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America on life support. Can it recover before the plug gets pulled?

Our major social institutions have been eroded to the point of the destruction of our culture and values....

The following article is an excellent discussion of the current state of our republic.

"The Average Time Until A Great Civilization Collapses Is 336 Years, And The U.S. Is Now 242 Years Old"

by Michael Snyder


America on life support. Can it recover before the plug gets pulled?

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Comment by Cheryl Nelson on February 22, 2019 at 5:42pm

The great cry of Diversity! is a two-edged sword.  I think the only solution is that a political body should remain homogenous.  Immigration should allow those who want to become Americans and have something to offer to make America better or help Americans should be welcomed.  But taking on people who are just here with their hands out or are here to change this country into their own (alien) ideals shouldn't be part of the definition of Diversity. 

It may be deemed heartless or biased, but we are looking at the result of uncontrolled immigration.  Everybody has a voice and our country is being pulled in too many different ways, away from our roots, which is a constitutional republic.  The Democrats want a democracy (where majority rules), but in a Constitutional Republic, the Constitution is what rules. 

There are those who are eager for chaos, because chaos is a breeding ground for undesirous things to grow and muscle their way into acceptance.  We pull weeds from our gardens, don't we?  We cut out or kill cancer, don't we?  For the garden to survive and thrive, we have too, or we have a poor (or no) garden.  If cancer isn't dealt with in some way, the individual dies.  If we allow corporations to rule, they ruin the planet and pollute us and beggar us.

America can always help other countries, out of her abundance, but for those who are trying to muscle their way into the country, those that are here trying to muscle their political views on all citizens, those that are here trying to muscle their way in and take over (conquest)... these are the weeds and the cancers and the corporations that have to be dealt with. 

Byron is right.  Complacency is a big part of the problem.  But, education in civics and constitutional law was the beginning of the problem.  One has to know there is a problem before one can do something about it.  So, complacency is a symptom of a larger problem.  The other problem is technology, which has created a generation of couch potatoes, physically weak, mentally weak and distracted, and mind controlled in varying degrees, with EMF radiation, coupled with radiation swaying a dumbed down population.

The freshman congresswomen who are misbehaving are just a symptom of the larger problem and unless these basic problems are dealt with in the here and now, the problem will continue to grow.  Until one day, they become the majority.  Then this country will spiral out of existence.  At the rate things are going we, as a country, won't live to see our 336th birthday.  

A possible solution is to require even native-born Americans to pass a civics test, just like lawful immigrants have to.  Just being born here should be just the first step to citizenship.  Other political ideologies (like socialism, fascism, communism, Islam) should be studied so they can be recognized if they try to take root here again.  Every able-bodied American should serve a two-year period after high school, either in the military or other service-oriented field (Habitat for Humanity, visiting/helping the elderly, volunteering in agencies that help people-such as police, fire, EMS, etc.).  Only then should they be eligible for college and financial assistance. 

Just some thoughts.

Comment by Byron wilkins on February 22, 2019 at 5:03pm

There has never been a time like the one we are living in , it is like people joined clubs that failed at some time in the past and brought them back with all their stupid ideas and perversions to see if they fail again in this century. This country is not collapsing under its own weight it is being pushed in every direction by people who should be institutionalized and never let out. They should not be allowed to run anything but water and that may be touchy.  People are taking our country down on purpose. The only mistake we made was complacency. 


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