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Yeshua: You Are The Forerunners

Dear friends, I am Jeshua.

I was once the birth of the Christ energy on Earth. I was a start, but that beginning needs to be completed, and that is what is happening at this time in which you are living. Now this wave of the Christ energy, which I was at its beginning, is gaining momentum. It has the capability to carry with it, the entire consciousness on Earth, including that of planet Earth.

In the consciousness of both humanity and the Earth itself, there are now pressures that point to the need for inner change. You can see, on the external level, that many things are going wrong or getting stuck. This is especially seen in political developments: the power struggles between countries, groups of people, and cultures. But this change also affects the fate of the Earth itself and humanity’s relationship with the life of nature.

Certain issues and dilemmas are being pushed to the fore in this day and age, and you have come at this time to help that increasingly intense change to be born in the most loving way possible. At this moment, the change is so intense and tangible in the hearts of all people that it leads to crisis and often to thinking based on extreme views and adversarial positions on a global scale.

There is a need for a balanced awareness as the basis for this transformation. A need for people who are far-sighted and understand the voice of love. Love encompasses the extremes of human seeing with all its different kinds of behaviors and forms of expression. Love brings you back to the source. Ultimately, that source is carried in every one of you as an indestructible divine spark, a living light that is creative. That light is you! And your light is unique and individual, has its own glow, its own depth, its own nature.

What is most needed on Earth is for people who start listening again to their own divine nature, to who they really are; who are not determined by all the learned social influences, fears, and limitations. You are forerunners. Somewhere in the memory of your soul is a remembrance that makes you know that here is where you now have to be. You know that there is a drive in you to go along with this wave of change and to support it.

I ask you to take a moment to distance yourself from your daily worries, from the daily themes that your mind is usually working on – those things you worry about – and to now feel your more spacious self. You are not only a body, and not just a personality shaped by the past, by learned ideas and conditioned reflexes. You are infinitely more than that!  You have led many lives on Earth and in the universe. You are really much greater than you usually think or even can comprehend.

To make this feeling, this awareness of your divine core, somewhat more tangible, I ask you to bring your attention to your spine and to feel it very consciously for a moment. Sit upright and feel a light flowing down through you: an energy that starts at your crown and flows down your spine through your head, your neck, your upper back – and follow that flow. Maybe you feel a tingling sensation. Guide that flow with your attention down to your heart and welcome it. Remember who you are by connecting with the sparkling light in that stream.

Then let the light flow down your spine through your stomach and abdomen to your tailbone. See a clear energy there, which appears like a crystal. A crystal is very clear, similar to an open and unbiased consciousness: all encompassing and without judgment. Feel how nice it is to be in this field of consciousness where you can let go because you no longer have to be afraid of your fears. You can see them, look at them, yet stay calm. Let that field of crystal brightness grow larger around you, until it envelops your entire body.

Through this crystal clear consciousness you are joined with the great and deep forces of the universe. You are not alone. That is always an illusion. As soon as you feel separated and alone, you have in fact lost touch with yourself – but you can correct that by connecting with a more expanded perspective.

To experience that connection in a tangible way, ask if a guide will appear to you who is connected to you; a guide who helps you, who forms a bridge between you and that larger reality of which you are a part. You can feel that guide, and maybe you see a color, a symbol, or a shape, a face. Let that guide restore the connection between you and your greater self, your soul: the infinite part of you.

Ask that guide what you need now in order to trust yourself more; what you need in order to follow the path of your soul. The answer can come in the form of a feeling, or something you are given, or a message in words – it does not matter. Feel that there are helping forces who always want to give you a clue as to where to go, or where the road is that allows your light to shine the most.

It is often the case that you are inwardly drawn in a certain direction by something that attracts you, feels right for you, and gives you an inspired feeling, and that is where your soul wants you to go so you can manifest and express yourself. Finding that “something” initially evokes feelings of joy and enthusiasm, as if you are a child who dreams and becomes filled with something, and that “something” is the voice of your soul. It brings life and renewal, rejuvenation, inspiration.

But at the same time, you have taken in all kinds of ideas from the society in which you live. And these ideas often tell you negative things, such as that something cannot happen because there are all kinds of limitations and objections; that what you want is naïve and unrealistic, and is not possible.

I encourage you to look at your greatest fear in this area. You all have a certain dream in you, an inspiration, something that makes your heart beat faster, while at the same time, it evokes fear. And I can tell you why: because you are different. Your dreams, your inspirations, usually do not fit in with the prevailing consciousness of society and your surroundings. You are different precisely because you are a forerunner. You are someone who has come to bring in something new, and that new thing is extremely welcome and necessary on Earth.

However, on an everyday level, and from the perspective of the old prevailing structures in society, that which is new is not at all welcome. And your knowing that makes it  uncomfortable for you to manifest this new form of energy. In addition to your inspiration, you – almost every one of you – have a great fear of actually manifesting  the thrusts of that inner urge that you feel.

Now look, very simply, at your body or at the energy field around your body. See if you feel or see a place that is constricted, that feels darker, where your fear is: the fear of breaking out of the old and entering into the new. Your body holds on to what you feel, which is why it can be an excellent tool for self-knowledge. So look from the clear crystal consciousness within you to that which stops you, and let it come forth.

Summon that fear; invite it to show itself. “What scares me the most and prevents me from really following my soul?” Make the fear tangible by giving words to it: ”I’m afraid of…” Name it for yourself. Is it fear of rejection, deficiency, vulnerability, loneliness, not being understood? Try to put words to it. Realize that there is a great strength in being able to stand up to your fears and to name them. By doing that, you create a space that is greater than the fear, and you rise above it. The more direct and honest you are when  looking at your fears, the easier it is to be free of them. Work with your fear, with that darkest part within yourself. Then an inner alchemy arises, a transformation that helps you and that also opens you to receive help.

You are pioneers of the new and that is not an easy task because you have a human self that has become conditioned by the past. You have fears and vulnerability, and it is important not to deny them. Nevertheless, your soul wants to put something into this earthly atmosphere and to prepare the way for a new consciousness on Earth. Recognize yourself as a part of this new consciousness. It is important to understand who you are, to be aware of the light you carry within yourself.

I salute you from our deep connection. I am one with you. Thank you very much.

**Channel: Pamela Kribbe**Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan**Source

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Greetings Beloved Ones,

WE ARE Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst, and we greet you with Love. Today, we wish to discuss being of service for highest good.

There are many ways to be of service. Each Being has a unique mission and the talents and abilities to carry it out. Being of service as you carry out your mission makes your heart sing.

While each mission is unique, there are aspects of being of service that are part of each mission.

First, keeping your own energy field clear prepares you to carry out your mission. When you keep your energy field clear, you can rise to a higher frequency. This elevates your work to a higher level. It also allows you to be a living example to others.

The way you conduct yourself in daily life can have a great impact on others. When your actions and words are congruent, this shows that you are genuine and authentic. You walk your talk. Keeping your energy field clear assists in this process.

There are many ways to keep your energy field clear.

You can begin by setting your intention for the highest good for all. This raises your frequency and also allows the Higher Realms to work with you on your mission.

Decide what qualities you would like to embody. They may include Love, kindness, compassion, understanding, strength, authenticity, and many others. Whatever you select will serve as your guidepost.

At the end of each day, you may wish to review the events of the day and your actions. You can determine if you acted in accordance with your ideal qualities. This will allow you to decide whether you would like to make any adjustments in future situations. Forgive yourself and others for anything that was not in harmony with your ideals. Then, clear yourself and the situation with the Violet Flame.

Another part of keeping your energy field clear is to think positive thoughts. Focusing on your ideal qualities can assist with this. Surround yourself with positive things, such as uplifting books, posts, podcasts, or music. Select the methods that resonate with you, and do not feel that you must do what everyone else is doing. Having even one method that you enjoy can make your heart sing.

A second component of being of service is to rise above the fray when observing events. Be a detached observer.

When you observe situations from a third dimensional perspective, the view is more limited, and emotional aspects may be involved.

Looking at situations from a higher perspective allows you to see many more aspects. Because you can see different viewpoints at this level, you are more likely to remain a detached observer. You may feel compassion for each of the different aspects.

A third component of being of service for highest good is to send Love to all Beings. Divine Love is a universal vibration.

Everyone wants to be loved, even if their actions do not always reflect it. The vibration of Love is healing, soothing, and harmonious. Sending Love is sharing the Divine Love of the Creator.

When you set your intention to send Love, it is reflected in your energy field and benefits everyone around you. It is given without any expectation of what will be returned. It is simply sharing the vibration of Divine Love. Outward expressions of Love may include things such as smiling or saying kind words.

Expressing Divine Love on both an inner and an outer level radiates your Love and Light throughout the dimensions.

The more you focus on Divine Love, the higher your own vibration will rise, and you are able to be of even greater service.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are being of service for highest good.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst,

…and we surround you with Love.

And so it is.


Copyright © 2022 Linda M. Robinson, All Rights Reserved. Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given.  Linda M. Robinson, This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission.  Email:

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We are the Arcturian Group 1/30/22

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JANUARY 30, 2022

Welcome dear readers,

As you are well aware, the world is presently experiencing a great deal of confusion and stress especially for those who are unaware of the ascension process taking place and many are saying to themselves, " I don't want to be here any longer." As a result many have left or are choosing to leave and Covid has provided an exit point. You must remember that because of free will every soul chooses on a deeper level whether to leave or stay although very few or even individuals themselves realize this.

We spoke in our last message about relationships and the Mystical Marriage. We would like to add that when spiritually prepared, their balancing of male and female energy (the Mystical Marriage) begins automatically and without conscious effort through choices and life lessons whether the person is alone or in a relationship. The type of relationship makes no difference--heterosexual or homosexual.

In the third dimension, relationships are often judged as to their rightness, wrongness, correctness, or even "sinfulness" based on how they align with certain religious or universal beliefs about what constitutes a proper or "God" endorsed relationship. There is no such thing as a sinful or wrong relationship if love and respect for both is present.

The two major stumbling blocks in every person's journey out of a three dimensional state of consciousness are relationships which we have already discussed and abundance. Mankind has suffered under the burden of lack and limitation for a very long time not realizing that they themselves were continuing to maintain and sustain it through their belief in it. The belief in lack is firmly established in universal collective consciousness and pervades every aspect of life on earth.

You have all experienced forms of lack and limitation especially in earlier lifetimes when extreme lack was accepted as normal. The energy of these experiences has been stored in cellular memory and carried into the consecutive lifetimes of almost everyone making lack the dominant belief system on earth.

Abundance is every person's natural birthright but because most remain ignorant of their true Self, the world as a whole continues to believe that it must struggle, work hard, steal, beg, and suffer even for the most basic of what may be needed. Lack and limitation on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) is simply the material manifestation of the belief in duality (have/don't have) and separation (separation from one's good and God).

You are ready and prepared to move beyond the firmly established false beliefs that surround lack and limitation by actually accepting that you are in fact a Divine Being, not a limited human being subject to all the good and bad floating in the collective. You are God individualized and therefore embody all that God is and cannot lack simply because the idea of lack does not exist in Self-sustained, Self-maintained Divine Consciousness. If it did, it would be held in place by Divine Law forever, never to be removed.

The first step toward moving into a consciousness of abundance is to get the flow going. Donate what you not longer use or need, put something in the tip jar, give your time and energy to someone or something that needs it. When you pay bills, realize that because there is only one, the money is flowing from your right hand to your left through you from an Infinite Source within rather than from your personal three dimensional sense of supply which must always be limited because of the belief in duality whether at present there is a lot or a little.

It doesn't matter the amount, start with one penny if that is what you have. What matters is the consciousness with which the giving of anything flows; "I have because I AM."

As God Beings your resources are unlimited. Observe the infinity of the blades of grass, trees, etc. always multiplying. Multiplication is Divine Law. Consciously acknowledge and begin to express money, goods, time, love, service, creativity, etc. in awareness of your Divine completeness. As we have said many times, Consciousness is the substance of form and if you continually make "I don't have" your state of consciousness, then mind, which is the interpreter of consciousness will see to it that you manifest exactly that.

Many say they have tried these practices and they don't work, everything just remains the same. You must remember that in order for any idea on any level to become a manifesting state of consciousness it must first come into one's awareness, become knowledge and acceptance, and then practiced. This is true of everything whether it be learning to drive a car or attaining the consciousness of a spiritual truth.

As a person continues to remember, know, and practice sharing and giving from the realization that it is flowing through them from an unlimited self-sustained, self-maintained Source and not personally from them, it gradually becomes their state of consciousness and what is needed (not just wanted) begins to flow more easily and naturally, and often from where least expected.

Remember that as an individualization of Source, God, Divine Consciousness, you are the fullness of God and not just a part. You only believed that you were a limited human being because over the course of living many lifetimes permeated with false beliefs of duality, separation, and two powers you became hypnotized into believing that you were separate, less than, and worthless unless you conformed to specific societal or religious laws and standards of perfection.

The evolutionary process does not take place in one moment, but rather unfolds as each person moves into spiritual readiness for their next step. The old, dense, and obsolete energies that have held you prisoner for so long are now clearing personally and globally and being replaced with higher dimensional frequencies of Light that will allow you to more easily experience reality.

As you rest in and trust the truth about yourself and others, fear will begin to drop away, life experiences will seem easier, and you will discover that you have become a teacher, way shower and Light for those still struggling and seeking. Many of you are already there. Yay!

We are the Arcturian Group 1/30/22

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Greetings to all souled ones and my Flock.  Today, I want to give your courage and fortitude, as you walk the pathway home.  As I have told you several times, the pathway home is a continual one, with many obstacles in your pathway, and, as you go forth, these obstacles never end. They are those lessons you set for yourself, and they get harder and harder, as you walk that pathway home to your family in the Lighted Realms.

Yes, I said family, for many of you have a wife or husband and children anxiously waiting to greet you. The pathway you are treading now is for an illusional experience of soul growth, for life on Mother Earth has provide lessons for you to learm.   It is not reality, but more like a holodeck of sorts.  Reality is in the Lighted Realms.

The great problem each of you must face is this.  All of you are great Masters who have graduated ad volunteered to reincarnate on Earth, learn great lessons you set for yourself.  The handicap you face is you knew you had to reincarnate without memory and would have to wake up to the Truth and your mission you set for yourself.

I am very happy that some of you did wake up, but many still slumber on thinking that life on Earth is all there is. The Truth is being told over and over, but some still resist to hear it.

Here is what Paul the Venetian says about life on Earth.  I shall give you that quote that is quite interesting:


Let us have an experiment, for do you know that my pink “cape” is lined in green? I am a scientist of the first order, and you need not relegate me to the exclusive corner of being an artist. For I am a scientist as well as an artist, and I rejoice that both faculties have been given into my hand as tools.

Let the chalice that was released many years ago as a thought­-form now be given here below as a chalice for the mental body. Let the chalice be a disciplined force field given to you at my hand and yet which you yourself must fashion. This chalice will not remain with you unless you reinforce it by daily application to the discipline of calling upon the ray resources of our brothers Serapis Bey, Germain, et cetera.

As the waters seek their own level, so the flame of perfection seeks its own level. Since the level of mankind’s consciousness is at the level of imperfection, all that is perfect that is lowered into form must either be reinforced each day by those in embodiment or, if it is not, it will return to the higher octaves.

You might say, then, that this is decay in reverse, for, of course, perfection does not decay, it simply withdraws. Particle by particle, then, the chalice will return to the level of your Christ flame unless by invocations to that Christ flame you continually reinforce in the physical octave the atoms and molecules of fiery light that compose the chalice.

This experiment would somewhat equate to going the opposite way on an escalator or moving conveyer belt. If you don’t keep moving and keep decreeing, you will lose the ground that you have gained. That is almost how it is prior to your ascension, as though you were on an uphill climb and as though that belt were continually moving, so that you can never stop, for to stop is to move backwards with the automatic reverse trends of civilization and move down, down, down the “Mountain of Attain­ment”. Unless you are forever transcending yourself, you are not coming into perfection.

So I also come to release creativity, but I am limited, not by laws of the Cosmos, but by the law of your own being. Your own being has a law of its own, and each individual has made that law of himself according to himself and his own self-disci­pline.

In reality you are chalices filled with Love. You have, how­ever, inverted those chalices and made them the entire comple­ment of the electronic belt–the record, the memory of all past MIS-doings contained in the subconscious at the level of the as­tral plane.

Let us then consider that all we must do is turn the chalice that is now upside down, right side up.

Do you see that you can sow a garden that grows from the ener­gies of the electronic belt? You can sow Love continuously. You have a great reservoir of Light on high in your causal body. It has been told to you, but I would remind you that every erg of energy that is transmuted in answer to your call is an asset stored in your cosmic bank account. You can then call upon those assets to bring forth fruition of thy goals.


So, you see that you are climbing up a down escalator, and if you stop you go downward in soul growth.  Reading and meditating daily is a given factor, for if you stop you are going backward and losing ground in Spiritual growth.

May you ALL keep up reading and meditation DAILY.  I cannot do it for you, as it is your journey,  and how you take care of YOU, your soul.

I give you all the help possible if you but ask me, and so too, would any one of the Lighted Realms come to your assistance if you ask. 

Read and meditate daily.  My hand is out-stretched.  Take it, and we shall reach the top of the great escalator to graduation in the Lighted Realms with flying colors.



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I Love You Forever

A five-year-old child went into a pharmacy and said to a pharmacist:
"Sir, here is all the money I saved please give me a miracle. "
The pharmacist was surprised. So he asked the child, "What miracle do you want and why? "
The child replied— “The doctor said my mother needed a miracle to heal her illness. So here's all the money I saved to buy my bike, Sir. But I love my mom so much and I want her to be healed. Please help me. Am I lacking money? "
The pharmacist was stunned by what the child said. So his answer, "cause I don't have the miracle you need. We don't sell here at miracle pharmacy If there is a miracle, I will just give it to you for free. Only Jesus, the Son of God, has a special cure. Go to church and ask Him for this. "
That's what the kid did and ran into the church immediately. He saw the cross near the altar and said: "I know your situation on the cross is difficult and you don't have enough time for me, but the pharmacist told me that you have a miracle to give for me mom." U know I love my mom so much. Here's all the money I saved to buy my bike. I will give it all to you and I will promise to help you get off the cross but please help my mother. Unfortunately, Jesus didn't answer being nailed to the cross.
So the boy shouted: "If you don't help me I will just go to your mother, Mama Mary! i know you love your mom like i love my mom so please give me medicine for her. I promise I'll be back soon to help you get off the cross. "
The priest who had been listening to the child for a while now suddenly spoke, "Talk gently to Jesus and don't shout." Jesus hears you even when you don't have to shout. "
Because he felt sorry for the child that's why the priest went with the child to his house. While walking the child tells how much he loves his mother and as the pharmacist said only Jesus flesh can help for what he is asking for a miracle.
The boy was shocked that his mother was no longer in his bed. She looked for and called for the mother until she found it in the kitchen talking lively.
“A man came here earlier and introduced himself to be a doctor whom you called to heal me. The doctor even said that like you he loves his mother very much. where and how did u meet that doctor , son. "
The priest cried and said to the child, "Jesus has done what you asked of Him a miracle. He just came to your house first. "
Remember: All our prayers, cries, sorrows and griefs in life are all heard by our Lord. Don't lose hope.
Indeed the Living God is great !
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Morgan Le Fay
Dear hearts, we may disagree on a subject, but that is not why we need to declare ourselves enemies. This is not an evolved attitude. This is not an attitude of respect. This is not a superior attitude.
We were all created by God. We are all divine! We need to stop demonizing everyone who disagrees with us. We are different individuals, we have the right to think differently, to feel differently and to need different things. This is natural. The rose does not have to be like a daisy. Nor does the daisy need to become like the rose. The two flowers are beautiful and unique and can be placed in the same garden, each in its own corner.
It is not because I disagree with you that I am inferior to you. It is not because you disagree with me, that you have less light than me. Our head, before reaching total enlightenment, always carries more or less distorted truths, half truths, half lies, and at times, completely erroneous or obsolete concepts for the moment of current evolution.
Saint Germain spoke to me, not just once, but several times, the only demon that exists on this planet was and is designed by the human mind. The human mind projects demons everywhere, everything that seems strange and that does not fit within its principles, it is inferior, bad or monstrous and without awareness of what it does, the mind feeds these ideas constantly creating huge and very destructive thoughtforms, who become living entities at a given moment, fed and supported by the group of people who believe in that same distorted pattern.
Evil entities are condensed projections of misqualified energy from the human mind and as long as the human mind believes that they exist and continues to rate this-and-that as a demon, demons existed for it - they are its own creations, they are its own illusions. Logically, if you have accepted this truth that there are demons and want to continue to feed it, that is your right, and you will continue to populate your world with these astral entities created by your mind and other minds that believe and feed the same thing.
Believe it or not, the world will not end! Civilizations that have destroyed themselves in the past were due to the accumulation of discord among their peoples. Can you understand that? Discord is the element that destroys peoples, that destroys human beings, that causes all ills in the bodies and worlds of human beings.
The astral entities that were created by human discordant habits constantly manipulate human beings to continue to fight, discuss, pursue, polemic, criticize, judge, take revenge and revolt with each other. They set students of the Masters against each other. They put husbands against their wives, wives against their husbands, children against parents and parents against children. They try to blow discord between friends. They pit groups against groups, nations against nations. It is in this way that wars between peoples or persons are always generated. They are feed by this misqualified energy released in these conflicts. They need these conflicts to stay alive.
Oh if I could show you everything that was shown to me by the Masters, many of you would be ashamed and correct yourselves immediately. But unfortunately, this kind of proof is only given to those who are able to accept the greater truth, as it is and not rebel because what they have always believed in is just a fantasy. We need to stop this! We need to be stronger than our human creations! We need to do this for ourselves, for our family, for our friends, for our nations and for this beautiful planet that suffers from human discord generated every day.
Millions of years ago, there was a time when the radiation from this planet reached a very dark point, due to human discord, that the planet were no longer able to maintain its orbit. Sanat Kumara, this great and enlightened being, through his great sacrifice, gave up the perfect world of his own planet and came to Earth to help us. He gave us his own Heart Flame, he gave us his own Light, to raise the vibration of the planet, so that Earth could hold its orbit. If a planet leaves the harmony of its orbit, it is broken into pieces.
Saint Germain told me, today, we are in a very different moment, there are thousands and thousands of good people everywhere on this planet, tireless lightworkers, in different religions and spiritual groups who are wonderfully supporting the Light and doing their best to hold the Law of Love. There is certainly still a lot to improve. And many stages of the divine plan are yet to come. Changes will happen, but if we cooperate and keep our heads in place, all these steps will be overcome in perfect harmony. Humanity came out of its infancy, but is still a child, compared to other civilizations of higher spheres of frequency. But if we continue our efforts, all together, in perfect communion, we will get there. And we will manifest Great Light and Wonderful Achievements!
Please, dear hearts, I ask you, in the name of my I AM Presence and the I AM Presence in every human being, to stop demonizing people. We are all divine. Each in a different stage of consciousness, but we are all divine! Even those who are still immature, who are lost, or are chained in inferior habits, are also divine in their essence.
If we all call, with all the strength of our hearts, the divinity in the heart of each human being to manifest, this will become a truth much more quickly. This would facilitate the journey for all of us. This would facilitate all of the work of the Ascended Masters. This would make all changes smoother and more harmonious for everyone!
When the final stage of planetary frequency transition arrives, and there is still someone who is very resistant to expressing the fullness of Love, the higher hierarchy itself will take care to put that lifestream into another sphere of learning, which is appropriate to its frequency pattern. But this is not our business, this is a business of the Lords of Karma and Hierarchies even higher than them. Today, what we need to do is to vibrate love, expand love, be divine love and mercy in each breath we take.
I wish to remind you once again that “Men do not become golden because a Golden Age arises, but the Golden Age manifests its fullness because men become golden, that is, divine!” Please, manifest your divinity, be instruments of love and peace at the point of this planet that the Presence of God has placed you. Be radiant stars of love expanding rays of light that bless everything and everyone in the region where you live. And be the Law of Forgiveness and the Consuming Flame of all wrongs feelings and actions where you move or abide. Be docile with each other. Be generous with each other. Be tolerant. Be divine!
Humbly in the service of the Light,
Morgan Le Fay

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World Teacher Sananda Just Gave Us A Bunch Of New Prayers Including “The Release Of Pain For All”!! Jackpot!! Please Share Widely!!

World Teacher Sananda Just Gave Us A Bunch Of New Prayers Including “The Release Of Pain For All”!! Jackpot!! Please Share Widely!!


SANANDA: We of the Lighted Realms have given these Petitions to the Lightworkers.   However, at this time the Lighted Realms have asked for these to be posted on this website for all souled ones on Earth and in the Cosmos to say daily or several times a day!

May it create a great UNENDING WAVE of GOODNESS, LOVE AND LIGHT to flow back and forth across from Mother Earth to the entire Cosmos, NOT UNLIKE A GREAT A MIGHTY  UNENDING WAVE OF THE OCEAN.

You must clear yourself first and then say the beginning prayer given to you by E.Morya, the first Ray of the Cohans.  Also, you may use the following “clearing” given to you by the Lighted Realms.

NOTE:  The word “Chalice” means your SOUL and ”WHITE” means Heavenly

***************************  CLEARING PRAYER  

I petition by my Mighty God Spirit within and for a great, great Love of our Creator, all the Lighted Masters and all of Creation. By my I AM Presence, I ask that all negative emotions, actions and words, all physical illnesses and all darkness that I bear within myself be cleared away immediately and transmuted by the Violet Flame of St Germain from this low octave to the higher octaves to be uncreated for all eternity!  I ask for all the Lighted Masters and our Creator to right my chalice [soul] within and fill it with love, knowledge and wisdom.  I ask for totality of my soul, centralization of my being and for divine humility, so I stay centered, focused and calm. Please surround and infuse me, with the White [Heavenly] Light of God Aton and the Blue Light of St. Michael.  I ask this to be done in Sananda’s name. Amen!


We ask for humility, and to hear the bell tolling, calling us forth. We are humble servants of God, Aton, and we draw from his well-spring of the living flame within our hearts! We ask for thrust beyond the plane of consciousness for all we petition!!


We petition by our mighty God spirit within and with great love, to set ourselves and all living beings in the entire cosmos, whether it be person, plant, animal, mineral or element, free of any mental or physical pain! We refuse the sentence of pain and pronounce all to have served the warden long enough! We remove the binding shackles that have bound all and ask that they be released through the transmutation ray of St Germain to a higher octave to be cast into the ethers and uncreated!!! We ask this in Esu Sananda’s name! Amen! Please surround us all with the white light of God Aton and the blue light of Saint Michael!! Please return to all in the cosmos to fill their voided spaces with love, healing and light! Please right the chalices of all beings and fill them with love healing and light of the 7 Great Masters and the white light of God Aton. We ask this in Sananda’s name! Amen!



We humbly ask to send all of Creation, our Creator, and the Great Lighted Masters all our Love, so they can return it to fill all chalices with Wisdom and Love.  We ask for St Germain’s Transmutation Ray to transmute all the Wisdom and Knowledge from all of the Great Lighted Masters through this Petition.  We humbly ask all the Lighted Masters help keep this Petition in the lower octaves, so it may heal and bring much Love to all.  We, also, humbly ask for the Violet Transmutation Flame of St Germain to transmute all debris and darkness out of our pathway, as we ascend on the spiral of enlightenment, and to transmute all darkness away for which we petition.

 We humbly ask for Divine humility and innocence like a small child, and to be open and remember again when we played with and loved all beings and creations.  We humbly ask for mastery of our pearls of the Cosmic Consciousness, and for the discipline to withdraw our energy from the dense matter of this octave and to bring it into the higher consciousness.  We petition for us to have the discipline to master freewill here in this octave, so that our Creator’s Divine Plan, and what each of us agreed to do, is revealed to us so we may fulfill it.

 We humbly ask for protection of our electric bodies that have been given to us for our soul growth and lessons, and to work with God Aton to find our cornucopia ever flowing with treasures of Wisdom, Abundance, Light and Divine Love.  We ask to experience the healing salve that comes from wonderful beauty, so that we remain inside the calm and harmonious whole.  We ask to become warriors of the Spirit, so we can move forward in our lives, right now, because we have full understanding of God Aton and ask for healing of our hearts!

We petition by our Mighty God Spirit within, and for a great, great Love for all that there is in the Creation, and of our Creator.  We humbly ask for all of us to have clarity of thought consciousness of our souls, and centralization of our beings.  We ask for our chalices to be righted and filled with healing rays of all the Masters and Love of the White Light of God Aton.  We humbly ask to uncreate all our crosses that we bear of selfishness and self-indulgence, freeing us of this lower octave’s chains.  This shall enable our Petition to ring true with Light, Love and Healing!

We petition for all the Lighted Great Masters Knowledge and Wisdom to be transmuted through the Violet Flame of St Germain to all of creation!  We petition that man once again will hear and understand the eighteen Laws of God and Creation.  We petition that all Alter Egos, sexual perversion, sexual confusion, selfishness and self-indulgence crosses that all people, souled, un-souled, cloned and all races of beings on the entire planet of Mother Earth Shan within and without have and bear, be uncreated immediately.

We, also, ask all addictions of all beings souled, un-souled, cloned,  and all races and animals on Mother Earth Shan, within and without, be uncreated immediately.   We ask that all Satanic cults, O cults, secret societies, witch craft, demon worshiping, religions, organizations, groups, gatherings or self-proclaimed gurus of all races in and on Mother Earth Shan, be rendered useless.  We petition for all of their evil teachings, books, war, hate mongering, lies, mind control, sacrificing, chanting, and complete 3D nonsense be transmuted away by St Germain’s Violet Flame to the higher octaves, be uncreated immediately to help all to awaken.

 We ask to transmute all chemicals and vaccinations that are being used to harm or destroy any races, animals, plants, trees, water or any creation in the atmosphere, on or within Mother Earth Shan, to a higher octave through the Violet Flame of St Germain  to be made into healing Gans water for all!

We ask for healing of all the hearts of all beings in and on Mother Earth Shan, so that all can give Love to then receive Love from the Infinite One.  We empty all chalices [souls] of darkness and fill them with Healing and Love from God Aton, and all the Masters.  We humbly ask all chalices within every Creation in and on Mother Earth Shan to bring back balance and light, so all will know and remember our Creator God Aton!

 We ask for all beings in and on Mother Earth Shan to have their electrical meters be brought back to center and be given that moment of stillness within so they remember who they are.  May they remember the innocence they had as a child, and understand what the Light is, so the shackles of darkness that bind them in this octave fall away.  May they all step into the beam when it is time for lift-off.

 We ask that all children be loved and protected, nurtured and cared for by all the legions of Angels of the Angelic Realms until lift-off.  We also humbly ask God Aton to help all souls to find their cornucopia. We ask for all the pathways of light that were created for the transcending of all trapped souls of all the races, children and animals from every civilization to present that have left this octave, to be protected and kept open until lift-off.

We empty Mother Earth’s Chalice of darkness and fill it to over- flowing with Love from all the great Masters and God Aton, in order to heal her, all of the elements, and to ease her pain.  This shall help give Mother Earth Shan a wonderful and happy transition.  We thank her for sustaining us and loving us for all the long millennias, for she is a precious gem for placement and atunement.  We unshackle her chains and release her from her bondage, and transmute away man’s great confusion of turmoil and hatred in order to calm, heal and send love to all the elements.  Then he can become One again with his Creator for balance. He shall be able to understand and know he is never alone in this octave, in all octaves, and shall forever more be connected to the Great White [Lighted] Brotherhood.

We send love and healing to the entire Cosmos, and ask for the un- creation of all the selfishness, self-indulgence crosses, addictions, sexual perversions, and all Alter Egos that every being and creation have in the entire Cosmos in the lower octaves.  We, again, ask for the Violet Ray of Transmutation of St Germain to transmute all the darkness away, and to affirm the unreality of sin, disease, and death.  We invoke the Sacred Spirit, the cause and effect, record and memory of illusion that must submit on Earth Shan and all the planets in the lower octaves in the entire cosmos!   We send Love to all of Creation, and fill the chalices in the entire Cosmos in all dimensions with Love and the Light of all the Great Masters!   We send Love and Light of all the Great Masters, and fill the chalices of our Creator and Creation!!

God Aton’s will is our will in his Mighty I Am Presence, for I Am the Way, I Am the Truth and the Life.  We are all one in the end!  We ask this to be done in Esu Sananda’s name Amen! 

Please surround all of Creation in the Cosmos with the White [Heavenly] Light of God Aton and the Blue Light of St. Michael!AMEN!!! It is time for Mother Earth to come home! The Golden

Helmets [Arch Angels] surround her with love!!!!



May we come into total fullness of Hope, Love and Charity; the greatest being Love. Amen!!!

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im not really sure where to go with my experiences.  i found this ning by searching google for people who have fought with nancy lieder.  lol.

my first link here was cheryl.  im very sad shes dead now.  she was nice to me.  my best friend is MIA and presumed dead since a few days ago.  im just very sad.

nancy lieder is something else.  i was always very defensive of her.  i could just imagine the legion of daft idiots who attacked her because the idea of aliens threatened their worldview and made them uncomfortable.  i stand by those sentiments, as people really are daft idiots, and there really is a concerted effort to quash the voices of free thinkers and people trying to share real experiences.

in the fall of 2019, the aliens invaded my life.  as in, my real actual daily broad-daylight life.  not just my dreams, not just my thoughts, my real actual life.  it took me basically until recently to even come to terms with it in any kind of healthy way.  it was all just so insane.

they tried their hardest to blow my mind with weird bullshit.  they made the fall of 2019 all about weird stuff i didnt understand the context of, like vaccines.  they trolled me about anti-vaccine sentiments and conspiracy theories.  i thought it was a test of some weird sort.  what is all this weird stuff about vaccines?  "jesus will save me" they teased.  anti-vaccine sentiment as its usually presented in the mainstream media.

some months later the corona pandemic would present, and the aliens' weird stuff about vaccines would come to have some kind of context.

at first i figured they had chosen me to present some kind of message to mankind.  lol.  every day i would wake up with crippling anxiety attacks.  how is this my life right now?  why is this happening?  am i really the best choice out of all humanity to do whatever it is they want from me right now?

they proceeded to reflect my thoughts to me endlessly.  we're the nancy lieder zetas.  we know everything youve ever said thought or done.  heres the proof.  all the weird "supernatural" stuff i experienced growing up as a kid, it was all them.  they repeated those antics i was familiar with so i knew who was responsible for it.

the thing is, they didnt want me to believe the things theyve said on zetatalk.  they wanted to ridicule me for following it.

to be clear, i am not a "follower" in the cult sense.  i could always tell that things like zetatalk and Q were "real" events.  so i "followed" them, as in, i tracked what was said.  it could be anything, but it was clearly "something."

you stupid fucker, nancy lieder and zetatalk is a cult, they said.  i wasnt really sure what to do with this.  these aliens are weird, and holy shit are they intense.

i accosted nancy lieder by email.  hey... what in the actual FUCK is going on here nancy?  these aliens want me to challenge you, and their zetatalk, and i dont really know whats going on.

eat shit, is what nancy lieder basically had to say.  the aliens proceeded to troll me for basically the last two years about psychos and retards and narcissistic personality disorder.  zeta followers are a cult, nancy lieder is narcissistic personality disorder, and zetachat is fake news, has been their general disposition.

every time i would engage nancy lieder they would be like, dude, just look at how she behaves, its fucking insane!  she wants to be the cult leader, just ignore her and dont follow what we say.

its all so weird because it is so contradictory.  here are the aliens invading my life, yet at the same time deriding me for paying attention to what they say.

at first i thought it was a test.  see if i would forsake nancy lieder.  LOL.  just look how she blows you off when you challenge her, they would say.  shes a cult leader and a retard, they would say.

they constantly berate her when they speak to me.  like the popular youtube video, they refer to her as their "dance monkey".  they constantly want me to feel like she is a misleading puppet of theirs.

if you look at how nancy forms her chats, you can see how stupid and narcissistic it all is.

10958376071?profile=originalNing Rules that Apply

  1. No debunking and disruption. Debunking and disruption will lead to suspension.
  2. The existence of Planet X and the truthfulness of ZetaTalk are not debatable.
  3. This ning does not focus on religion or politics, so these types of questions will be declined as a distraction from the issue at hand.
  4. ZetaTalk only. Posting of or discussion regarding material alleged to be channeled or otherwise relayed by entities other than the STO Zetas to anyone other than Nancy Lieder of is not allowed on this site

just look at the structure of these chats.  debate is not debatable.  material channeled by anyone other than NANCY LIEDER IS NOT ALLOWED.    WWWWWWUUUUTTTT??????    anything other than nancy lieder is not allowed?  ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...........what.

hey dont mind the fact that only one source is considered credible.  even if you channel that very source, its still not allowed unless it comes through the one and only nancy lieder.  wow.  talk about NPD.

anyway, the zetas (or whatever) have been trolling me ever since.

nancy lieder is a troll and a narcissist, and it is your life's challenge to see through these sorts of bullshits, says these aliens. alrighty then.

anyway, i have no way of knowing whats really going on, the same way nancy stupid fucking lieder has no way of knowing either.  she is a tool of some trolling ass aliens, that is for sure.  what else is going on i dont know.

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Drastic Changes

Drastic Changes

We are the midst of drastic changes, within and without, as we leave the Old Earth and old embodiment. This means that all the old stuff within ourselves and the world, we never dealt with will come up to be worked through and released as well as all we are still attached to.

The physical body too is transforming into the new light-body, amplified by the immensely powerful light pouring in from the 7th Central Sun and thus physical miladies will surface, so that the underlying emotional charges and patternings of pain and suffering can be released, especially as our DNA and cellular structures have been replaced, and our pineal and pituitary glands are activated to the highest, with the thymus gland, the heart center.

Instead of resisting change and all which is being churned up, within and without, go deeply into your own soul, and ask yourself:

“How is this serving me?”

“How is this awakening me in the highest levels?”

‘What am I still clinging onto, and what or whom am I still attached to in the old world,?”

“Where have I not forgiven?”

“Where am I still judging and in duality?”

The deeper we go, the more we release, the freer we become and lighter, Brighter illumined within.
We are filled with Love.

We are in harmony and unity within.

Peace reigns within.

There is nothing to fear – Only a totally new life to live As One within and without.

The New Earth rises within you.

Your own heart and soul so that you can live in your new Light-body as a master on her and co-create the New Golden Age with love.

**By Judith Kusel


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We are the Arcturian Group 1/16/22

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JANUARY 16, 2022                               Greetings dear readers.

In these present times of chaos and seeming negativity it is important to remember that in spite of appearances all is proceeding according to the Divine Plan. You may look out at the world and say to yourself that nothing is changing but understand that before something can manifest materially, the idea and energy of it must be first present in the invisible.

Changes that you cannot yet see in the outer are taking form on other levels because so many are now awakening to the deeper truth about themselves and as a result are adding light to collective consciousness. The outer world in time will, can not avoid, manifesting these energies of higher awareness because their essence will be present in the invisible allowing them to then appear in material form.

Now is a time for trust, a time to cease judging the world's evolution according to the three dimensional standards based in old energy that seem to still rule the world. As the substance, energy, and essence of many obsolete beliefs decrease through the spiritual awakening of increasingly more individuals, the energy that originally formed and supports what many still consider to be the right and only way of doing things will no longer exist.

Earth is a spiritual universe, peopled with Sons of God. Those who do not know this, create and live out from a very limited three dimensional belief system and experience their good and their bad on the physical/material level, unaware that they are manifestations of God and one with all life. This is the human condition, the illusion of separation that you came to help dissolve by entering into and experiencing these energies yourselves.

As we have said many times, there is no unexpressed consciousness. Divine Consciousness is always expressing ITSelf in infinite form and variety. Individual consciousness (which is the ONE Consciousness individualized) is therefore always in expression as well. Any little bit of false energy you hold in consciousness will express but often in simple unnoticeable ways. If you recognize them, use these experiences as opportunities to examine your belief system and remove that which is false no matter how seemingly unimportant it may seem.

When living in a physical body surrounded by energies of duality and separation a person cannot help but absorb some of them. You chose to be on earth at this time not only to add Light to the world's ascension process, but also to clear remaining accumulated old energy from your own cellular memory. Clearings often involve the physical, emotional, or mental re-experiencing of some old energy as it moves through so do not think that somehow you have spiritually failed or are going backwards if it happens. See these experiences as graduations.

Many of you are continuing to clear vows, promises, and oaths from the past, some of which you renewed in succeeding lifetimes because the beliefs involved were still held strongly as truth in your consciousness. Take time to sit quietly and state your intention to specifically clear all old oaths, vows, and promises which when taken with sincerity and intense belief, permeate cellular memory and often take time to fully clear.

Most of you had lives in which you sincerely embraced a vow of poverty (find yourself always lacking?) You also willingly took a vow of obedience (find yourself always playing follow the leader, afraid to make choices for yourself?) Lastly there was the vow of chastity. (Still judge sexuality as being of a lower level and not spiritual?) Although participants accepted and entered into these vows with sincerity and a desire to be closer to God, these same vows often represented a source of power and control for churches and those in charge.

Sexuality is a sacred facet of every person's being. The ignorance of third dimensional thinking especially within organized religions have relegated it to being evil, sinful, and a temptation brought about by women. For much of the world sexuality continues to be nothing more than a source of pleasure and a money maker, as well as something to be ignored, hidden and never talked about. In these times of awakening, sexuality is beginning to be seen in a new and higher way but continues to be presented through the media, film, books, etc. in ways that primarily reflect old three dimensional thinking.

Sacred sexuality was taught in the ancient mystery schools and high resonating temples as being a path leading to a deeper awareness of one's innate Divinity. As with all things present in material form, human sexuality flows from a much deeper reality without which the material form would not exist. Divine Consciousness is neither male or female but rather is the totality of both as ONE.

In the duality energy of the third dimension, an individual is either male or female. Physically, emotionally, and mentally the male energy manifests as the active, be-er, do-er while the female energy manifests as the receptive, love, and intuitive. When they come together physically, a child, a new person is created.

Every individual and not just some special one or a few, is fully complete embodying all of God's qualities and not half or just some--ALL. On earth most are raised to emphasize only the qualities of their physical gender and to avoid those of the other, but this is changing. Men are opening themselves to qualities previously considered feminine and women are becoming more willing to experience the masculine energies. This is a sign of spiritual evolution, and not that men and women are becoming weak.

At some point in everyone's spiritual journey, they must acknowledge and then consciously bring their fully present male aspect into alignment with their fully present female aspect allowing a new and higher state of consciousness to be born. This perfect, whole, Divine Self has always been fully present in every person, but has always been unknown and unrecognized by the majority.

In spiritual terms, when a person embraces, accepts, and joins his/her male and female aspects allowing it to become their state of consciousness, it is called the Mystical Marriage. Un-awakened minds interpret the Mystical Marriage simply as sex although most suspect that something deeper underlies it.

This is not to relegate the human sexuality to being "less than" for it represents the material sense of sacred love and oneness, a physical expression of the mystical reality of individualized completeness. Human sexuality is a pleasurable and enjoyable experience and is likewise sacred when entered into with love and respect. However, because the reality underlying sex is the Mystical Marriage, sacred guidelines do exist. It is never to be forced, made fearful, used as a means to an end, self serving, violent, entered into without love or respect, or considered a "duty".

A consciousness that knows it is whole and complete because it has both male and female qualities rather than just one, lives from a sense of completeness because he/she understands that their masculine aspect (action, initiative, strength, decisiveness) will act to support and balance their feminine aspect ( love, tenderness intuition and sensitivity) while their feminine aspect will love and intuitively assist their masculine actions.

Individuals who are spiritually ready to embrace their male or female aspect but resist, will often experience situations that force them to do it. For example a woman who continually looks to a man to make decisions for her may find herself through divorce, death or some other circumstance forced to do these things for herself. A "macho" man may suddenly find himself in a situation where he is the caregiver for a child or parent.

Many are now moving into a higher consciousness of sexuality and its deeper significance as being the Mystical Marriage and through this deeper awareness are beginning to accept that they are complete and in need of nothing outside of self/SELF.

We are the Arcturian Group 1/16/22

Donations are welcomed

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Mike Quinsey

Dear Friends, periodically I read back on some older messages from Kryon, and thought you might like to read the following extracts that are becoming more relevant in the present time.

Extract from a message by Kryon 2017 “Amplify your abilities” about Pleiadian Time Capsules.

“You are moving into a new kind of Space and it will affect your Sun. The protection around your Solar System is being replaced by another type of energy, and it’s going to affect your Sun. Your Sun has a magnetic field called the Heliosphere, it intercepts your magnetic field and is your ”couch” that you sit in and affects your consciousness, and you will vibrate a little higher”

Kryon 2019. “Light Beings are arriving”

The magnetic grid has changed, more than it did in the last hundred years. It started in 1987 because of the Harmonic Convergence. Your Solar system is moving into a new place in Space – the first time human consciousness has been there, it has a new type of radiation.

Kryon February 2019. “Unexpected Change”

Question: What happens to the events on the time line in the past ? Answer: It is being rebooted and it means that things of the past will not affect you. You are writing a new Timeline that has no prophesies about what is next. It is the catalyst for peace in the Middle East. You are setting a fresh new energy.

14TH January 2022. Mike Quinsey.

If you could but see the overall picture as we do, you would find that the changes are forcing people to move on and not cling to that which is no longer considered applicable. Out of the chaos you will see a move to advance Humanity to a new level that offers many ways to overcome your present difficulties. Not only that but on a new level that overcomes them with the minimum of difficulty and time. It has always been planned in readiness for your evolution, in a way that uses methods and inventions you have yet to see. Nothing has been left to chance and is achieved without infringing your freewill.

Now that more and more of you are able to comprehend the nature of the changes, you will appreciate the benefits that will be given to you. So keep projecting what you desire for your future and you will be helping them to materialise. All of the time your brother and sisters from the stars draw nearer and look forward to helping you achieve your desires. On a Universal level the scene is being set in readiness for your upliftment and bear in mind we talk of a few years to come, but we love to raise your hopes and expectations because the good times are coming soon.

Develop an open mind so that you are able to absorb any news of future developments, as the more of you that do so the quicker these things will come to pass. You are One World with One Race of Human Beings and the sooner you recognise the oneness of all people the quicker things will come to pass. Be assured that whilst you are paving your way to a wonderful future we are ensuring that no one is allowed to interfere with your plans and expectations. We fully know what you desire and we will do our best to keep you on track for success. You have done the hard bit and now deserve the good times that beckon, that are appearing on the horizon.

Never forget that nothing of any importance happens by chance, what you often consider in that way is usually something that has been planned well in advance. We mention again that there has always been a plan for your advancement and it is laid out before you, so that you can see a path to you goal. It is also worth mentioning that your biggest help comes from those beings who have incarnated upon Earth to help you on your way. Before you were born your needs were discussed and if you needed particular talents you would be linked to them.

Life is not as random as you may think, but in the ultimate the choice is yours, although your Guides will do their best to “point” you in the right direction. It would be true to say that one of the most important events in your life is your choice of a partner and as you might expect, and it is also arranged well in advance. Often people are joined together in marriage to have certain experiences that will also include their children. It sounds complicated bur realise that your past lives can be checked to see what you need to continue evolving, whilst contributing to other people’s experiences.

Even families are decided beforehand, and it does not infringe your free choice that you exercised before you were born. Now you will understand why we tell you that little or nothing of any importance happens by chance. Everyone has a life plan that covers their needs. Inevitably you will wonder about your children and they play a part in your experiences that from their point of view also fulfils their needs. As we have often confirmed, they choose you to be their parents knowing that you will prepare them for their adult life. So parents should feel privileged that they have been chosen as the most acceptable ones to give the needed experiences and guidance.

Can you now see how well organised your life experiences are to ensure they fully serve their purpose. If you can absorb and understand the significance of how orderly and well planned your life is you may be able to see things in a different light. Perhaps you will now understand that when they appear to be “forced” upon you it is simply the working out of your life plan. It can be hard, it can be very disappointing at times but all experiences are to help you grow and evolve. If you could see the greater picture you would accept everything comes your way as part of your needs to make progress where your soul’s development is concerned.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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Message given to seer on January 6th OLOE

My dear little one, praised be Jesus!

The best gift you can give to my Son starting this new year, is TRUST. It wounds Him when His children do not believe or Trust Him. There are so many people today that are preoccupied with many distractions and self-desires. Take time to listen, to be and to rest in My Son. He dwells within your Heart and is waiting for you to gaze in wonder on His Love and Omnipotence. Take time to pray and to talk to Him, just like you would talk to your best friend. He is your strength and protection. He can solve any situation and enlighten you with the Wisdom of Truth. These are the charisms you need for the future. Love, Wisdom, Faith, Perseverance, Fortitude, Courage, Trust, Hope, Patience and Joy.

People are running and trying to figure out the future. They are scrambling for knowledge, and it is time to stop and pray, rest in My Son and Praise Him. There, in the core of your heart, will you find all the answers to your questions and a map to follow for your life.
Be kind, little ones. Kindness dries many tears and relieves many fears.

I bless you with the omnipotent Blessing of My Son as the Child Jesus. He always comes to people filled with His Joy.

Peace to you and thank you for responding to my call.

Ad Deum

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Suzy Ward - Channeling Matthew Ward - January 7, 2022

Suzy Ward

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. First we say, enter your new year with boundless enthusiasm and optimism! At this very same time next year, you can reflect on 2022 with a grand sense of accomplishment about having helped Earth’s peoples make great strides toward a peaceful, harmonious world.

Now we are privileged and honored to welcome God, who requested to have a voice in this message.

GOD: Thank you, Matthew. I like the message’s beginning. Great strides will be made, that is certain, but there will be bumpy passages while the mess in that world is getting cleaned up. This year is going to be a game-changer, and who better than I to say it is high time to stop the atrocious game some in my flock have been playing on Earth. That’s not judgment, that’s a fact.

Now then, my beloved children, what you think and feel about me is important to you, therefore to me, too, because all of you are parts of me and in every moment, I think and feel exactly as each of you does. So it’s very important to me what you think and feel about yourselves.

Disserving ones in my flock want the differences in your cultures, races and religions to divide you. They have a long history of doing that successfully and, down through the ages, they’ve used many deceitful methods to prevent my children on Earth from knowing they are godselves and all are equal in my eyes. Long, long ago my principal messengers told the people that same thing and other universal truths, but disserving ones destroyed original records and wrote your holy books themselves so those would contain what they wanted everyone to believe and do.

They portrayed me as a wrathful, vengeful God if I’m not obeyed, and they made self-serving laws steeped in control and greed and told the people those were my laws. They caused impoverishment and started all wars, even some in my name. They instigated slavery, sacrificial rites and the idea that male is superior to female, and they’ve been destroying the planet that is my child Gaia’s body.

I never wanted any of that falsity, brutality, divisiveness and destructiveness! Always I’ve wanted my Earth family to live joyfully, cooperatively together and diversity to enrich their lives. I want my humankind to love and respect each other and Nature—all of it are parts of me, too—to preserve the planet’s beauty and prosper in its abundance.

The thing is, after Creator selected me to be the god of this universe and let me use Its energy to put my designs into form, I’ve been bound to honor Its gift of free will to all of my children. I’m never permitted to interfere with what any of them choose to do no matter how heinous or deadly to many, many others.

What I can do is respond to free will requests for help, and I’ve been doing that for Gaia and her residents ever since she asked more than 80 years ago. That’s when entire civilizations started sending a mass of light to raise Earth’s vibrations and open the minds of my children there so they can clearly see the control going on and rise up against it. Some of my flock from other homelands are living right there with you and, among other things, they’ve prevented the functioning of nuclear warheads and enormously reduced the ravages intended by the viral scourge. Others are clearing pollution out of your air—if they weren’t doing that nonstop, most of you would be dying from inhaling pathogens and other toxicity.

Your myriad helpers aren’t doing those things and much more just because I said they can—the spiritually-evolved in my flock work within the universal law of permission to step into another civilization’s affairs even when the need for help is so obvious—they’re doing it because you are family and they love you!

So, my dear children, if you’ve asked me for help or even if you haven’t, you’ve been getting it all along, but I can’t make peace on Earth because that starts with peace in each heart. Years ago I told my child Suzanne, The heart is the seat of the soul. You are immortal souls made of pure love—it’s the same energy as light, the essence of our Beginnings in Creator and the most powerful force in all of existence. That energy IS everything in existence! Love is what you are, what Gaia and I are, what animals, plants, galaxies, consciousness and our entire universe are!

Love is creation, not behavior, and it doesn’t mean liking whatever happens. Some in my flock, the ones you call dark, do unspeakably evil things. That may make them seem to be the strongest, but they’re the weakest because they’ve chosen a heartless void instead of love. They have only the spark of Creator’s essence that maintains the life force of each soul and their time on the planet is over. They will be taken to places far, far distant where they’ll be given other chances to choose love and if they continue refusing, Creator will take over.

I thank all of you who left your worlds to help our Earth family move toward manifesting Gaia’s Golden Age. Yours hasn’t been an easy mission, I know—I’ve experienced every step of your journey—and I honor you for staying steadfast. My love for you is infinite and eternal.

Now I thank you, Matthew, for letting me have a voice in your first message of Earth’s new year. It’s going to be a phenomenal turning point for my children there!

MATTHEW: God, we thank you for your inspiring words!

GOD: Matthew, I’d like another voice to be heard here, too, if you please, and I shall speak to your mother about that. Suzy, some years ago Gaia gave you a message and I asked you to include it in my fifth book of the series we call the Matthew Books. Please copy her message here.

[During a 2011 fall equinox global meditation, I was visualizing Earth in golden-white light when I heard Please record my words. The following is what I recorded.]

I am Gaia, the soul of the planet you call Earth. Just as you, I can feel heavyhearted or lighthearted. For long ages I wept, when my spirit was broken. My people were hateful to each other and my body was soaked with their blood. I weep no longer because there is so much to feel joyful about, so much to feel thankful for.

My light is not yet in full force, my body is not yet balanced. That is because some of my children still are being hateful to one another. Some of them are without love, without compassion, without the understanding that differences can be absolutely splendid when harmony and respect flow along the heart-lines.

Yet, I am joyful because I am on a journey like no other soul in this universe ever has traveled. I am going home, and you who are holding the light that is helping me move steadily and quickly forward are coming with me. Can you imagine a greater distinction than this journey we are sharing? Can you imagine a greater excitement than our ascension? I cannot!

I asked to speak this day to tell you of my gratitude for all of you. You were chosen from a great number of souls, triple the number that could incarnate and participate. This level of light service never before has been undertaken. We are playing a part in the grandest show ever performed in this universe. I feel the humility that mingles with sublime satisfaction for a job well done—in the continuum, our job is completed.

As our travels continue, many wonders are in store for you and this world of ours. You have been told of many, so you can think of them and look forward to them, but actually living in the glorious times soon coming is beyond your imagining.

All beings in this universe are watching this unfold, did you know? I cannot imagine such a vast audience! All the souls of light are cheering for us, so we shall continue giving them a good show, an experience worthy of even God’s applause. I share my heart with you and my love for you is overflowing.

GOD: Thank you, Suzy. Now I am speaking to everyone again. Do you know why I want Gaia’s message and mine in Matthew’s first message in your new year? No, of course you don’t and that wasn’t a fair question. I want Gaia and me to be more to you than nebulous concepts somewhere out there or up there. Like I told you, we are souls just like you are, and without any more delay, I want you to know us and feel our shared closeness and warmth within a loving, caring family! How better to do that than telling you about us and our feelings for you?

I’m going to say a bit more about your year ahead. It’s going to be lively, extremely lively! The roadway will have potholes and bumps here and there—my game-playing children aren’t going to leave gently—but when you feel like the powerful multidimensional family members you are, happenings will hum right along.

You’re also well-experienced in dealing with a world of folks who are hesitant to make big changes—you’ve been there, done that. Many times, actually, and simply by BEing, you inspire them to move forward with the love-light energy of your enthusiasm, excitement and confidence. Those feelings are like hope, joy, forgiveness, helpfulness, generosity, compassion and gratitude—they’re all benevolently contagious—and as they spread throughout my Earth flock, they will take the reins to change their world and you can rejoice: Mission fulfilled!

My beloveds, please think about what Gaia and I have told you. Goodness no, you don’t have to memorize our words, just remember our love for you and keep that in your heart. Live from your heart and keep your light shining brilliantly—you’re uplifting our whole universe!

Matthew and Suzy, I thank both of you. Now I’ll take my leave so you can continue.

MATTHEW: God, once again, we thank you.

Now then, dear ones, we know how eager you are for all “pandemic”-related circumstances to end—so are we and all other light beings in this universe!—and they will as soon as facts about this crime against humanity are made public. With everything coming ever more swiftly, it would be natural to expect that truth and all of the many long-suppressed truths to become widely known sometime in upcoming weeks or months.

The purpose of this unprecedented era on Earth—indeed, as Gaia stated, in this universe—is the opening of minds and hearts so the civilization can evolve in the spiritual and conscious awareness they need to co-create the Golden Age. If all truths were to come forth in one fell swoop, the collective third density psyche would go into shock and halt the grand momentum that’s building. Thus, revelations will emerge incrementally so the peoples can assimilate the first before hearing the second, and so on and so forth. Even with everything being accelerated, it’s understandable that enlightenment cannot be rushed when you consider the mindboggling scope of information the peoples need to learn.

So let us speak about what will come first. It may be only the “pandemic,” but consideration is being given to tying that with the outcome of the presidential election in the United States because some of the same individuals are responsible for both blatantly deceptive situations. We don’t know when evidence will be presented, but there are indications it can be prior to mid-year. Along with ongoing arrests and prosecutions of involved individuals, “pandemic”-related litigation is underway in several countries, some suits are filed in International Criminal Court, many millions of citizens worldwide are rallying against restrictions and vaccinations, and growing numbers are defying those mandates.

Whatever is decided about what information to disclose, when it comes, most of the populace will be stunned. Likely reactions will be a mix of rage, relief, confusion, guilt, shame and fear, and some may choose disbelief or denial. Your multiple lifetime experiences—and they’ve been invaluable in helping Earth’s peoples awaken to the extent they have—will enable you to be a bedrock of clarity and hopefulness for those who will be reeling. So that persons who have been doubly or triply vaccinated don’t feel they’ve just heard a death knell, offering the encouragement of rising vibrations can be especially helpful.

Whatever people’s feelings are about the truth will be in addition to concerns about physical, emotional and mental effects they may be experiencing due to continuously rising vibrations. Be mindful that your dense bodies are susceptible to the effects, too. If you feel off balance, dispirited, aggravated or fatigued, remember our suggestions to breathe deeply and rhythmically, drink a great deal of pure water, eat lightly, get sufficient sleep, take time for solitude, and be with Nature as often you can. Sharing those suggestions with family, friends and colleagues can ease minds and lighten bodies of those who listen and heed.

Beloved sisters and brothers, when the roadway is smoother—and on up ahead it is!—you will be living in an illuminated world where unity is growing within the collective consciousness and the most exhilarating era on Earth continues to unfold.

We are with you every step of your journey and, with all other light beings in this universe, support you with the power of unconditional love.



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