.

Within the ATT, there is not one mention of the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans or even how the ATT may affect those rights. In fact, the provisions of the ATT are in contrary to existing laws and if signed, would simply supersede laws in existence to conform to the international mandates proposed in the ATT. The ultimate goal of disarming Americans in clearly noted in its silence and ambiguous tone toward the sovereignty of nations that allow by Constitutional right that their citizens bear protective arms.

The UN’s complete disarmament of the entire world begins with the simple stroke of a pen. Wake-up America…

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If there was ever a time to get involved and speak-up… it is now!


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Comment by Kim B on July 28, 2012 at 4:02pm

Well in London,  shootings are very rare I assume because of the no gun law, however you have bombs and stabbings there.  

Comment by Byron wilkins on July 28, 2012 at 10:39am

When a staged event in Colorado of a small number of people are killed by a mind controlled subject just days before the treaty is ready and it is enough to remove the guns from 320 million people there has to be a reason. Anyone who has been paying attention knows the PTB want to kill off 5 1/2 billion people. Many more people die in car accidents and bad perscriptions from doctors we should eliminate cars and doctors. Mexico has gun laws and almost 60,000 have died near our border. Now the murdering Mexican cartels are in every major city in the us and many have guns supplied to them by our government in fast and furious. So think hard and long before you want to be disarmed with criminals running around with weapons and our country being run by criminals.  Lothar your point is well taken and correct.   

Comment by Tammy Fielder on July 28, 2012 at 9:12am

There are good people here as well Paul.  I get that some people think if they take the guns away we will be safe. They will still be there.  It isn't the gun that killed those was a person that did that.  Do you think that boy could have killed that many people if all the theater goers had a gun themselves?  No way!!  This country is not perfect but neither is any other country.  It's ours and we live by the Constitution our forefathers drafted to make us our own country.

Our Law enforcement (be it military or Police) are serving TPTB right now.  

Comment by Tammy Fielder on July 27, 2012 at 8:42pm

Duck, deer, rabbit, moose, etc.  :)

Comment by Kim B on July 27, 2012 at 8:35pm

Well said, Tammy.

Yeah the people of Duck Dynasty will freak if they can't have their guns for hunting!

Comment by Byron wilkins on July 27, 2012 at 8:30pm

For many years I remember Ireland as the land of Religious wars using bombs, is that because they took your guns 

Comment by Byron wilkins on July 27, 2012 at 8:22pm

The right to bear arms was given to us to protect us from our government and that is why the government wants our arms. There is new news about them not signing it but I do not trust it Hillary or Oboma here it is.

post on askmarion


by Ask Marion

BELLEVUE, WA – The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms today applauds the decision by the United States to not sign the proposed International Arms Trade Treaty, and CCRKBA credits grassroots action for the gun rights victory.

CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, who is at the United Nations in New York, said the announcement came Friday morning after a week of intense negotiations.

“I think the grassroots surge by American gun owners against this treaty convinced our government to not sign this Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Armsdocument,” Gottlieb said. “The proposed treaty, as written, poses serious problems for our gun rights, and the sovereignty of our Second Amendment.”

CCRKBA has been active in raising public awareness about the proposed treaty, and Gottlieb said he is proud of members and supporters who made “stepped up to the plate” and contacted their U.S. senators.

“This is freedom in action,” Gottlieb stated. “We are gratified that so many did so much to protect their Second Amendment rights from an international gun rights grab.

NFA GUN Trust Lawyer Blog: “I received numerous emails about the UN Treaty not being approved. The Examiner and have also reported that It was announced this morning that the US will not sign the UN Arms Treaty in its current form. While it is possible that a modified treaty could be singed at a later time it appears that the intense public awareness of the restrictions on our Second Amendment rights has cause such outreach by firearms rights supporters that the Treaty will not be signed in its present form.

As of this afternoon, I am seeing no major media outlets reporting this fact and some even alluding that it will still be passed. Will it be passed or not? We will know if a few days. Below I have complied a few sources on the story and even read through the proposed treaty which I found to be very circular and while supporting gun rights of states, would appear to require states (countries) to pass laws that would not permit misdirection or misuse of firearms by others. How else can you do this other than to ban certain small arms.

The UN has a history of pursuing disarmament including firearms owned by individuals. While the text appears to talk about gun rights, it talks about them in terms of the states rights or collective self-defense rights and not at the individual level as we have under the Second Amendment. The UN has described its efforts on their own website as wanting to advance the restrictions and availability of ownership of small arms by the individual and destruction of surplus state (government-owned) weapons.

The Preamble states "Underlining the need to prevent, combat and eradicate the illicit trade of conventional arms and to prevent their diversion to illegal and unauthorized end use, such as terrorism and organized crime."

Go to: The UN International Arms Trade Treaty Conference (ATT)  final draft is completed , for details.  Go here leaked draft for more details and background and the ATT draft as of mid-week 07.25.12

As no major media outlets are reporting the above outcome… that the ATT  hasn’t passed and in fact some are even alluding that it will still be passed, we will continue to hold our breath.  But we might have dodged a bullet, no pun intended, this time around… but you can bet that if the U.S. really does not sign the UN gun ban treaty this time around… it will come up again!  And they still might sign leaving us with work to do.

Comment by Tammy Fielder on July 27, 2012 at 8:13pm

There are those in the US that are not so nice as the people of Ireland Paul.  They will kill you just because they don;t like you.  We have street gangs here that have no honor, drug dealers that will kill for the money, drug users to get the drugs, and just some idiots.  We are a nation that was founded on the right to bear arms because England refused the people of that.  We have the right to protect our families and property from the same idiots as above and from foreign invaders.  Each American has a duty to arm and protect the homeland as well.  We take this right very seriously and will stand up for our convictions.  If Hillary is stupid enough to sign off on this document, American citizens will revolt!  Imagine the crazy Cajuns, backwoods Hillbillies, rich game hunters, rednecks, Texans, and active and inactive military Americans taking up the issue!!!  This is something we will not stand for!  Our rights have been slowly and methodically taken away from us and this will be the straw that broke the camel's back I assure you.  


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