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My greetings to all with the gift of Liquid Love to all souls.  My message today is to speak about lessons in these ending times.

No one soul is exempt from lessons, for that is why you have reincarnated upon Earth at this ending.  I reiterate again the message that I have said over and over.  What is that lesson? I shall tell you again:


As you grow spiritually the lessons get more difficult, just like the progression of a school experience.  You start out with first grade and progress until a senior to graduate.  When you start at the beginning level in spiritual growth, and do not pass those lessons, you repeat the lessons until you DO learn that which is given to you for soul growth.  There is no passing to the next lesson until each lesson is completed.

By doing so, you keep your frequencies at the level needed to pass through our beam of Light, otherwise, your physical fleshy envelope would be harmed.

I realize that each souled one has to learn those lessons especially for themselves, not anyone else.  Others may disagree with you about some of your decisions about passing a lesson, but you must realize that each souled one has certain lessons to learn that are suited to that soul for learning Spiritual growth.  No one can pass the lesson for you,  If you feel anxious about making a certain decision of discernment about a lessons, and do not do, as your God Spirit within tells you, you will feel anxious, and off-balanced untll you make the proper discernment.

Also, along the way you have all the help Heaven allows, if you but ask for that help. Not only that, but you must, must keep your Spiritual Armor about you and your Shield AT ALL TIMES!  This also, includes any healing cloak about you at ALL times.  You do YOUR part and we help.  We cannot do it all for you, but we  can help.

You, also, must realize that most people on Earth are caught in the net of materialism and are blind to Spirituality and would disagree with those decisions you make to pass a certain lesson.  Many souled ones have a spouse that does not agree nor understand their wife or husband making all those rash decisions that are disagreeable to them.   Send that one lots of Liquid Love and care to that one, as they are on their own pathway.  It may take more lifestreams to find the Truth.

You can tell them many times about Truth and they continually turn a deaf ear. Quit bombarding them and be kind and loving and show your Truth by your actions and Love you given that one.  That means much more than screaming at them to wake up.

You must continually clear yourself, and keep centered, balanced, focused and calm.  Spend time reading the Journals and meditate with the Lighted Realms.  This is most important.

Remember, you are NEVER ALONE or without help from the Lighted Realms.



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We are the Arcturian Group 5/22/22

MAY 22, 2022

Dear readers, because so many have begun to question and even lose hope as they look out on today's world, this message is intended to bring greater understanding and encouragement with regard to earth's ascension process. Much of this has to do with the fact that so many are continuing to hold three dimensional concepts of what the ascension process should look like and then when it doesn't, they begin to doubt and question.

When you first learned about earth's ascension years ago, some of you came to anticipate that it would unfold in a certain way because at that time there were many channels and books giving predictions and information about it and you came to expect that it would unfold as the predictions said it would. Predictions can and often are not reliable simply because they represent the energy that is present in that "now" moment and also because predictions flow through the state of consciousness of the channel which may or may not be of a high level.

Some continue to await the arrival of benevolent ETs who they believe will land, clean the planet, and remove those holding the world in lack and limitation through manipulations, lies, and creations based in duality, separation, and two powers. Others even now, are expecting a massive experience to change everything without their having to do anything other than watch it happen. An "event" of high resonating energy will at some point happen, but can only occur when earth's energy through the presence of an awakened majority has risen to levels that allow it to manifest.

The ascension process is well underway but because it is not unfolding as many expected, they question and have begun to doubt that the ascension process even exists. Nothing seems to be changing or getting better and conditions the world over just seem to be getting increasingly worse.

Dear ones, this is your time to remember not to judge by appearances because you who are spiritually evolved came to earth fully aware of and prepared for these present times. It is imperative to continue trusting that what you witness in the outer scene is necessary to the unfolding of the Divine plan. Those observing and judging through three dimensional filters are unable to understand this.

It is important to understand that the people of earth, both past and present have created and continue to create a three dimensional collective consciousness that has for eons influenced everyone and everything in the world. As increasingly more individuals awaken and shift into a higher state of consciousness they are creating a new and higher collective consciousness, one that will manifest as a more evolved world. This is how the ascension process works.

There are more highly evolved beings than you can imagine on other planets and in the higher dimensions standing ready to assist with earth's ascension process. Because it is the consciousness of the majority that forms the collective, the people of earth themselves must be the ones to bring about earth's ascension through their awakening to a higher state of consciousness. This is why you who are evolved were and are needed to be on earth at this time.

Every living thing is formed of, is an expression of, and embodies all the qualities of omnipresent Divine Consciousness. Therefore whatever a person holds as truth in their consciousness (which in reality is the one God consciousness individualized) they automatically create because consciousness as interpreted through mind is the substance of form. In reality there are no victims, just an unawareness of truth. It is as if a person has a million dollars in an account that they know nothing about and so they continue living each day in lack and limitation.

Many spiritually evolved individuals (you) wanted be a part of these present times because you understood that the presence of evolved states of consciousness on earth would serve to lift the collective which was unable to rise above its own density. The spiritually evolved appear to live ordinary lives like everyone else but in seemingly simple and practical ways they bring Light into all decisions, guidance, issues at work and home life, with family and friends, and in any situations that may arise. This is true Light work.

The increased presence of higher resonating states of consciousness now on earth is and will continue to bring about the exposure of many long hidden and well established dark agendas. These energies must surface in order to be recognized for what they represent and no longer accepted by the majority. When no longer supported by belief, the energies that formed and has maintained them will no longer exist.

The presence of increasingly more light in collective consciousness is acting to expose long hidden self serving activities and secrets. Many of those on whom the Light is shining do not like it and are reacting ways that align with their state of consciousness. This may be violence but more often is through activities based in old energy that will soon no longer work as before because the presence of increasingly more Light energy is serving to dissolve them.

It is very important to remember who you and everyone else really is in spite of everything going on in the outer scene. Even those causing problems for others are expressions of Divine Consciousness. Never doubt that earth is a spiritual universe peopled with sons and daughters of God for God alone is and every appearance to the contrary is an illusory mind formation flowing from personal and collective states of consciousnesses conditioned with beliefs of duality, separation, and two powers.

You came to bring Light to a planet unable to lift itself out of dense energies that have continued too long. You were aware before coming that your lives would probably involve be some personal difficulties because you would be clearing remaining old energies for yourself as well as for the world.

Keep in mind that every person you become aware of both far and near, everyone you know personally or are only slightly aware of becomes a part of your consciousness--as does what you believe about them.

Free will does not give those choosing to be violent and commit crimes permission to do what they want. Those living solely from a three dimensional state of consciousness only understand, align with, and learn from that which reflects their level of consciousness. Ideally, three dimensional consequences should be administered by those who recognize the innate divinity of the one needing to experience consequences which in turn will bring the energy of love to it. This is true in any situation where consequences for actions are necessary--home, work, with family and friends.

God alone is which automatically makes everything not in alignment with Love and Light illusory. Those who are spiritually awake as well as those who are not, are experiencing the presence on earth of both high resonating and heavy dense energies. However, in spite of appearances new and better ideas for every aspect of daily living are forming in the minds of increasingly more individuals and will soon begin to manifest.

An increasing majority is rapidly recognizing they have been living under and accepting laws and leaders that reflect old beliefs and solutions based in force, prejudice, hate, violence, and separation and are now beginning to sense that all life is somehow connected. Most are not yet consciously aware of why they are thinking and feeling in these new ways but their awakening sense of connection indicates the birthing of a new and higher collective.

You must cease continuing to think of yourselves as human beings who must engage and align with the problems and solutions of the world. You incarnated in order to come out and be separate because you knew that you could not help a suffering world by aligning with that which creates the problems.

You are not a human being, you are Divine spiritual consciousness individualized who chose to enter the low resonating energies of a third dimensional planet and temporarily wear a suit of materiality in order to add Light to earth's collective and by so doing bring about change.

You are not on earth by accident. Know yourself as Divine Consciousness.

We are the Arcturian Group 5/22/22

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My greatest loving greetings to all souls!  Another beautiful day has come again upon Mother Earth for all souls upon her surface to gain great soul growth.  It is my hope and joy that when that great music that has started and shall soon approach that great crescendo, that memory returns to all souls!

All awakened ones shall know, who they are in the Lighted Realms, and given a chance to step into our beam of safety just before Mother Earth tips on her axis.  

Will you be surprised?  Shall you be stepping into our beam of safety?  When and if you step into our beam of safety, you gain great soul growth!  If not, you shall certainly perish physically, and your soul would take on another fleshy envelope on some other planet suitable to your soul growth. You would continue on the Astral Plane suitable for your soul growth to learn those lessons missed, or you could choose to live thousands more 3D lifestreams to gain that needed soul growth!

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News media dark and divisive...

Shared from FB: Imagine if we took the energy we allow into our spirits from the satanic “media” outlets that make their way into our lives every day, and used that energy to open our hearts up to God, how fuller and richer our lives would be. These sources do nothing but encourage us to hate one another, while we have an amazing and beautiful Lord and Savior who promises to bring us into the light, if we just open up and allow it. The mainstream “news” is very dark, and carries a diabolical agenda, regardless of who’s funding it, and I watch that darkness as it festers amongst my loved ones. I see the fear it puts into their hearts and souls, and the hate that manifests itself through that fear. The most amazing and beautiful thing is that God is everywhere. Through us, with us, and in us. All we have to do is open ourselves up to love and service. The Way, the Truth, and the Light are right here for us to embrace. Every soul we meet is a gift from God, but our opinions have become so jaded by false narratives, that we fail to see the light in each other. God promises a better way. Realize what a precious privilege it is to “be alive-to breathe. To think. To enjoy. To love.” Happy Friday, precious peeps! May we be the love!

As told to Gianna Talone Sullivan, January 9, 1989, I am your Jesus of Mercy Vol I.
My people think that because they do not see, do not hear, or do not feel My presence, I do not see and hear them. This is not true!
I see and hear all! They do not see, because they do not look within. They do not hear, because they do not listen.
I have given them the greatest gift of all...the gift of My Holy Spirit. If they would invite My spirit to dwell in them, people would see and hear according to what I wish for them to see and hear.
I wish for all My people to to forgive one another, be respectful of one another, and to remain calm. It is the evil one who stirs up commotion to frighten you, and to make you react by impulse and not by thought.
I listen, My dear people! I do!
It is because I do not answer according to their wishes that they do not practice their gift of faith. They do not realize that their solution may not be the best solution for their intimate happiness.
I, who only love, fill My people with love and happiness. Those who resist are the ones who struggle. It is they who desire gold, but resist receipt of it, who grasp the iron rod. It is their selection…but My pain.
Please know that I am with you at all times, when invited! Because you think I am not with you, does not mean that I am not. It is when you think that I am not with you that you can be sure that I am.
I see you. I hear you. I love you. Please see Me from within. Listen to my words, and love Me by loving others.

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Heavenletter #5767 / Slow Down - 8 September, 2016

God said:
With one eye, you see how much you are needed. With the other eye, you see the futility of running a race to excel or to even simply catch up as if you are here on Earth to solve all the difficulties in the world. Is it really necessary to focus on the difficulties as if they would become extinct without your supervision? Are problems the hobby of your life?
Getting caught up has the connotation of making strides and getting ahead of life. Getting caught up may also have the connotation of getting over-involved. Naturally, you want to make progress. Sometimes it is like you want to live life ahead of time. It would seem that life gets ahead of you, and you can't keep up let alone get ahead. If you did get ahead, what would preoccupy you then?
This is a two-pronged difficulty you find yourself caught in.
Know this and remember this: You serve best in peace.
When you step into a pitfall, step out of it. Rise above what you consider barricades to free-flow in Life on Earth. It is not so much that you must solve difficulties as it is for you to rise to a higher perspective. Get out of difficulties in order to see what is going on.
You have a higher purpose in life than to discover difficulties. Keep on trying to solve difficulties, and you preoccupy yourself with difficulties. This way you are shuffling difficulties the way you might shuffle cards. You are in the midst of shuffling cards instead of playing a game of cards.
Kindly step out of difficulties. Look from a different angle. Solutions are not best found in analyzing all the difficulties. Jump to a higher level. Go to a wider perspective.
Why oh why make difficulties uppermost in your mind? It is not for you to circulate difficulties and make sure that everyone knows about them as if this is somehow a feather in your cap. This doesn't make you a hero.
Have confidence in your ability to come shining through. Have confidence. See further than what is right before you.
In a nursery-rhyme, Henny Penny exclaims to all who will hear: "The sky is falling! The sky is falling." She sounds off an alarm. Why does Henny Penny think the sky is falling? Because an acorn fell on her head.
Difficulties seem like emergencies. You pounce on them. Oh, wow, an emergency. Pretty soon, you are surrounded with emergencies, one emergency outdoing another. Here an emergency, there an emergency, emergency emergency everywhere. Then emergencies become crises.
Change your mind-set, beloveds.
You are not a gossip-monger of difficulties. Never are you meant to be a proponent of worst scenarios. Did you really think you were?
Be an inspirer. Climb ahead. Climb above. You are to raise your sights. You are to see in a new way.
You are here on Earth to lift the world. Focus a cut-above. Stop looking for difficulties and finding them. Climb higher and see better. See the horizons before you. See vaster. Perhaps a cure doesn't come from figuring out but by seeing anew.
Beloved sons and daughters, from a greater height, you naturally see higher.
Enough said.
Copyright © 1999-2022
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Suzy Ward - Channeling Matthew Ward - May 2, 2022

Message from Gaia; truths will come forth; vibrations; Ukraine; politics; China; various concerns

Suzy Ward

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Anxiety about what is happening in your world and disappointment about what is not happening is causing even the most dedicated lightworkers to feel downhearted. Gaia is aware of those feelings and has asked to speak to you.

GAIA: Beloveds, I am Gaia. God asked that one of Matthew’s recent messages include a message I gave to Suzanne several years ago. During those years you have endured a great deal, yet you have remained steadfast in your mission. I know living on Earth hasn’t been easy and I understand why you become discouraged at times. I, too, felt discouraged and despaired for long ages before universal family infused my body with light and caring lightworkers like you came from distant homelands to lift me out of the depths of darkness.

Your loving assistance is keeping me firmly, steadily progressing on my journey back home, and with joy I watch you help my people awaken so they can accompany me. Please feel encouraged by knowing your mission that still is underway on Earth already is a glorious success in the continuum! My heart is overflowing with love and gratitude for all you beautiful souls whose help in manifesting my Golden Age is invaluable!

Thank you, Matthew for letting me speak.

MATTHEW: We thank you, Gaia, for your words of love and encouragement.

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