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A machine that DETECTS EBOLA in one hour BUT we cannot use it ????

    (NaturalNews) Common sense would lead you to believe that the U.S. government would be doing everything in its power, now that Ebola has reached American shores, to combat the deadly virus. But if you assumed that, you would be mistaken.

Most people don't know that there is an Ebola screening machine; it is currently available to the U.S military, and the military is using it now. So why aren't U.S. hospitals using it? Because government guidelines prevent hospitals from doing so.

According to military news site Defense One:

It's a toaster-sized box called FilmArray, produced by a company called BioFire, a subsidiary of bioMerieux and it's capable of detecting Ebola with a high degree of confidence -- in under an hour.

Incredibly, it was present at Dallas Presbyterian Hospital when Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan walked through the door, complaining of fever and he had just come from Liberia. Duncan was sent home, but even still, FDA guidelines prohibited the hospital from using the machine to screen for Ebola.

Government bureaucracy preventing its use

The machine sells for about $39,000 a piece and is capable of screening for the genetic markers of a number of respiratory, gastrointestinal and other pathogens, and that includes the Ebola virus. However, it has to have the correct "kit" in place.

And right now, current guidelines from the Food and Drug Administration prohibit hospitals -- including the Dallas hospital where Duncan was treated and where two of his nurses became infected -- from getting that kit. "That's despite the fact that it can provide results with higher than 90 percent certainty and it's one of the machines that the military is currently using to screen for Ebola in Africa," Defense One reported.

The FilmArray works by performing polymerase chain reaction tests to see if Ebola is present, based on a set of genetic markers. A company official told the military news site, "It will take the Ebola cells, break them open, expose the [ribonucleic acid] in the Ebola and match those with a target we've identified." The device works using either blood or saliva samples.

A Utah-based firm that manufactures the disease-detection technology, BioFire Diagnostics, confirmed to Defense One that Texas Health Presbyterian did indeed have a FilmArray machine -- for as long as two years, possibly -- sitting on a shelf when Duncan presented himself to the emergency room.

But in order to use the machine, hospitals must agree to do so only for research purposes instead of actually using it to diagnose incurable diseases like Ebola.

What is the reason for this lunacy? The military site explains:

The FDA rules in what are called "research use only" machines are far more lax than for machines that must provide clinical diagnosis. According to representatives from BioFire, even after the FDA approved the use of the machine for Ebola screening and allowed workers at the hospital to acquire the proper kit for Ebola testing, a 10-20 day "validation" procedure would kick in before they could change the machine's use from diagnostics to research -- and the results would have to go to the Centers for Disease Control for confirmation.

Device used to diagnose first two American Ebola patients

Proper controls or just more inane government bureaucracy? It's not as if the machine's Ebola diagnostic kit hasn't already been proven; after all, it is currently being used by U.S. troops in Africa

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Comment by Kim B on October 20, 2014 at 9:22am

Yes Dr. S (who is an M.D.) does take some heat to keep his practice.   His healing methods work, and due to word of mouth over the years he is so busy that he has a 3 month waiting period for new patients.  At least he does workshops and seminars to teach others how to do this as he won't be doing this forever of course as I am sure his retirement is getting close.  

Comment by Byron wilkins on October 20, 2014 at 12:07am

Good comments guy's it just won't happen there will be no way the elite will allow this to happen. You just can't let a good crisis go to waste. Keith said do not buy into the fear and he sees it like I do. When it comes down to what this disease is you will find out it is a variant of drug resistant TB even worse than Ebola but is being cured in Sierra Leon by colloidal silver and vitamins probably vitamin C. The cabal has already lost this battle we have only to believe that we have won. THE VACCINE IS THE DISEASE not the airplane you rode on. Drop the fear.   

Comment by Kim B on October 19, 2014 at 7:47pm

Exactly Cheryl these machines are effective and would mess up their plans majorly if all family doctors had these machines in their offices and knew how to use them.

I've seen what Dr. S's bio energy feedback machine could do.  For example, it detected bb pellets embedded in the back of my husband's back, and he never told the Doctor he had buck shot there.  It also detected the fibroid lumps in my breasts and I never told the Doctor that I ever had those.  This was our first visit (back in 2000) and we did not tell him things to see if this technology really worked.  Well we left with out mouths hanging open.  Any how the machine found much more in my body which was causing my IBS and other issues.  Once I was put on the energetic medications to clear everything out of my body, the fibroids in my breasts disappeared.

Also a couple I knew through a infertility forum back then were having health issues.  I recommended they pay a visit to Dr. S after the success I had with him.  Any how, Dr. S's bio energy machine said they both had radon poisoning.  So the couple went home with their homeopathics and had their house tested right away as recommended by Dr. S.  The house was loaded with radon gas.  

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on October 19, 2014 at 7:04pm

No, not now.  I believe we are in "Final Exam week."  (Not a literal week.) 

Comment by Keith H on October 19, 2014 at 6:46pm

I think we all know that they don't want this machine in use to purposely spread it. They are trying so hard...

We can combat it with positive thoughts! 

Don't buy into the fear...

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on October 19, 2014 at 4:27pm

"Making one wonder" was rhetorical.  Of course, we know why they won't use it.  Because it's effective and would foul up their nefarious plans.

Comment by Kim B on October 19, 2014 at 3:55pm

My integrated M.D.'s bio energy feed back computer can detect any pathogen immediately in the body as long as the computer is programmed with the electronic signature of the pathogen.  This technology exists, was developed in Germany in the 1950's however the elite does not want this technology wide spread available.

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on October 19, 2014 at 2:42pm

It makes you wonder why the gov't would prefer untested vaccines for everyone instead of quickly identifying those who actually do have the virus.  It doesn't sound too hard to get the machines compliant for diagnostics.


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