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A Watch list of Combined Timelines...for the Rest of 2011

Timelines are from postings on this Ning. Thanks to Amy and Shadow for most of these. If you want me to add another date, post here and I will add for you. There is no judgement on this blog of the timings...just an area to bring an awareness in one place to watch each month.

August 2011

  1. Dwarf Star crosses Earth orbit and Earth reaches Dwarf Star perigee orbit angle position. 1.489 AU from Earth. August 3
  2. Economic Collapse: August 6, 2011 ff.
  3. Cabal-exacerbated 9.7 Quake will generate a Super-Tsunami of unprecedented size and reach. The energy indication is that it will occur around the beginning of August:  August
  4. Dwarf Star crosses Venus orbit. 1.198 AU from Earth. August 21

September 2011

  1. New Madrid quake (plus the British tsunami and other earth changes such as a major quake in China): September, 2011
  2. Elenin - Mercury-Mars alignment: September 6
  3. Government launched alien attack: September 9
  4. Elenin reaches perigee position and Crosses Ecliptic plane at Mercury: September 11
  5. Elenin - Mercury-Sun-Earth for alignment and anticipated Geological Pole Shift Event. Second Alignment. 0.396 AU from Earth. ELE = 0.0 declination with Sun = -1 declination. : September 26
  6. Blue Kachina causes disruptions in Energy Grid and Satellites: September through December

October 2011

  1. Dwarf Star at Venus orbit. 0.316 AU from Earth: October 2
  2. Dwarf Star at Earth orbit and nearest position. 0.232 AU from Earth @ 21.57 million miles: October 17

November 2011

  1. Nuking of the US fleet in the Mediterranean by Khaddafi: November 3 - 11, 2011
  2. Venus-Earth-Elenin-Mercury Alignment: November 11
  3. Dwarf Star crosses Mars orbit. 0.46 AU from Earth: November 14
  4. Dwarf Star, Earth and Sun alignment for Pole Shift Reversal Event. Third Alignment 0.58 AU from Earth: November 22

December 2011

  1. Worlwide famine sets in after the nuclear event: December, 2011 ff.
  2. Sun-Mercury-Earth-Elenin alignment: December 4
  3. Mars-Elenin-Jupiter alignment: December 25


  1. Naked eye appearance of planet X in the sky (rise of the Antichrist): January, 2012
  2. Obama removed from office: February, 2012
  3. Pope dies / last Pope is elected: April - May, 2012
  4. Antichrist's war on Europe: June 20, 2012 - July 24, 2012
  5. Pole Shift: December 21, 2012 (although it could be as early as October, 2012)
  6. Final Alignment - Elenin - Earth-Sun: December 21, 2012

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Comment by Angela on August 1, 2011 at 5:45pm

stembi: Added 9.7 Quake

Comment by stembi on August 1, 2011 at 5:13pm

Another "prediction"

"That Cabal-exacerbated 9.7 Quake will not only set a new world record, but will generate a Super-Tsunami of unprecedented size and reach. The energy indication is that it will occur around the beginning of August."

Comment by Angela on August 1, 2011 at 1:47pm
Dwarf Star crosses Earth's orbit on August 3rd
Comment by Alex Cortes on August 1, 2011 at 9:31am

Thank you, great list.

Comment by Angela on August 1, 2011 at 7:18am
You're welcome Shadow!
Comment by Sonny Sisomphou on August 1, 2011 at 1:08am
Refering to Kim B's quote..."Elenin is a dwarf star accompanied by small space craft.  It will appear like a strong blue light (blue kachina).  It will cause major changes in the planet.  Energy networks and satellites deactivated during the months of September through to December".. Elenin is a blue Kachina. If the Blue Kachina can cause all of the stated destruction and earthchanges events, WHAT WILL the RED KACHINA DO? !!


Always demand proof, proof is the elementary courtesy that is anyone’s due.  —Paul Valéry, "Monsieur Teste"

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Here's a NASA deconstruction image showing the central personnel area and three force shields:

See for the video it came from (40:23 etc).

Indonesia Plate NOT Collapsing -- The TruEarth Images offered by ZT as "proof" are 11 years old! 

Oh, Buoy! (Misinterpreted buoy charts)

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