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Lets consider again that Elenin is a very small comet (3-12km) and unlikely to have been the culprit of recent Japan and Chile disasters despite both coincided with its alignments. Then what cause them if not Elenin?.


This have lead many people to speculate that there must be some thing large in size and mass following this comet's path. Lets call this object "the FOLLOWER". The magnetic force of the FOLLOWER  interacting with our Sun creates a stress zone running from the FOLLOWER to the Sun, lets called this zone the "Destroy Zone". Once a year Earth and every other planets, space objects etc in our solar system have to cross this zone line once per orbit around the Sun, and Earth once every earth-year. It is no wonder that Chile and Japn events happened roughly a year apart. 



For the period Sep-Nov 2011 we all so anguish about, Earth will be way out of this "Destroy Zone". I deemed this that Earth should be safe (see 2nd illustration). But then some people still worry about the Comet's tail that will sweep the Earth and cause big destruction. This may be so but I think not because its tail debris will not be big enough (with respect to everybody's own opinion).



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Comment by Sonny Sisomphou on July 21, 2011 at 11:13pm

Alex, it is often unfortunate when one say "Deforestation causes floods" and someone hear it as "Floods are caused by deforestation".


Alex, if you don't believe Elenin is significant or has no Follower, then what causes Japan's and Chile's. JPL shows there were alignments on both occasions. Two of the biggest Earthquake (9.0 & 8.8) happened on alignment zone and can you say it is pure coincident, pure stroke of luck? Love to hear what you think and please be specific on this point :-)


SydneyStarGazers says Elenin is just another comet but they also fail to explain why the COINCIDENTS, UNLESS..., you know what, this Elenin JPL simulation is a HOAX. Someone in NASA is conniving enough to fabricate the calculas formulas of the Elenin similution so that two most biggest scale disasters fall on Elenin alignments.


Assuming Nasa's JPL re Elenin Comet is 100% trustworthy, then we can say that there is a reasonable bases to suspect BDS/PX/Nibiru may be coming behind the scene. The original possibility (for me anyway) was that it will come from the south as claimed to have spoted in 1983.


Why PX or BDS cannot be seen? Some say it is a heated object shrounded in red dust and don't reflect light very well hence only infra red telescope have the chance of detecting. Not many backyard astronomers have infra red telescopes. However, many proclaimed leaked photos has been released to the public. The one on our main web page to the right looks a pretty good candidate to me, it is red, it is faint, it even has moons, fits the description. (if you suspect that it is photoshopped, please keep that thought to yourself, otherwise we'll be side tracking) 

Comment by Sonny Sisomphou on July 21, 2011 at 12:26pm
Kim, exactly this Comet is a warning and harbinger sign just like the bible say and what about the Hopi Indian the blue kachina, follow by the red kachina (that will be the real FRIGHTENER). The chance of a name like "ELENIN" already give me the chill. Which is why I look upon Sep-Nov as THE MOMENT OF TRUTH. If the Comet passage gone by without incident of a biblical proportion then this blog may serve to explain why, that's all.
Comment by Sonny Sisomphou on July 21, 2011 at 12:16pm
Thanks Nathan I'm glad you bring all this up. My blog was just trying to cover this particular aspect of the dead zone which the Earth has to pass thru' once a year. All the other events and phenominons may be the cumulative or knock on effect from one trigger point caused by this dead zone long after Earth passed thru it. It is a dynamic process always in motion once set, the dynamic increase and then dissipate. In this case it is increasing big time as something is coming nearer by the day. Of course, natural disasters are caused by all sort of things other than Elenin and the FOLLOWER. It just that the dead zone is so stress is where things have the highest probability for a BIG one to go off. BTW, Haiti might be one of those, check out JPL later.
Comment by Alex Cortes on July 21, 2011 at 11:44am
Everything you mentioned occurring on earth minus the fireballs and meteorites can easily be attributed to magma welling up in the earths core or even a ramping up of crustal displacement...everything including a tilting of the planet.... as for what's happened on other planets who is to say....I know our science isn't up for the task....The storm on Saturn is not unusual aside from timing, the sun spots have been expected for 2 years plus the odd behavior of the sun may just be a byproduct of us crossing the galactic ecliptic..... I personally believe in Nibiru but I just can't call Elenin/Vesta the destroyer....I have a hard time accepting that there is a massive BDS following Elenin...we would have seen it, our science is capable of accomplishing this.....Time will tell Nathan but to be honest if its being caused by an external force there isn't anything we can do about it and if its being caused by an internal force there still is nothing we can do about it other than cope and try to survive.....
Just my thoughts.


Comment by Nathan C. Pence on July 21, 2011 at 10:28am
what about the Christchurch New Zealand alignment? Haiti? Indonnesia eathquake & tsunami in '04. What about all the volcano's erupting? Why is the earths core heating up? I can't buy into the once a year dead zone theory. Why are we in a wobble? Why did Saturn have a big storm on the 7-7-2011 alignment? Why are the other plantets called "global warming too? Why is the sun doing tricks with solar storms and flares? We may be in a dead zone solar system speaking at this time. Why all the fireball/meteorites in the past few years, and they are more often now than ever? Sink holes? floods, hurricanes, tornado's, heat wave and on and on. I just can't buy into the once a year dead zone. Of course they are misleading us and the world.
Comment by Kim B on July 21, 2011 at 10:24am

I would think with a magnetic FOLLOWER and the alignments with the Earth that is coming up in September there most likely will be catastrophic earthquakes and tsunamis.  Where?  No one knows that for sure.  In prophecy, a comet to come is supposed to be a warning, and be a extremely FRIGHTENING event for people (especially for those who are unknowing or in denial).  Is Elenin this comet that is spoken about in prophecy???

Comment by Sonny Sisomphou on July 21, 2011 at 9:21am
Now that I have some time to myself I would like to add that, this is my opinion only which is based on the information that Elenin is only 3-12 km wide. Is NASA purposely misinform the public? time will tell. If Elenin turned out to be non-significant then it will be a perfect DECOY when after passing many people will become relaxed and drop their worries and then....wham the real thing soon followed and catch everybody off guard like "a thief in the night".


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