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a very important interview with Alex Collier, a beautiful interview.


Special edition of Ever Beyond.  Audio interview with Jim McCanney (re the mini-solar-system).  Alex sent me link to this audio and asked for interview.  Not a doom-and-gloom situation.  Very survivable.  We give many fear-reducing ideas. 

After the audio, and chit chat, Alex starts around 18:00.  Talks about the economy (it sucks), how our gov't hates Americans, etc. 

80% of dark side has been flushed.  groups Orion, Sirius B, some reptilian groups.  don't like humanity.  protecting us because we are a natural resource, like we're cattle.  Vatican... question not being asked, why is the Vatican moving to change he gospel, bringing E.T. saviors, why are they moving towards that and abandoning Christ.  Pure and simple, they made most of it up.  That paradigm has run its course.  They have suppressed the truth.  They hoping they can fool enough people and they will adopt the new story.  They have known about ET forever.  This is coming, how it will play out I'm not sure.  The first group we meet will not be friendly.  They are not gods.  May be tech more advanced, spiritually more advanced.  Aspire to work on your own inner self, you do not surrender and become a servant to someone else.  We are genetic royalty.  Not better, just different.  Empower yourself with this knowledge.  These events are coming to compartmentalize us to a place of "either or."  We need to take our focus, turn it, stop giving them our power.  When we stop buying into this paradigm, it will crumble.  It's all a lie based on perception. There's a huge battle going on.  You have to see it for what it is.

Prof McCanney's information about the mini solar system that's passing through the Kuiper Belt as we speak.  We all know that's the dwarf star and the planets trailing behind it.  I don't have exact timeline.  I'm hearing August/September/October, understand we are talking about earth changes, starting to speed up.  Get spiritual house in order.  This system is coming.  It's cyclical.  No running from it.  This is not a drill.  It's time to get your house in order... everybody.  Whatever your guidance says, you need to focus on it.

Let's talk about a very plausible scenario.  From the southern hemisphere, as it ascends up over our sun, Mars will be between the dwarf star and our sun.  Mars is going to get whacked.  That's what it looks like.  As it crosses over, we will have an experience, ancient technology in asteroid belt has been moved close to Earth for defense.  Don't know how effective that will be.  That's all I can say at the moment.  The real issue is this dwarf star and mini-solar-system are hauling ass.  That's actually is a good thing.  Need to concern ourselves, has a trail of debris that is forever.  We will be passing through it for many, many years.  Things will be difficult, very challenging on the surface of the Earth.  Hear northern hemisphere will get the worst of it.  Don't know how accurate that is.  Perhaps certain sides of the planet will get it.  Don't know.  But there will be a lot of debris.  Heads up.  Absolutely heads up.  The coastlines are... these earth changes ... most geological changes will be in the oceans because tectonic plates tight, many crumbling in certain areas.   Pacific and Australian plate crumbling... when they move water is going to move.  Heads up.  You have been warned officially.  Pay attention to the information... for ex, San Diego 7 mile long pod of 100,000 dolphins swimming north.  Those things don't happen.  We have to pay attention to Nature, it knows in advance.  We have to pay attention to those signs. 

PX is giant magnetic.  Sun is electric.  Pulls its energy from higher dimensions.  This dwarf star is a negative ground.  All planets react to the sun.  As I get more information, I will somehow push it through, pass it forward.

~35:00  Host:  The galactic wave is also happening at the same time.  Also wondering about sacred sites, whether there's a chance of being in the right place, what's your feeling about this?

Alex:  You have to trust your intuition, that's your true north.  As far as first wave, I don't know if we are going to have a poleshift.  My intuition tells me no, we are not at that place yet.  I could be wrong, but that's what I'm feeling.  When I talk about poleshift, I mean 180*.  I don't see that.  The Andromedan's say 21-23* is probably.  Would put northern hemisphere on the equator.  You can't prepare for something like that.  It all depends on how it happens.  Yes, the harmonics coming from the black holes is shifting the energies.  That's a first, apparently.  Depending on the race/dimension dealing with it the way they know how to deal with it.  We are not getting much information.  I know people are drawn to sacred sites.  Earth is changing, some of the old sacred sites might not be the new sacred sites.  As the Earth shifts, new chakra or pressure point becomes a place where the Earth gives and receives energy.  Change is constant, things are constantly changing.  There are things about our paradigm we have to leave behind... money, class systems, 1% controlling 98% of the wealth.  It's going to die a horrible death, especially those who try to cling to it.  They are control mechanisms, that's why that system has to go.  We have to evolve.  This solar system is coming.  The galactic wave is coming.  There is a battle on Earth, as well as the asteroid belt, between Jupiter and Mars, raging between good and dark.  McCanney is right.  The gov't will only give us 2-3 weeks notice.  You have to empower yourselves.  Free energy device, the Sterling Motor, very promising.  Look that up.  We have to break the control of the controllers.  We must break the paradigm.  We are all trailblazers now.  We're all Davy Crocketts in the wilderness, trying to figure where to go from here.  This is not a drill any more.  The star system is coming.  The Book of Revelations is about to be played out.  We have to empower ourselves. 

The parasites ruling us is A.I., has no feelings because it has no soul.  We get rid of AMA, power companies, oil companies, will be starting over.  We begin to create a new paradigm.  We need to dialogue, call forth that reality.  The most powerful tool we have as spiritual beings is intent.  Intent to bring forth new reality.  That's why these parasites, these A.I.'s, they can't create. 

Talks about IRS and US Dollar.  All based in fear.  Don't know how it will all play out in America.  More people are awakening and the gov't has a very hard sell on its hands.  It has lost all credibility with the citizenry.  Don't know how the dominoes will fall.  War between light and dark is worst here.  I don't know.  We just have to do the best we can do.  Talks more about taxes don't go to the gov't.  It slows the devaluation of the dollar. 

Where else is our energy going?  Know anything about gold going off planet?  There is a great deal of concern whether it is gold or not.  Many of the gold bars aren't gold at all.  That's a whole 'nother subject.  Let's jump back to changing the paradigm, changing our focus. .......

That's the message today.  Most of this is going to fall away because it is all built on a lie.  The sooner you embrace that, the sooner we can move in another direction.  We have it in us to do this.  We are incredible beings, wisdom from previous lifetimes, that's all I have right now. 

People are moving to Colorado.  Been told safe through earth changes.  Sitting on largest piece of granite in the world. 


Spending time with the A's, I've seen a healed race.  We should have been there already. 

Chit-chat......... Alex needs donations...... More chit-chat....

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Comment by Cheryl Nelson on February 22, 2013 at 1:32pm

"We have to wait and see" is becoming trite, but that's what it boils down to.

Comment by nicholas fowler on February 22, 2013 at 12:53pm

its funny Cheryl but Maccaney says exactly, the same thing with respect to Comet ISON. I keep wondering if ison is the dwarf star? I wonder if maccaney suspects this though he derides the idea of a dwarf star.

also Tolec says the dwarf star, Tacoma and its planet, Nihohia, ,  is soon to be allowed to come into the solar system, and park itself around Venus orbit. we may be talking about the same thing here.

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on February 22, 2013 at 12:43pm

So, the dwarf star will be on the far side of Mars, instead of in the orbit of Venus.  When Alex says "Mars will be whacked" I am wondering if that means it's going to take more of the "action" than Earth will, meaning a bit less severe passage for Earth.  Venus is .7 AU from the sun, Earth is 1 AU, Mars is 1.5 AU.  But other factors like angle, how high it will pass, etc. I don't know.  But it still seems like it could be less severe than what was originally thought.

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on February 22, 2013 at 12:10pm

In the OPPT blog (pinned top left), Peter mentioned that a problem has been found with it.

Comment by Keith H on February 22, 2013 at 1:12am

OPPT is a looser in myr opinion. Still based on the greed srtucture.

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on February 21, 2013 at 11:33pm

On one hand, the OPPT is pushing forward, the talk of "prosperity funds" and all that versus the world is about to change in dramatic ways.  Two distinct, opposing realities... Wonder which one will manifest.


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