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Warning, the militant Left is descending into the gorge of irrational animus.

...the sheer venom spewed by the left is becoming increasingly more virulent and dangerous. 

From the New York Post:

"Tragically, it is becoming normal, and so, in the words of the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, we see first-hand what it means when deviance is defined down.
Numbed by repetition, we gradually come to accept the unacceptable. Little by little, the barrier island is eroded, then we are shocked when there is nothing to stop the storm surge....
The rage over his election, instead of waning, continues to gather steam. The fervent desire to be rid of him and anyone who supports him is expanding into dangerous dimensions."

America is now in a new era of a divisiveness so deep that it may incur another Civil War. This time, it will not be between regions within the nation, but on the streets.
God help the United States Of America.
The following article is an excellent discussion regarding just how far the militant left has fallen into the abyss of brutishness bordering on savagery. 

Liberals’ Hatred Will Inevitably Turn Into Violence
by  Kurt Schlichter


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