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Alien Message to Mankind: "Do You Wish That We Show Up?"

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Comment by Cheryl Nelson on October 24, 2014 at 3:47pm

Them deciding what's best violates our sovereignty and our free will.

Comment by Byron wilkins on October 24, 2014 at 1:42pm

In this message is the statement that several races of people have come together to decide what is best for earth I was under the impression that hundreds or thousands of races were on board to help us not several unnamed ones. The reference that if we survive is also interesting also.

  I have said before you can spot a hoax site by what they do not speak about. Why do they not talk about earth changes, Chemtrails or Fukushima.    

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on October 24, 2014 at 1:08pm

Yes, it could be worse, Keith.  To be ruled by those with superior intelligence who don't share our sentiments, if that's the case, could be a disaster.  The human race would probably never be free again.

Comment by Keith H on October 24, 2014 at 6:32am
We didn't ask the Dark ones to be come here, but they are he's just the same. I think we all agree change is needed. Could it be worse than what we have now?
Comment by Cheryl Nelson on October 23, 2014 at 3:41pm

So, it is suspicious that an alien mind would know how to incorporate the elements of an earthly sales pitch, don't you think?  ;-)  The more we look, the more we find. 

I don't know what it means, and you have to ask--the worst for whom and the best for whom?

Comment by Byron wilkins on October 23, 2014 at 3:32pm

Cheryl   Yes urgency is the final closing statement in every sales pitch that is correctly written. There is something also in this message that just hit me and that is. When you are closing a sale you need to ask the client at least 5 questions that they have to answer Yes to in order to get a Yes to the deal. Those questions were in this message. indirectly but there.

This sentence was troubling to me also the way it was phrased. " Be aware that the future will be even more surprising. You will discover the worst as well as the best. " What does that really mean ? there is another I have to go find it.  

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on October 23, 2014 at 2:12pm

Byron, really good disinformation will include itself as a possibility, but then counter it with a sophist argument as to why it probably isn't.  Head 'em off at the pass, if you will.

I'm proud of you, Byron, that you caught that too, on the "choose now or wait another generation."  It's a high-pressure sales technique called "buy now."  Les Dane speaks of it in his classic sales manual, "Big League Sales."  It is used to subtly pressure the mark (sales victim) into closing the deal by asserting this-too-good-to-be-real deal is about to expire, so don't miss out. 

Yes, as I suspect, this "message" is the ptb floating the idea to see where people are at... can they fake an alien invasion and get away with it?  If the New Age community is any indication, the answer is yes.  However, the New Age community is just a small part of the internet.  And several years ago, I did a study on how many people don't have internet... which is the majority of the planet.  So, I think this means that most people would be terrified by the sudden appearance of spacecraft and it would cause chaos that would be used to implement the new world order.

Remember Saul Alinksy's "community organizer" manual.  Chaos is used as a basis for change.  You know, the kind of change our feckless leader promotes.  The kind of change that has sped up the timetable of destroying this country so the NWO could be implemented.  And the Vatican is right in there, ready to take the religious lead, with their recent talk about ETs. 

And also remember, as a contrast, that the Andromedan plan would be to have some ambassadors come to meet and greet the people one-on-one (and then the message would trickle down to the rest of the population by word of mouth) as a way of avoiding panic... a much better plan, I think, if an ET race truly cared about humans.  Think of the consequences of a worldwide panic... many people would die.  Just removing the evil ones from office and having ethical leaders announce the cover-up and introduce the ETs via TV would also be another way to accomplish Disclosure without violence.  Sure, people will be shocked.  But we of the Star Trek Generation can handle it, I think.  And the others can get over it easier by a gentler approach. 

What we should be asking for is that the evil ones in power be removed, according to our justice system, and tried.  In the interim new, ethical leaders should be put in place temporarily (pending bona fide--not manipulated--elections*).  And if the ETs are benevolent, they will not give us trinkets, and will not ask for anything in return.  They will provide only that which we need to be able to overcome that which we cannot overcome with our own power.

And, yes, Problem -- Reaction -- Solution.  Here's the first problem (that they've created)... our planet will be damaged beyond repair (i.e., Fukushima, chemtrails, GMOs, world economy, etc.) if we don't do something now, and problem two (which they've also created)... you're going to miss the boat if you don't say yes to our intervention, NOW, and (impliedly) it will be all your fault if the world dies, because you passed on this offer of help.  So, they (whoever "they" are) watch to see how many people "buy now" their solution. 

If there are truly extraterrestrial beings behind this message, getting most of the New Age community to say yes might just give extraterrestrial manipulators the permission they need to invade Earth.  Remember, ET's have superior intelligence and don't see things the way we see things, so tricking a planet into allowing them to mine its resources (including humans) might not violate their moral code.  They can be service-to-other, but with a different mindset on how it's done.  For example, saving Gaia from our abuse because they will be better stewards could be one way of looking at it.  Preventing nuclear explosions from hurting other worlds and other systems could be another.  So, service-to-other might not exactly translate into service-to-humans since we are seen by some races in a less-than-positive light.   The eye of the beholder, as it seems.

If it is nothing more than a gov't psy-ops, it could open the door to Project Blue Beam, or something similar...a false alien invasion designed to create chaos and lots of that delicious, but fattening, terror.  A win-win situation for the ptb and the ETs. 

*On the subject of elections, reform is needed badly.  A new phrase has been coined, "low information voters."  This is a euphemism for the uneducated citizens, many of whom populate the lower socioeconomic strata.  It should be mandated that they be given adequate education before they can vote, otherwise politicians will keep suppressing civic education and continue to bring in outsiders who can be easily swayed by promises of material gain.  But even more basic than that is inculcating the wisdom that we all should be voting for what's good for our country, and not necessarily our selves.  And when the situation arises where a voter has a conflict, s/he should vote for the greater good.  But that will need a transformation of the hearts of humankind.

Comment by Byron wilkins on October 23, 2014 at 1:50pm

I just reread this message slowly and the fact that they even tell you that the message could possibly be from the wrong source is suspect but ask yourself what is the source and why are they hiding it from you.

Another thing they say is if you do not choose now you will have to wait for another generation to pass before they offer help again, that in itself is very strange and not very benevolent. Just by arriving in spaceships they will change the world, yes that is true everyone will run like hell probably me too. Think of how many time the elite has planned a fake alien invasion as part of their plan. We always saw it as being a very scary thing but what if they reversed it and made it a good invasion. Since Cheryl has noticed that this is going viral we may be being tested to see what our reaction would be and how many have said yes. I am going to give you what came up in two place on my computer as synchronicity within seconds of asking is this real or not. What popped up that I have not seen in months was. Problem - Reaction - Solution and I feel that is what we are looking at. You do need to make your own decisions but I have changed mine to absolutely NO.  They even sday to translate this to other languages and how many times have you been asked to that, hmm. 

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on October 23, 2014 at 1:02pm

Of course, all of us want benevolent entities.  But notice the message does not identify who the entities are, and the author (channeler) of the message is unclear.  Moreover, this message stands in sharp contrast to the messages give us by known benevolent races (such as the Pleiadians and the Andromedans and the Arcturians).  They don't think the time is right yet.  Given the human condition (and the part the egoic mind plays in it), I would agree. 

This article is making the rounds on the internet, and glimpses I have seen have indicated most people in the New Age community are enthusiastically voting yes.  I don't run with the herd.  And the herd is "voting with their hearts" and not with their heads.  I don't include Knowledge as "voting with their hearts."  What I mean is that they are voting with their emotions, their desires, their (often erroneous) beliefs.  Beliefs are not Knowledge. 

So, with these things in mind, reread the message and listen to your Knowledge, and see what you get.  You may still get a "yes," and that's okay.  It is, after all, your choice.  All I've ever asked is that you be as informed as possible before making your choices.

Comment by Byron wilkins on October 23, 2014 at 12:16pm

I am going to ask my Soul Conscious the same question but until I do my intuitive thinking tells me this message has the same flaws that Cheryl has come up with.


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