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WOW! Truth about Gaddafi? Is this the real truth? MUST READ!!!!

I can not help but feel this IS the truth!!

When the government declared war on libya my first thought was

He was not going to bow down to the NWO and they wanted his oil, so they will get rid of him and use lies to convince everyone that he was evil

I must as add that when I saw the treatment of Gaddafi in his last moments alive I cried inside, it made me very sad. Evil or not, every human has the right to a trial. I think they could not allow a trial because it would only prove all that was said about him was a lie

I  found this info , it was not easy to find, I found it in a Reuters

In the cold store in Misrata, the body of one of Gaddafi's sons, Mo'tassim, had been moved from another location elsewhere in Misrata and placed next to his dead father.

They were displayed  for 31/2 days

I am not saying they are the witnesses in the bible but it just gives me a wierd feeling



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Comment by Keith H on October 28, 2011 at 9:52am
Right out the pages of Machiavelli. Nothing new.
Comment by nicholas fowler on October 28, 2011 at 9:34am

Thank you, Keith. very  nice knowing we are all of the LIGHT here on this forum. however, a thought came. Nato and what or who ever is encouraging them seem to be like this. get the mercenaries which describes the Libyan rebels , get them to do as much of the dirty work as they can. give them as much room and tether to get the job done. then when Ghaddafi strikes back, then use as much force as to halt Qaddafi until the mercenaries have the upper hand again. Thus, NATO whilst wheeling the most power, are given the less guilt in the carnage and the rebels take responsibility. what a nice way to hide the war crimes of NATO. let the others take all the blame. But you do the most damage!!!!

this is a clasic case of control whereby the contollers, and I do wonder if any off worlders are involved, to keep the controllers as far in the backghround as possible.

It is no use going on about the war crimes of my own government whom I completely disown and would see many of then in prison quite honestly. it is enough to stand back and to live in the Light, darkness has a habit of crowding in on itself until, it self destructs . It is hard enough living ones own life sometimes.!!!!!!

Comment by Alex Cortes on October 28, 2011 at 9:32am

Keith you are absolutely right on all shouldn't be and times are changing .....quick.

Comment by Keith H on October 28, 2011 at 9:12am

I agree with you Nicholas, no human deserves to die in that manner. Libya was the most developed nation in Africa. Thanks to Qaddafi. His family lived in tents, why? No houses for Qaddafi and his family until all Libyans had houses; before them.  Qaddafi's father died in a tent.

Now Libya has been reduced to rubble.

We should ask ourselves why? It doesn't have to be this way.

Comment by nicholas fowler on October 28, 2011 at 6:58am

It is pure evil in my mind what NATO has been up to. Qaddafi, was nowhere near as evil and malicious as Saddam Hussein, even so, we must ask how these tyrants have been at first propped up and courted by such dark creatures as Chenney, and Rumsfeld, and of course our  own dear former leader, Tony Bliar--sorry, Blair.

it has been speculated the reason the US and Briatin wne tinit Iraq was to loot the museum of its Sumerian records. it has further been speculated there was alien technology either being guarded or at least buried in Iraq. Now, I wonder if this trechnolgy is being sought in Libya? is it to far to speculate the reason the US has built such a massive embassy in Iraq, is to protect a site where this alien technology is being held?

I would ask to you to listen  to the Dan Burisch interviews vis a vis the looking glass. Whether true or not fascinating to listen to. see archives, project Camelot.

Comment by msred on October 27, 2011 at 10:27pm
Lorraine, as I understand it, the two witnesses will be men of God, killed by the beast... and (as you noted) to rise after 3 1/2 days of death.
Comment by Lorraine Nemec on October 27, 2011 at 5:43pm

Yes Brian you are correct!

Susan, I am sooo with you

Please, bring it on!

Eric THANK YOU for that link

It needs to be broadcast

I am going to forward that link to everyone I know

Comment by Eric J on October 27, 2011 at 4:40pm
Comment by Lorraine Nemec on October 27, 2011 at 4:32pm

The witnesses were men God that were killed and displaye for 3 1/2 days

after this happens God will cause an earthquake and thousands will die ( this is not to be confused with the GREAT Earthquake yet to happen)

I must say, that I don't know what Gaddafi's religion was ( I would assume Islam) because I don't find it a factor. Love for God is in a man/women's heart not in the religion they are associated with

I cannot help by believe Gaddafi was a good man from the story I posted (this is not the only news story I read with the same info). This would make perfect sense for the execution he received. Hussien had a trail because he was quilty of the charges of harming his people, not because he had WMD ass was our reason for invading.  Our news is telling us Gaddafi was a terrible killer just like they told us Hussien had WMD's and that 9/11 was caused by Islamic terrorists.

Again, I am not saying they are the witnesses, I am just saying it gave me a weird feeling

I also can not help but hearing Gaddafi's last words in my head

asking the mad men "Do you not know God?" and "Do you not know right from wrong?" "What have I done to you?"

And the look on his face as he lay in the back of that truck, the look in his eyes ( eye, the other was closed because he had no strength to move his head)

It was not the face of a evil man, there was no contempt

I am sure you seen Hussein during his trail and execution,

(barbaric as it was, we have been come a planet of barbaric people, not all but they seem to be a majority because most do not know the Truth and they follow blindly) but he had a face full of contempt and mean,evil eyes

some say Gaddafi was an ugly person, meaning his facial features, which is so shallow it's disgusting and this helps make shallow people believe he was an ugly person

Again, I am not saying they were the witnesses, just that it gave me a errie feeling

When I saw him in the back of that truck I was very saddened, my heart and my gut, at that second, told me he was not an evil man ( his words were ringing in my ears at the same second)

These are just my thoughts and feelings and I hope no one is offended by them but I follow my heart and Our Creator and no one else

No disrespect to anyone's opinion of gaddafi and I hope no one disrespect's mine

Comment by Alex Cortes on October 27, 2011 at 3:48pm

Ok, time for a little perspective.....

Well Alex perspective...... He was dictator for 42years.  That's a very long time under an iron fist, only other man that comes to mind with that type of longevity is Castro.  He was captured by the fringe elements of his people a group of people who are fairly lawless and barely acknowledge the rule of law.  He was tortured by the same said people, he was molested by the same said people, he was murdered by the same said people.....In my book the matter is settle when it comes to the US and our involvement.  The coverage is a bit much but not unheard of, I remember many episodes in the eighties when death scenes were displayed, one in particular comes to mind.... the massacres that were occurring in Colombia during the drug revolution and Farc uprising....brutality has been displayed for many many years and the same argument on how to deal with it applies...change the channel. 

I do feel sad for the way things played out but people fighting for freedom are pretty much capable of anything.....


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