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We Can Intensify the Rising Energetics of Gaia

The Spirit of the Earth has had a predominant resonant energetic frequency of 7.83 cycles per second. This is very slow compared to the frequencies of our technological communications, but it is the frequency of life on this planet. We have all aligned with this frequency in order to live here. Now, however, due to external cosmic-ray injections, as well as changes in the consciousness of Gaia, her resonant frequencies are showing increasing levels of energetic quality in several octaves higher. To this development, we are all having to adjust and evolve spiritually. The Earth is going through a physical and spiritual metamorphosis.

The effect of this development upon humanity is becoming dramatic. It is becoming more and more obvious that the negative, low-vibration evil is coming out of the shadows, and those aligned with it are becoming uncomfortable being here. Those who were the most negative have become so unstable, that they have already left. Those who remain have become disoriented and delusional. This includes most politicians and corporate officers. The rising frequencies are coming into closer alignment with the conscious expressions of the Creator. This situation is affecting all conscious beings.

There are cycles in consciousness at very long wavelengths. Some are longer than we can measure or calculate. We were at the bottom of a 25,920-year cycle, and we’re on our way up. The decision of the consciousness of humanity as a race of beings, to deepen our understanding and experience within a conceptual range of frequencies that we would otherwise never be attracted to engage with, has compartmentalized our awareness within the negative polarity, fear-based frequencies. If we can change our polarity and raise our vibrations, we can move into greater alignment with higher consciousness and move into the vibratory spectrum of love and its compatible frequency patterns.

To change polarity means to live mostly with positive emotions and life-enhancing thoughts. This can be an intimidating change. It transforms our personality. We may change friends and even partners, who no longer align with us. We may change nearly every aspect of our lives. Our process is like an MC Escher graphic design, in which everything, which is a fractal of the Whole, changes mathematically (In this case, us) continuously in complete synchroneity with the One universal consciousness.

From the negative perspective, this is all unimaginable as a viable lifestyle. There have to be miraculous shifts at times in order for things to connect properly. How can this happen? It is because consciousness is the creator of every situation, and the quality of any situation for us depends upon our own resonant frequency in comparison with Gaia. Our alignment adds our own conscious life force to the ascension energies of our planet.

**By Kenneth Schmitt


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My dear little one,

Praised be Jesus!

Archbishop John Carroll entrusted the United States of America to me, The Immaculate Conception – as Patroness, to protect her forever. Even in the midst of tribulations and/or trials or assaults from evil, I will prevail.

Trust in God’s Mercy. Take a stance for Truth. No longer be silent because silence gives way to acceptance. Many of my children are actively working to set up refuges and yet there are many of my children who are confused and concerned for their safety. Your life and what you do is mapped out by God. Right now, my Son desires prayers of praise and thanksgiving and trust in His Divine Mercy.

Angels will protect you. Do not be afraid and do not run away from fate, or deeper foes result. Have Faith and do the best you can do with each circumstance. Every hair on your head is counted. God knows, sees and protects. If your heart is dedicated to Him, He will not leave you. Everything will unfold according to plan. Prayer, standing for Truth, and perseverance can change and even delay evil’s path.

God desires all people to know of His Merciful Love and be saved from the fires of hell and perdition. Move forward daily with prayers of thanksgiving and put your armor on with Hope Faith and Love.

Peace to you. I love you and remain with you.

Ad Deum

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Archangel Michael: Do Not Compare Yourself to Another

Archangel Michael: Do Not Compare Yourself to Another

Dear Ones! I am Archangel Michael!

My presence here today is necessary to confirm with you the meditation of the 12/12 portal, next day twelve. The meditation will take place at 8:00 pm here in Brazil. I hope you can participate. Yes, there will be a time shift. This month has been a month of much energy, a very atypical month, much energy of very high vibrati

on is coming to the planet. And each one of you is feeling physically the arrival of these vibrations: tiredness, heaviness, body aches. And as we have often said here, drink lots of water.Each such frequency that arrives is triggering the process in your cells; nothing more and nothing less than the activation of all the parts of your DNA that are blocked. This kind of reaction is not the same for everyone, some of you have already released a large part, others will release very slowly. The release of these DNA strands depends on the journey of each soul, depends on where each soul is at. The energy arrives the same for everyone on the planet, but it doesn’t react the same way in every body on the planet. So don’t be comparing yourselves, don’t be watching what happens to your neighbor.

Fortunately you don’t have access to where every soul is at. Imagine if you had a marker: who is more evolved, who is less evolved. If this were possible, those of higher evolution would not be able to stay there, because the very vibration of those who are lower would bring them down as well. This is inherent to the human being, no matter how evolved you are, comparison with others is innate in you. The concern is always whether you are better or worse than the other. But by divine wisdom, you don’t know. You even suspect, because of that person’s journey, but you don’t really know where they are on the road.

Only Father/Mother God and the Beings of Light can have access to that information.

And depending on the merit of that soul, on the actions practiced by that soul, those most meaningless obstacles will be removed from the path. Those obstacles that will bring no benefit, no lesson, are just there to get in the way. Then these obstacles are removed. That’s why many people start saying that life gradually gets better. That’s exactly why, because these little unnecessary obstacles are being removed from the path, but it all depends on the soul’s journey.

Let’s say that every soul has an inner balance, where the positive actions accumulate on the right side of the balance, and the negative actions on the left side. And this is how that soul shows itself to the universe. I can assure each one of you, that no soul has an empty left side, because if this happens, this soul is already extremely evolved, as in the case of Sananda. He has no negative actions on the scales anymore, his soul has already been able to transmute all that was wrong during the journey it has already taken. That is the case of Mary, that is the case of the Ascended Masters. Their walk on the positive side was so intense that the negative side becomes almost null and there is no more weight on the scales.

So this is how you create your walk. Every positive action, every evolution, no matter how small, is added to that plate on the right, the positive plate. And if this plate starts to become extremely heavy in relation to the left side, proportionally, that value on the left side will be diminished. Until you reach a point where you are ready to ascend. So the concern now is not to look at the other, not to compare with the other. Everyone has their own scales, and it is certainly not you who see those values.

So if you keep yourselves elevated, practicing good actions, practicing good thoughts, practicing good vibrations, for sure the path becomes lighter because you are doing it your way. It’s not us who are going to cause a lighter walk, it’s you who are doing it. And by making the journey lighter, those obstacles, yes, we remove them. But because you have conquered it.

There is at no time on our part, the privilege of anyone. There is no such thing. There is the soul’s walk, there is the soul’s posture. According to the soul’s stance, we do help.

And it is on this point that we will now insist a lot. Begin to lose this terrible habit of comparing yourselves with another. Each one of you is a soul, with a lot of baggage on your back, whether on this planet or on another, it doesn’t matter, you all carry baggage. And at this moment few are aware of the baggage they carry. So how can you compare yourself to the other? Start looking only at yourself in the mirror. Don’t try to compare yourself in any sense with the other, all the concepts you have learned of comparison are to inferiorize you.

The other is always more beautiful, the other is always better looking, the other is always better at life, the other is always more balanced… you always put yourself in inferiority. Except for those whose ego is exploding in the top of their heads. They think they are always superior, poor things, they are the worst in this scale of development. So, stop this terrible habit of comparing yourselves with others: “Wow, so-and-so is ahead! So-and-so sees this, so-and-so hears that, and I have nothing!” You are so-and-so, do you trust what so-and-so says, or is so-and-so talking just to appear?

So stop, stop comparing yourselves, stop envying the other who you know is actually further ahead on the journey, this only slows you down more and more.

So stop comparing. Each one of you is a soul, with a path as a road back, which may have been beautiful, may not have been beautiful, there is no judgment. What matters now is to start cleaning up all this mess your soul has made. How to do this? By using forgiveness; this is the key to cleansing, there is no other way. So do it. Begin to unload this load that you are carrying back there.

Each time you sincerely ask for forgiveness, the burden lessens. And I’ve said it here many times: It doesn’t matter if the other person has forgiven you, what matters is that your asking for forgiveness is synonymous with your understanding of what you did wrong, it is synonymous with a lesson learned, this is what forgiveness equals, and that’s it, you’ve learned. That burden is no more.

So stop worrying about others and look within. Look in the mirror. If you are not yet able to look at the past, at least look at the present life. What have you done that is not so good in this present life? Begin to get rid of it, it is already a first step. The time now, we keep repeating this over and over: it is to look inward, not to look outward, not to look at the other; it is inward. And this looking inward cannot be one of judgment, it is an extremely loving look. Now, it has to be a look of complete vision, of accepting the mistake, of understanding the mistake, and being sure that you will not make the mistake again. Affirm this to the universe. Then you will be putting a stone on top of it.

“I would say it’s not that simple, apparently it seems simple, but the universe knows exactly when you say, “Forgive me,” and you do it from the heart, and you do it with understanding, and you do it with learning. If it is this way, then the universe really will accept your forgiveness. But if it’s not, if it’s just lip service, forget it, it’s all still there.

So I want to remind you: Time is passing and every energy that comes harder on this planet, the more it squeezes you to get all this dirt out. You can’t hide anything anymore. And it is as if you are holding a burning ball in your hands, and the love that you put into resolving it, so that the ball doesn’t burn in your hands, is the key to resolving the problem, all with a lot of love. So the moment is still to look inside, to forget your surroundings, to forget who is next to you. Forget if the person next to you is awake or not, this is his path.

Now what is very important: if you care about yourself, seek your path, walk further and further forward, more and more Light you receive, you emanate. So what is the result of that? The one around you receives your Light; the one around you changes too, indirectly you are looking at yourself, but you are helping the one around you. Now if you stop, to look at yourself and all those around you, everyone stays in the same place, because you don’t go forward, because you only look at each other.

So realize how important it is that you look out for yourself, not for the other. You want to help the other, help yourself first. Raise, raise your Light quotients, and surely those around you will receive more and more Light. Think, think a lot about it.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez

**Translation to English by


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Aton:  Greetings to all souled ones upon Earth.  Today, I shall continue with more information about the Cosmos which I created.

My Creation operates on in a very orderly manner.  Each of the great seven Universes orbits around the Greatest Central Sun are comprised of billions upon billions of Universes and solar systems.  Earth resides in the 7th Great Universe called Orvanton, with over 178,000,000 life-supporting planets.

Not all plants are populated with “humans” looking such as you, as I love variety.   However, your ancestors are the humans living in the Pleiades System.

 Earth, a 3D planet, has resided for eons of time in the Apsu Solar System.  She now has a new sun and orbit in the Pleiades System.  (See Journal 4)

Here is the “picture” I wish to convey to you, speaking when Earth was in the Apsu System   Earth turns on her axis in 24 hours creating day and night.  The Apsu Solar System orbits around Pleiades every 26,000 years.   The Pleiades, along with the Apsu System is part of the Milky Way (Orvanton) which orbits around the Greatest Central Sun in 206 million years.   This is called the Great Cycle Orbit.  The Milky Way has made 22 orbits around the Great Central Sun.  Earth was given the last (22nd) great cycle to graduate into 5D.

That cycle was completed in August, 1987 when all came into alignment.  The Dark Brotherhood (Satanists) promised to come to the Light at that time, allowing Earth to graduate to 5D.    That did not happen, but none-the-less Earth has been working at her graduation since then and before, and with the help of the Lightworkers, this great feat is to happen within a very short time.  She has been in “overtime” since 1987.

I hope you see the Cosmos as infinite and has no end nor beginning. 

Now that I have your attention, mainly the awe of the Cosmos, I shall  have Hatonn continue with the history of your planet and the Apsu Solar system, mainly to convey to you about the great and most enlightened  civilization of the 20,000 that have been on your orb.  This is the hidden history of the Sumerians, whose civilization was totally annihilated by the Satanists (KZB-- Khazarian Zionist Bolsheviks). They not only killed every man, woman and child, but they stole their history and made it their own.  They are the Israelites, and the word “Israel is NOT even in your “Holy Bible”.   That word “Israel” and was only coined in the 17 hundreds.

Remember the saga of Moses?  That was SUMERIAN history not Israel history.  That is why the history of Sumeria is hidden from your view and knowledge. The Anti-Christ keeps the records in their secret German archives.  However, there is nothing hidden that will not come to the LIGHT!

Open your eyes to the Truth.  More to come…….

My Love of ALL



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We are the Arcturian Group 12/12/21


DECEMBER 12, 2021     Dear readers, welcome to our message.

Know that many in the higher dimensions are observing and guiding during these times of change and confusion. Know that you are never alone and are greatly admired for your courage and strength in choosing to become part of earth's ascension process in order to bring forth a more enlightened collective consciousness.

Everything on every level of ordinary life is changing because collective consciousness is changing. This is effecting those awake as well as those who are not with regard to familiar holiday rituals and celebration. Because consciousness is the substance of form, you may be experiencing a sense of inner confusion and lack of excitement with regard to the Christmas or Hanuka traditions, beliefs, and concepts you previously loved and engaged whole heartily in.

In spite of this, many are attempting to keep familiar holiday rituals firmly locked in place in the belief that this will make everything feel "normal" again. Fear drives resistance to change. Retail markets fear financial loss and so continue to promote gift buying as being equal to love. Media outlets play loud holiday music and televisions rerun emotional holiday films.

If these things no longer resonate with you or fail to put you in a holiday mood, understand that you have not suddenly become a "Grinch" but rather it is that your energetic signature is no longer in alignment with many things that resonate with old energy. As you spiritually evolve, many of the traditions you grew up with or celebrate with family, friends, or some special group during the year not just at Christmas, will automatically begin to feel less important or fulfilling.

This can cause problems in families or among friends who remain committed to the importance of continuing holiday traditions exactly has they always have. As with all things in life, do not resist or make a big scene regarding family celebrations, gift exchanges, or traditions but rather lovingly participate as you choose, while holding your highest truth and using these occasions to practice knowing the truth about those around you.

Do not endow activities you not longer fully embrace with power. Never believe that your participation in some family tradition that is important to others will effect your attained state of consciousness or separate you from who and what you are. However, you always have free will to choose. Never allow yourself to be bullied into doing something but when you make a choice that may be confusing to others do it with love and respect to their beliefs.

Allow the process to unfold dear ones, both within and without and accept that things will never
again be exactly as they once were because the energy of collective consciousness has changed and it is because of you, which is your purpose for being on earth at this time. Everyone waking up to or holding truth in consciousness is automatically adding Light to the collective.

There is much to come and much has already taken place that you are as of yet unaware of causing you to believe that nothing is happening. Do your work, go about your business, carry on with the ordinary activities that life presents awhile acknowledging the reality of who you and those around you are. In the midst of every personal and global crisis hold firmly to the fact that you and every person on earth is an expression of Divine Source/God and as such embody all that IT is.

The process of spiritual evolution as done through third dimensional energy is one in which the experiences of many lifetimes serve to eventually open and push a person's state of consciousness to where they are able to translate human thought and experiences into their higher truth until at a certain point the truths that they have been practicing, pondering, and living become an attained state of consciousness and begin to manifest on all levels as the person.

Examples of translating appearances--"I feel pain, but I know that God knows nothing about pain and never formed ITself as pain. I am broke but I know that the reality of my being is self sustaining and self maintaining Divine Consciousness which is infinitely compete and whole. I have no friends, partner, lover, etc. but I realize that since God is ONE, I can never be separate from the companionship of the ONE expressing Itself as the many. I have no home, but I know that I can never be separate from my perfect home which is Divine Consciousness."

These are only a few examples of how to translate the outer scene into the truth as you go about your daily life. It takes practice because even though in reality time does not exist, in the third dimension everything works in time.

There comes to every spiritual seeker a cross road at which they must decide if they want to live the truth they know or continue relegating what they have learned to conversation with metaphysical students in ever more classes, or at the dinner table. It is much easier to go along with collective thinking on just about all topics and yet at a certain point most find that their spiritual awareness no longer allows them to completely relax and enjoy engaging in collective thought with others.

For most of you the period of time in which you could decide to live or not live truth is over because like it or not, the evolving energy of earth is bringing everyone to where they no longer resonate with much that they previously perfectly aligned with--certain foods, entertainments, books, groups, friends, jobs, beliefs etc. At a certain point every evolving soul simply begins to live the higher frequencies because they have integrated them into their energy field which is the goal of the evolutionary process.

What makes this ascension process unusual and is causing it to be of such interest to those of other planets is that you are going through the ascension process in your material bodies rather than having to die first.

Your true and eternal body is one of Light. This real body is always fully present even though you entertain a material concept of it. As consciousness evolves and you are able to more fully to realize this, the Light body will begin to increasingly manifest as and through the material sense of body. Just as you are abundance, completeness, wholeness, intelligence etc, you are the perfect Divine Idea body, a body that knows no flaws, deformity, disease, or pain. This real body is God individualized and you can never lose it because it is you being an expression of God. It is what leaves the material concept of body at the time of death.

We have often told the true story of Christmas but will do it once again for those who are not aware of the deeper meaning of Christmas as well as for those who need a reminder. Christmas is not one man's story but is every person's story as interpreted through human thinking as Christmas.

The Birth of the Christ (Light Consciousness) is the story of every soul's spiritual awakening which usually manifests in times of duress or loss of material good (stable) because the the birth of individual Christ consciousness cannot take place in a consciousness already filled with ego and false beliefs (no room at the Inn). The birth of Christ consciousness is easily recognized by those of higher spiritual consciousness who at this point step in to assist the fragile new awakened state of consciousness with gifts of support, strength, understanding, and knowledge--(the three kings).

Those of a lower resonance (Herod) always fear and feel threatened in the presence of Christ Light and seek to kill or eliminate it any way they can (law, propaganda, societal pressure) and so the newly born and not yet fully developed state of consciousness must for a period of time be kept secret and hidden in order for it be safe as it grows into a strong and highly evolved state of consciousness--the Christ.

Those seeking to eliminate truth can only eternally fail for Truth is a Reality that can be hidden, ignored, and denied but never changed, removed, or effected in any way.

Sending you love, light, and recognition during this celebratory time.
We are the Arcturian Group 12/12/21

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Daniel O'Connor:

The Warning is coming very soon. Just today, we saw an announcement regarding the single most significant sign of its imminence – the sign that “Warning watchers” have, for decades, been keeping an eye out for. The Pope just announced his willingness to go to Moscow. 
Before saying anything else, let me issue my usual exhortation: do you want to be as ready as possible for the Warning? Then Live in the Divine Will. Knowing about the Warning is much less important than being ready for it.
Now, this announcement of the trip isn’t merely an expression of willingness. According to Reuters, Pope Francis also said “a top Russian Orthodox official was expected in Rome next week to decide the time and location of the meeting.” So this will likely happen quite soon, extraordinary as it would be (no Pope has ever visited Russia, much less Moscow.). This is a huge sign of the imminence of the Warning, since the Garabandal visionary, Conchita, said:
“The Pope will go to Russia, to Moscow. As soon as he returns to the Vatican, the hostilities [which will immediately precede the Warning] will break out in different parts of Europe.”
Now, the other big sign of the imminence of the Warning is “Communism coming again,” which Conchita also said indicates when the Warning will be. That, of course,  is exactly what has happened the last two years with the world’s response to Coronavirus. So a Papal trip to Moscow is really all that remains, and that is evidently about to happen. 
When the Warning does come, we can rest assured that most of our overlords who run the mainstream narrative will hasten to immediately thereafter attempt to explain it away with an avalanche of pseudoscience. As I feel fairly confident about at least one type of argument they might use, I’d like to refute it, here and now, before they even proffer it, in hopes that if and when they do, people will remember this post. This post has been on my ‘to write” list for many years (I even began writing it several years ago); but I’m quite glad I procrastinated, as the fact that I am publishing it now– so very near to the occurrence of the Warning–will help it stay fresh in people’s memory once that Great Event transpires. 
So it is my hope that this post will spread far and wide; the more people who hear the refutation now, before The Warning, the better. For when a certain bad argument is refuted before it is even made, it is much less likely to gain a foothold than if it is only refuted afterwards! 
The Warning, we know from a number of prophecies, will be accompanied by some sort of celestial phenomena. Perhaps it is even what is described in St. Faustina’s Diary, wherein she describes the Cross being visible in the sky, with beams of light emanating from the nail holes. Or, perhaps it will be more like what the Garabandal visionaries described; something “like two stars colliding.” Whatever it is, it may be precisely this phenomena that will be leveraged by the secularists, after the Warning, to explain it away.
[[An aside: Some may then wonder, “Why would God allow such a phenomena if the worldly will simply use it to try to explain away the Warning?” The answer is that, so long as we are on this side of the grave, our free-will is so very respected by God that there will never be so many doors closed to the incredulity of the scoffers that it will ever be impossible for them to conjure up a reason to deny Christ’s intervention in the world. And, by scoffers, I am not merely referring to the secularists. I am also referring to those “professional Catholics” who now ridicule the Warning before its occurrence. For many of them will do the exact same thing even after it. Habits die hard. As Jesus said in the Gospel: “To you has been given the secret of the kingdom of God, but for those outside everything is in parables; so that they may indeed see but not perceive, and may indeed hear but not understand; lest they should turn again, and be forgiven.” (Mark 4:11,12) Difficult as it is for some to hear that, those are Christ’s words, not mine. It would not be challenging for God to utterly and immediately prove Himself and His interventions to every soul alive. He does not do so for a reason – because by doing so, all merit in Faith is removed, and the very purpose of this life – which is to merit, for Heaven, by Faith – is thereby thwarted. Even the Warning – the greatest act of mercy in history – will come with a “way out,” for those who are so stubborn in their self-wills that, even after its occurrence, they will only want to find a rationalization to remain mired in their favorite sins and errors. ]]
Therefore, as extraordinary as the Warning will be, we should not expect the various phenomena associated with it to do all the work for us in convincing the world of its authenticity. Remember that, even with the Warning, most people will, sadly, apostatize once the Antichrist makes his entrance shortly after. So we will have much work to do to strive to minimize, as much as possible, the ranks of those who will join the man of sin. Above all, we must evangelize like never before even now, before the Warning, to as much as possible prepare people for it, and we must be ready to evangelize like never before in history in the weeks following the Warning. But we should also have answers to those who will try to explain away the Warning.
Here’s the gist of what we’ll likely hear from the mainstream narrative in the days following the Warning. Obviously I have no crystal ball, so I’m speculating on these details – you won’t hear exactly this! – but you’ll likely hear fundamentally similar things – if not from deGrasse Tyson, then from someone like him.
(In case anyone is just skimming, I better here put this is in bold red type: the “article” below is not real!)
So there’s the gist of one method they might use to explain away the Warning. Now, let’s refute it.
First of all, this is a classic category fallacy. No one may ever tell you that a subjective appreciation of an event you experienced was actually without value due to an objective description (even if accurate!) of the externals associated with it. For example: suppose that, during a geometry lesson, you carefully follow each thing your teacher says when he is presenting the Pythagorean Theorem to you; so much so that you actually interiorly realize with absolute certainty – entirely on your own and outside of any need to trust your teacher – that the Pythagorean Theorem is true. That conviction you now have – indeed, a certain conviction – is in no way liable to being explained away by (let’s say) some neuroscientist who, analyzing the various brainwaves going on in your head at the time, argues that you were not in full possession of your mental faculties during that lesson and you should not trust any conclusions you came to. For, in fact, certainty is certainty is certainty. The end.
Indeed, the convictions you acquire during the Warning will of course be fundamentally different from mathematical truths, but they will be no less certain. You must never, ever, ever, allow anyone to tell you – no matter how many PhDs he has – that you must actually question or even reject something that you know, and that you know that you know. This scientist’s assessments in no way so much as touch upon the subjective disposition of certainty that you have in your God-given intellect; which is a spiritual reality made in the very Image of God and whose operations cannot possibly be explained by neuroscientific descriptions. 
Secondly, as I explained at great length here and therefore will not bore you with again – it is absolutely and fundamentally impossible for the actual content of thoughts/memories to be generated by any material phenomenon whatsoever. If it’s in your mind, there are only three possible ways it got there: 1) From your senses (which, by Divine Decree, are the only material realities that have direct access to the human mind/soul – indeed, the senses are our Five Perennial Miracles), 2) From your mind working on something it already knew (e.g. deducing things/logical thinking in general – or dreams, which, though often quite weird, only work off of things we already have in our minds), or 3) From God Himself. 
Absolutely nothing (in fact, not even the devil!), other than you and God, has direct access to your mind. Don’t ever question the contents of your mind on account of some wild theory that it may have just been “put there by an electromagnetic wave.” It is precisely these theories that will be part and parcel to rejecting the Warning in the days after its occurrence, which is one of the main reasons why I have for so long insisted so strongly on this point. What goes on in your mind during the Warning was put there by God. It is that simple. 
Thirdly, there is no cosmic ray we know of – nor is there any cosmic ray that is even theoretically possible – which is capable of affecting everyone on the earth, 1) To the exact same degree, and 2) At the exact same time. Yet, this is how the Warning will happen: all souls on earth will, simultaneously, experience it with the same degree of force. If the Warning could be explained away by some cosmic phenomenon, then it would have had to be an event that either 1) Only affected those living on the side of the earth facing the phenomenon at the given time, or 2) Only affected those throughout the earth over the course of 12 hours, wherein the earth had sufficient time to rotate enough to expose all people to the direction facing the cosmic event.
One may protest “but the cosmic ray was so high energy that it penetrated the entire earth and therefore was capable of hitting everyone’s brain at essentially the same moment.” This is not reasonable to assert. If the ray was of a sort as to be so unaffected by matter that it could pass through the entire earth – even thousands of miles of solid rock – then our own brains and glands would likewise be entirely unaffected by it. If, on the other hand, it was a type of ray that interacted more with solid matter, then it either would not make it through the earth, or would at least be drastically weakened (which would also drastically weaken its effects so much as to be entirely negligible) on the side of the earth not facing the cosmic event from which the rays proceeded.  Neither will be the case during the Warning. 
Perhaps in the coming days I’ll do more refutation of the refutation before the Warning. I certainly have more theories about arguments they’ll use to explain it away, and I’ve got refutations for those arguments also! But for now, these three points should be more than enough to reassure thoughtful people that the Warning cannot possibly be explained away by the pseudoscience that will be poured out in torrents in the days following it.
Addendum on “Planes Stopping Mid-air”:
One phenomena often discussed as happening along with the Warning is the notion of “everything freezing” or “time stopping.” I do not think this means what some people take it to mean. As I explained here, time doesn’t really exist, strictly speaking. So speaking of time “stopping” does not make sense. Motion can stop, whereupon “time,” which is nothing but the measure of motion, will seem to stop for the thing in question that is not moving. But not even that will need to literally happen during the Warning.
Upon the moment of the Warning, everyone’s awareness will be instantaneously elevated to the supernatural realm, wherein the notion of physical time is more or less meaningless. Just look at what people have said about near death experiences, and the sheer magnitude of what they can experience in a mere moment of earthly time. 
The Warning might “feel” like 15 minutes, but those 15 minutes might have nothing to do with how 15 minutes would be measured on earth (which merely means 1% of the earth’s daily rotation). Sure, “everything will stop,” but only in the sense that our spiritual awareness will be operating at an infinite “speed,” for “15 minutes,” in relation to all physical motions in the material universe. There will be no need for physical motion to literally stop, and then immediately resume its prior motion after the Warning. When people speak of “planes stopping midair” during the Warning, this is not a description of a physical phenomenon, but only a description of what the physical universe would look like in relation to the infinite dynamism of the spiritual realm. (Many scoffers even now dismiss the Warning precisely because they cannot fathom the notion of a plane stopping midair; I hope this paragraph puts that scoffing to rest as well.)
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Mike Quinsey

You are in the storm before the calm and the cleansing will continue until the Earth has increased its vibrations, to allow many of you to advance your evolution in readiness to move into the 4th dimensional vibrations. You will be noted for your calmness in testing conditions and through your example many others will follow. It is your destiny and the old energies will be left behind. The level you reach will determine the future for you and you will most likely move to a planet that meets your needs to continue your present evolution. The transition will be smooth and much to your liking.

The energies around you are not static and keep moving to points that attract them. As you draw upon them so you lift yourselves up and you will gradually progress to a level that is the limit of your evolution at this time. The lower energies will have disappeared and you will be in harmony with all that is around you. You will have become a powerful being attracting all that you need to survive and continue evolving. Such progress is inevitable and welcome, as it has lifted you up to never again have to spend a life in the lower vibrations. Life at these higher levels is so different to what you have been used to experiencing.

Our brief is to prepare you for your upliftment, in the course of which we will present ourselves to those who have achieved the higher levels of evolution. Providing you show determination and commitment to evolve we will help you along that path. We are the Pleiadians and come to help you along to achieve your ambitions. There really is so much help around you that there is absolutely no reason why you should not achieve your aims. You will have done the hard bit by overcoming the antics and trickery the dark Ones have used to throw you off your spiritual path. You now have the benefit of experience through the lower vibrations that you have now overcome. You can offer a helping hand to others who are seeking the greater truths to help them keep on the evolutionary path.

The fact that your planet has been a “no go” zone is why many of you have concluded that there are no other life forms like yourselves in the Universe. Yet in reality it is full of life mostly living underground for reasons of safety and protection, from the dark Ones and the elements. With the ability to build cities in that way gives the occupants a safe abode from all forms of interference. On your Moon on what you call the dark side there are numerous types of ET’s that live on the surface that have even built cities. Your governments are fully aware of them but have been warned off from carrying out any form of interference. In fact right now there are also some ET’s living deep within your Earth safe from interference.

The Universe is teeming with life and some are very keen to meet you, but presently held back from doing so. Life in the future will be an exciting time to meet other ET races all similar to you in appearance. Most have evolved far ahead of you and consequently have much to offer. They have been kept at bay to ensure that your experiences are completely of your own making so that you can learn from them. However, it will not be too long before the first official contact takes place even though it may be a muted affair to gradually get you used to them being around.

The reason why big businesses are downsizing or collapsing is that they are no longer suitable for the period you are entering. Smaller units will be more practical and adequate and quite capable of meeting your needs. Such changes will come along quite naturally as more automation takes place and they cannot be stopped. Advancement has been held back for so long that moving into a new era has become something of an emergency. You should have been benefiting from them a long time ago and nothing can continue to hold them up.

Man has to accept that differences can be settled amicably and using force to obtain a result will no longer work as will be realised very soon. We have previously told you that we would not allow nuclear weapons to be used any longer. We have the technology to even stop your artillery from functioning and we are authorised to do so if it becomes necessary. These actions can now be taken whereas previously we could not intervene and had to allow you to experience the outcome of them.

Be patient as events may take some time to take place, but simply be aware that the light grows stronger at the end of the tunnel. Your future has been ordained and is committed to eventually bringing permanent peace on Earth. After all of the traumas and upsets of the last Solar Cycle we are pleased to be part of your release from the action of the dark Ones who can no longer prevent you from rising up into the Light. Already you are feeling the benefit of the changes so keep your eyes focussed on your goal, and be assured it will come to be. Take heart from the changes that are coming and the sooner matters settle down the quicker they will take place.

Your progress has been monitored by us for aeons of time and we are gratified that you have been successful in overcoming the attempts of the dark Ones to thwart your success. We are aware of the enormous troubles you have had to encounter to get this far and you are now to reap the rewards that you have earned. Without knowledge of what lays ahead you cannot really grasp the wonderful changes that will take place, and they are not that far away. Expect everything to work out satisfactorily and your energy will be helping it to materialise.

We are right with you and never far away if you need help so “speak” to us and we will take note. We are excited that soon we will be able to come out into the open and meet you, and believe us that many old acquaintances will be renewed and you will instantly be aware that they are old friends. Then you will recall who you were before you left the higher realms and had your memory blocked so as to not interfere with your new experiences. Can you imagine the joy and happiness in meeting old friends and family once again.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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Suzy Ward - Channeling Matthew Ward - December 1, 2021

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. As the year is nearing its end, many are wondering if traditional religious services and festivities with family and friends ever will be like they once were. Yes indeed, dear family, absolutely you will be able to enjoy all of this season’s celebrations without mandated restrictions and requirements, and, with recent developments, it could well be holidays in your new calendar year.

The very beginning of this strong possibility was almost 90 years ago, when God authorized some powerful civilizations to beam light to Gaia so she could jar her planetary body loose from deep third density and embark upon an ascension course. It was her desire that her entire population advance spiritually and consciously so they could go with her into higher astral planes.

Back then, most of her civilization were slumbering in what was familiar, but as volunteers from spiritually evolved worlds started incarnating on Earth, the light they radiated added to the light being beamed from afar stirred some people “to see the light” and awaken. As time passed, others did, too, then more and more and still more.

But a goodly number of souls adamantly kept refusing the light. Gaia sadly concluded that she could not wait for them to give up their preference for darkness and, heartened by the millions upon millions who were embracing the light, she kept her pace steady toward her destination in high fifth density. As energy surges propelled the planet into successively higher planes, gradually the pace increased.

This brings us to your last two years. What happens on Earth affects the entire universe, and what Gaia and her peoples around the world have been enduring has emanated low vibrations and adversely impacted other worlds. The Illuminati’s recent action was the last straw, so to say, and additional civilizations started beaming massive amounts of light to Earth so everything can occur faster. Thus, karmic lesson completion, truths emerging, resolution of conflicts, corruption uprooted, and circumstances lining up like dominoes to remove all remnants of darkness are in high acceleration.

That many distant civilizations now are intervening in a process that will benefit them is neither self-serving nor denying Earth’s peoples the right to manifest the kind of world they want. It is God’s response to Gaia’s request for world transformation to come more swiftly so her peoples can live freely, joyously, peacefully and harmoniously, be nourished in body, mind and spirit, and all their needs supplied in abundance. That is what her peoples want, too.

The inpouring of light will enlighten and embolden the masses who believed the blatant lies about the “pandemic.” They will start joining the people who are heeding the honest medical specialists and refusing to be vaccinated or wear immunity-weakening masks and they are protesting lockdowns. The loss of God-given and constitutional rights is nearing the boiling point, and what is upcoming can rightfully be called the peoples’ revolution against evil.

Since the Illuminati’s laboratory-made coronavirus failed to cause billions of deaths, they have been making fortunes from covid tests and solutions falsely called vaccines; and, aided and abetted by mainstream media, politicians and scientists in their ranks and those they control are claiming covid variants have become part of life so even infants need to be vaccinated. However, their dark agenda always has called for much more than satisfying avarice and power over the populace, and recently they released another, stronger, lab-manipulated virus to do what the coronavirus didn’t.

Our September 2020 message includes information that virus transmitted to a highly evolved soul we know well. That dear soul shared with us the following message she received from the new virus:

November 8, 2021

“Hello. Thank you for speaking to me today. I have been waiting for you, as the call was sent out for this conversation. It's an important one.

“You were told that I am here now, released this season as the next in the line, a virus created again in the image of darkness. Even more so, as the dark forces are desperate to keep their control. They want to keep their domination of the planet and its people intact. I was created to go deep in the dark. To wound, to kill, to snuff out much of humanity.

“But, yet again, this will not come to pass. The Light has infiltrated their plan once more, the same as what happened with the other virus strains. As the Waves of Light poured into my dark blueprints, I was lightened, changed, alchemized. I am still quite intense for some people and still sending some home if it's part of their life plan to leave, but not the mass of people I was created to kill. I have a different purpose and energy signature now.

“And I am different from the other viruses, as I have been released at a very different time on the planet compared to when they were released. The energy is so different now compared to only a few years ago. There is more Light and more people carrying that Light, and my job will be different as it will be more about awakening.

“I will be cleansing bodies and fields of their old patterns, wiping the slate clean so they can become new. Not an easy process, and oh, the human body of some will indeed suffer through the power-wash I deliver; yet others will experience a lighter dose of cleansing through my touch. And then there will be those dear souls who choose to leave their bodies behind. However, even in their leaving, they will become more Light. All is by agreement.

“The ones who stay and run the course of my illness, those folks will never be the same. Their evolution will be served as they dance in more Light! And oh, the dark ones don't like this at all. Not one bit do they like this! Their dark plan has been changed once more by the Light. And even more so because, through me, these humans are changed. Cleared of the old, they will wear a corona of Light! An initiation. A path to a higher truth. Though it's certainly not an easy time for the initiates as my energy can feel so heavy, but certainly not the dark plan seeded on the Earth. It will not bear the fruit it was intended to do. Those poisonous plans will not come to fruition. Eventually all the poisons will disappear from the Earthly experience and there will only be Light!

“Thank you for listening to me today. Have heart that no matter what you see rolling out this season, things are not as they seem. But of course, you know that. And whenever you hear of someone who has invited me in and they are struggling, send them Light. Send them Love. And send them rainbows. They and I will evolve with the Light that you send. It is so needed. It is always needed, especially now in the midst of this World Initiation. Thank you for your Lightwork, and I will now bid you adieu.”

Once again a virus has been infused with the capacity to doom dark intentions and assist Earth’s humankind’s evolution.

Knowing their latest attempt at mass depopulation has been another failure, the Illuminati are desperate. They also are tenacious. Most likely they will order their minions to create chaos geographically and economically everywhere they can, and your new year will be strikingly active as the recent intensification of light undergirds the efforts of courageous leaders to end dark control of your world. By being calm, confident and cheerful, you will uplift and enlighten persons who don’t know that what appear to be dire situations are reasons for great optimism.

It is not only their recent failure that is causing the dark ones’ desperation. Those who caused the “pandemic” or committed other crimes against humanity are being arrested and, on the basis of irrefutable evidence presented at trials, found guilty in your justice systems. Some have been executed, others will be and some will spend the rest of their life in prison. These procedures will continue until all such criminals around the globe have been brought to justice.

The universal law of physics that pertains to justice is lifeprint reviews in a spirit world. Those are like life-long movies wherein the individual feels exactly what was felt by everyone whose life he or she affected, and for the aforementioned individuals, that punishment will be much, much harsher than any penalty your verdict-givers mete out.

Now let us return to the spirit of this season of gift-giving and celebrations, and let us gift you with gentle reminders for joyously celebrating life:

Let love be your foundation. This starts with loving self, having self-respect, self-worth and self-confidence.

Be fearless—there is nothing to fear!

Live in harmony with all of Nature.

Visualizing Earth immersed in golden-white light fills you with light as you send it throughout your world, and the light in a genuine smile has incalculable ripple effects.

Recognize and feel grateful for the blessings in your life.

Trust and heed your soul’s messages to your consciousness—conscience, intuition, instinct, inspiration and aspirations.

Time in solitude and silence nourishes the soul. So do animal companions, laughter, soothing music and lighthearted entertainment.

Do not judge others—you don’t know your own soul contract, much less anyone else’s.

Be forgiving. Persons you feel have done you wrong may have helped you advance in soul growth. Forgive yourself, too—if an apology to someone is in order, offer it and release the low vibrations of guilt.

Cherish beautiful memories and let go of those that are hurtful.

Divest yourself of trivial matters and direct your energy into avenues that will help you along the path to self-discovery.

Words have vibrations—choose your words carefully, respectfully, kindly.

BE what you want in your life and your world: love, joy, kindness, compassion, respectfulness, generosity, helpfulness, honesty, forgiveness and gratitude.

The sum of those reminders is Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and Live from your heart. As God said, “Absorbing light is as simple as Be kind” and “The heart is the seat of the soul”

Beloved brothers and sisters, you volunteered for one of this universe’s most vital missions—saving the souls of Earth’s civilization. Enter your new year with the joy of knowing “Mission accomplished!” In the continuum, the peoples are flourishing in Earth’s Golden Age.

All light beings in this universe honor and support you with the unequalled power of unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward
Website: The Matthew Books

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