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Thanks to Bill for the link. From, circa 1934, p. 32 (pp.44-45 in the text)...

"In your beloved America, in the not so far distant future, will come forth a similar recognition of the Real Inner Self and this her people will express in high attainment. She is a Land of Light and Her Light shall blaze forth, brilliant as the sun at noonday, among the nations of the earth. She was a Land of Great Light, ages ago, and will again come into her spiritual heritage for nothing can prevent it. She is strong within her own mind and body, stronger than you think, and that strength she will exert to rise out of and throw off from border to border all that weighs heavily upon her at the present time.

"America has a destiny of great import to the other nations of the earth and Those who have watched over her for centuries still watch. Through Their protection and love, she shall fulfill that destiny. America! We, the Ascended Host of Light, love and guard you. America! We love you.

"A similar form of perfect government [the perfect Saharan civilization mentioned just prior] will come at a later period, when you have cast off certain activities within, that hang like fungi, and sap your strength as a vampire. Beloved ones in America, be not discouraged, when the seeming dark clouds hang low. Everyone of them shall show you its golden lining. Back of the cloud that seems to threaten, is the 'Crystal Pure Light of God and His Messengers, the Ascended Masters of Love and Perfection', watching over America, the government, and her people. Again I say, 'America, we love you.'

"One by one, great awakened souls are coming forth who will become clearly conscious of their own Mighty, Inherent God-Power and such as these will be placed in all official positions of the government. They will be more interested in the welfare of America than in their own personal ambitions and private fortunes. Thus, will another Golden Age reign upon earth, and be maintained for an aeon*.

*An aeon (or eon) is an indefinitely long period of time. In astronomy, it is a billion years.


Another excerpt, pp. 59-60:

These remarkable pictures continued and—revealed activities stretching forth into the far future—and affecting the whole earth. They showed—many changes to come—in the surface of the land itself. One of the most important of these—concerned the progress of North America. The Divine Plan—for the future of North America—is a condition of intense activity in the greatest peace, beauty, success, prosperity, spiritual illumination, and dominion. She is to carry—the Christ Light—and—"Be"—the Guide for the rest of the earth—because America is to be the heart center of the—"Golden Age"—that is now dimly touching our horizon. The greater portion of the land of North America will stand for a very long time.

This is a synchronicity for me. Remember this--

What else was in my journal, cuz I stopped without finishing?

Then an image of two religious figures appeared (I know them both). They were walking in a garden, it appeared to be springtime. This indicated that the new phase of Christianity is what is going to rise from the ashes and melt the paralysis. My job is to form a church and get ready to step in when the extremely divided American Christian Church seizes up.

It was through their group that I stumbled upon the Apostle Thomas saying that Jesus is the All. Their group is esoteric, focusing on the early Christian writings (pre-Pauline) and what Jesus taught, not what institutional Christianity has become today. I am in seminary getting prepared for the task laid before me.

In the earlier phase, I had a vision of a gigantic wooden cross rising from a lily. Very cool vision. The interpretation, it is the resurrection of the Christ power and teachings.

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Comment by Cheryl Nelson on September 8, 2015 at 5:16pm

So, let's set a time to have a "group" meditation.  (Does two people constitute a group?  :D )

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on September 5, 2015 at 12:25pm

Very cool.  It's next on my list.  This month I got the two-volume set of The Second Coming of Christ, by Paramahansa Yogananada, which looks at the gospels from a Eastern religious perspective (Hindu, I think).  This second coming is of the Christ within, not a visible, physical second coming.  It's over 1,600 pages, so will be a little reading each day for a looong time. 

I've been studying early Christianity in depth for over a year now, and it is quite eye-opening how it formed, how the canon was finally established hundreds of years after Christ' death, the wide range of beliefs at the time, the politics, and so forth.

Then the mysterious "missing years." Where was he from age 12 to age 30? Why the silence? Could it be he just wasn't in the area? Could he have traveled to India and the East? There is documentation that suggests he did. Why would he send the Apostle Thomas to India? Could be he'd been there before?

Christianity today has little to do with "the Way" Jesus preached.  It turned into an institution about his death and resurrection being the salvation of mankind.  Jesus never preached his death was salvation.  He preached believing in him (his true spiritual sayings) would lead to life.

Anyway, I could go on.  It's a fascinating journey. 

Comment by Wm on September 5, 2015 at 11:57am

I'm almost done reading #2 The Magic Presence.

Comment by Wm on August 29, 2015 at 2:21am

Very simple Meditation

Visualize a beautiful Vortex above that covers all that are Earthchangers!

Visualize  Angels coming thou the Vortex w/ Hover Vacuums sucking up all of the Dark Thought Forms! (it works)

And We give a Heartfelt Gratitude, w/ Love.

We return the favor by becoming a conduit to allow energy to pass thou to Gaia!

What do you think? Anyone want add to modify make better please do and thanks!

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on August 28, 2015 at 6:05pm

Yes, of course, I'll join in meditations.

I finished Unveiled Mysteries, and got the "I AM" Discourses on America, on Kindle. There are various authors, I've been reading the ones by Saint Germain, which resonate more.

I added books ##2 and 3 in the Saint Germain series to my Amazon wish list.

Comment by Wm on August 28, 2015 at 5:33pm

Now is there any one that wants to joine in on a meditation that can help us here at Earthchanges? let me know here!

Comment by Wm on August 28, 2015 at 5:32pm

The next Book in the series is The Magic Presence and is hard to find a copy in pdf that does not come with a virus! I have the book and it is a must have!! ;-)

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on August 23, 2015 at 10:54am

Yes, we do! And there is great hope she will become the shining beacon of light again, that she has always been meant to be.

Comment by Wm on August 23, 2015 at 9:18am

America! We Love You!

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on August 22, 2015 at 3:33pm

And, as I just finished pinning this blog, my computer clock read 3:33, the number for the ascended masters.  :-)


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