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BBC TV Special with Doug Copp and 3 scientists predicted the current 'giant' floods and what will come next.



The Current Giant floods were predicted. This 'big budget TV Production' video is a mock-up of the evening news, from 2050.


Doug Copp, in this Award Winning BBC Special, is featured, along with 3 of the world's leading scientists, explaining your present and YOUR FUTURE.................. with these 'soon to be' normal events.


Understand why these events are happening and how your life is going to be impacted today, tomorrow and for the next 40 years. Get used to destructive weather. This is a high production but very scary movie.


  It alerts our world in a way like George Orwell's Book :1984'.


The setting is the  2050 Evening TV NEWS special/ documentary explaining what happened in the world from 2000 to 2050. This BBC program was the 'biggest budget special' when it was produced. In spite of money invested, Political Pressure 'squashed the program' for fear of people rioting for reform.

The Video still contains the original 'black-out sections-to insert Commercials. You will need to speed ahead or wait for the period to end. The entire video is 53 minutes long.

Watch the video at Doug Copp's Youtube Channels amerrescue and amerrescuegmail 


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Comment by Cheryl Nelson on May 17, 2011 at 12:22am
As we are beginning to learn, we must focus on loving one another and getting away from selfishness and greed, or we will never get out of this mess.  But the bumpy ride still waits for us.
Comment by Doug Copp on May 16, 2011 at 11:51pm

Disasters are everywhere. There is no 'high ground'..nowhere to escape to. The unexplained and little known problem with climatic change is that the composition of the gases, in the air, is changing. This change in specific gases will change the paththat these  gases follow, on our planet. This is similar to a centrifuge concentrating different gases according to their specific gravity.


The bottom line is because the composition and resultant specific gravity of the gases that constitute  prevailing currents are changing; therfore,  the path of these currents changes. That makes the 'normal' climate change, for the surface, under these air current shifts.

Expect, a gradual shift towards an overall warming of the planet; with many unpredictible results becoming our new 'normal'. Swamps turning to deserts, deserts turning to swamps, cities going underwater, violent storms, hurricanes, floods, fire storms, crop depletion, plagues of every kind and many the food chain..from plant species disappearing and the dependent species from insects to humans eventually dieing too.


The sad thing........... as we watch the death of our world............. is that it canbe all traced back to human selfishness and greed............ of squeezing out one more dollar even if it means the end of the world. The story of the businessman who sold the rope for his own hanging.


It will get worse and 'costlier' every year until life trumps greed.

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on May 16, 2011 at 9:09pm
We are already seeing the beginnings of these things.  If Earth wasn't about to be trashed, it would make sense to move inland, away from coastlines.
Comment by Alesiah on May 15, 2011 at 4:09pm
Thank you!


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