Cheryl's QHHT Session #2

I'm starting a new blog for this new session.  It is linked on the original blog with my first session. 

I've attached an 8-page document of excerpts from Delphi's Works of Cicero.  These are excerpts showing personality characteristics (and other information) that I related to.  Some you will know as true, because of being here over the past five years and getting to know me.  Others, you just have to take my word for it.  

CONFIRMATION OF PAST LIFE >>>>>  CiceroExcerpts-revised.doc   <<<<< IMPORTANT TO READ

And, it's not all about Cicero.  There is a second lifetime you don't know about that popped up, and dovetailed into the Cicero information.  Prepare to be shocked.  I was.

Transcript of Session #2


P: May I speak to Cheryl's subconscious (SC) please? I respect the power of the SC because I know it takes care of Cheryl's body and does a very good job of it. I also know that the SC has the records of everything that has ever happened to C in this lifetime and all the other lifetimes she's ever lived. So, I respect the SC and always ask permission to ask questions. Do I have permission?

SC: Yes.

P: Cheryl has many questions today. Cheryl has seen, in a dream, a crystalline pyramid at the bottom of the ocean. Inside it was a crystal orb that glowed a pink color. She hugged the outside, feeling great love for it. She went inside and lay on a table near the center of the pink light. Was this pyramid related to Atlantis?

SC: Yes.

P: What was it called? Is there a name for the pyramid? She's wondering what the purpose of the pyramid is. [Nothing was forthcoming.] I'd like to ask the SC if we should explore another life.

SC: Yes.

[The SC steps back and I'm in the front, going through the past life.]

P: Picture being back on that plateau. There are three doors. Each one looks very different than the other. One doorway in particular is calling to you. You feel a desire to open it. Knowing it will take you back, back, back, to a time and a place where we can gather information. I'd like you to describe the door calling your name, drawing you to it.

C: A tall, skinny door.

P: What is it made of?

C: Glass. Transparent.

P: When you're ready, you will step through, to a day that you consider is important. You can move backward and forward in time. Have you opened the door?

C: Yes.

P: What do you see?

C: Seashore with people on it. Seashore, large body of water.

P: What are the people wearing.

C: Seems like they all have shawls.

P: Can you look at your feet?

C: Sandals.

P: What else are you wearing?

C: Brown robe.

P: Man or woman.

C: Man.

P: Carrying anything?

C: A basket of food.

P: What kind of food?

C: Fish.

P: Did you just get the fish and you're heading home, or did you bring the fish there?

C: Someone handed the basket to me. Maybe I'm passing them out.

P: Other people there. Are you alone or with family?

C: I seem to be with others. Not sure if family.

P: Familiar with these people?

C: Yes.

P: Live near?

C: Not far.

P: Look around and notice, what else do you see?

C: Some hills off in the distance.

P: Do you feel old or young?

C: Neither. Probably adult but not old.

P: Do you feel your home is close by.

C: Yes.

P: Can you take us to your home.

C: I see a cubicle structure. Stairs that go up to the roof.  [Cubicle meaning like a cube, or box, flat-roofed.]

P: What does the front door look like.

C: Opening with some kind of fabric covering it.

P: Can we go inside.

C: Yeah, it's dark.

P: Is there something we can light?

C: Yeah, there's a lamp. One big room, a table, pottery, to hold water.

P: Do you feel like anyone else lives there with you?

C: Yeah, family. Brothers, sisters. A mother. I don't think there's a father. There's just a mother. Either he's not there, or I don't know.

P: Where does the family eat?

C: At the table.

P: Do they all eat together?

C: Yes.

P: A loving family?

C: Yes.

P: What do you feel that you do for a living?

C: I build things.

P: What kind of things?

C: Tables, tools.

P: Are you a carpenter?

C: Yeah.

P: I'd like you to leave your home. Move forward or backward to a day you consider is an important day. We're there. What do you see?

C: Hm. I don't know. I see shadowy people. It must be nighttime. There's lamps and things. Nothing real clear.

P: Do you feel comfortable there?

C: No.

P: Do you know what you're doing there in the dark?

C: Seems like we're moving away from something. I don't know if we're running or hiding. Something's going on.

P: Ask someone?

C: We're avoiding soldiers.

P: And who do these soldiers work for? If you don't know, can you ask somebody?

C: They're Roman soldiers.

P: Do you have the sense that you will be able to go back home?

C: If we hide well enough.

P: Is your whole family with you?

C: Not sure if family, but it's the group I'm with.

P: Is it a very big group?

C: 10-20 people.

P: I'd like you to leave that scene and let's move forward to an important day, when something is happening.


P: What do you see?

C: I'm being told to go somewhere.

P: Who's telling you?

C: My brother.

P: Where is he telling you to go?

C: To a foreign land.

P: Why? Can you ask him? What is he saying?

C: He just wants me to go.

P: Is he mad at you?

C: No, it's a foreign land, I don't speak the language.

P: Does it feel like you will go?

C: Yes.

P: Let's move forward and see what's happening.

C: It was the mission he gave me. I had to go.

P: Can you tell me what you are doing on this mission? Is it easier than you thought it would be?

C: No, not easier. I see a court and a king. He seems to like me. I was building stuff for him.

P: Were you there very long?

C: The rest of my life.

P: Did you marry?

C: No.

P: Did you always build things?

C: Yeah.

P: Did you end up being happy or content there?

C: After a while, I guess I did. Somewhat. But I wanted to go home.

P: So you never saw any of your family again?

C: I never saw my mother.

P: Did you see some of your siblings?

C: I think, at a later time I did. I think I was ____ by then. It was like a visit, and I ended up going back.

P: But the king liked your work?

C: Yeah.

P: Was he a good king?

C: I think so.

P: Move forward to last day in the life we are looking at. What is happening and what do you see? Do you feel like you are alone?

C: I was alone, praying or something, and someone came up behind me and killed me.

P: You're on the other side now. You can see it all now. What did you learn from it? Do you feel like there was a life lesson?

C: Something about not resisting. Something about better to not resist.

P: And from that side, can you gain any perspective on why that person wanted to kill you?

C: It was religious, being a foreigner in a foreign land, some kind of religious dispute. Opposing religion, I guess.

P: Was there a purpose to that lifetime?

C: Yeah. I think it was something I had wanted to see when I was in a prior lifetime and I was able to see it.

P: What was it you wanted to see? Was it the kingdom? Or was it something else?

C: Kingdom?

P: Yes, you built things for that king. What was it that you wanted to see?

C: In a prior life, I had wanted to see the unknown god. From hearing all the prophecies, I wondered if it was really real.

P: And what did you find out?

C: That it was.

P: Now, you're on the spirit side. Anything you want to explore about the spirit side?

C: Nothing comes to mind.

P: While you're still on the spirit side, is there anything else about that life that you'd like to glean information from? Or do you feel you have a pretty good overview?

C: Yeah.

P: Okay, let's drift away from that scene. That lifetime. The spirit of that man will continue his journey...... I want Cheryl's personality to reintegrate back into the body. I'd like to ask, May I speak to Cheryl's subconscious please.

SC: Granted.

P: I respect the power of the SC.... Do I have permission to ask questions.

SC: Yes.

P: I know the SC chose the lifetime, why did you choose it?

SC: Because it relates to her current life path.

P: Anything else?

SC: That what she suspected is correct, it's the path to follow.

P: In last year's session, she viewed a Roman life. Afterward, she researched what she had learned and came up with the life of Cicero, the orator. Did she live in the time of Cicero?

SC: She was Cicero.

P: Was the other research she found about Cicero was true?

SC: Yes.

P: Did he have rheumatism?

SC: Yes, bad.

P: Did his voice waver when he gave speeches?

SC: Yes.

P: Was that like some kind of cellular memory when she was in court testifying?

SC: It was something similar.

P: A little something to help her remember her connection?

SC: Then, no, but when she read about it, yes. [My sensibility is that the no, means it didn't help me remember because there was no context, but I recognized it when I read about it and made me dig further into the life of Cicero.]

P: Humor.

SC: True.

P: Anything else to know?

SC: Will come up as needed.

P: In the last session, we asked who you are and the answer was, We are "the All." A few months after that session, she stumbled upon a link to the Gospel of Thomas and in saying 77, Jesus said, "It is I who am the light which is above them all. It is I who am the all...." Can you explain?

SC: It's the same.

P: Can you tell us more?

SC: Many reflections of Jesus. Not an easy concept to convey. But the all is one and many at the same time.

P: So part of our HS make up the all?

SC: Yes, but in her case she is one reflection of the All. And who is speaking through her are reflections of the All. And the All is Jesus.

P: Is this her HS, or is this including her HS as well as the consciousness of Jesus?

SC: Her consciousness is a part of the All.

P: Is that the same with everyone?

SC: No, in this case she is part of what you'd call the oversoul of certain people that have been on the planet as a soul group.

P: Thank you very much for coming to clarify questions.

P: In further readings on Judas Thomas the Apostle, it says that he (Judas Thomas—Thomas means twin) was a twin of Jesus. Can you give further information? Was he an identical twin or a fraternal twin?

SC: He was a fraternal twin.

P: Twin flames?

SC: Yes.

P: Can you give us any other information about their relationship?

SC: As above, so below. Jesus was the higher. He went to the spirit side to continue his mission and Judas Thomas stayed below to continue the earthly mission.

P: So Judas continues to be reincarnated on earth?

SC: Yes.  [Update 01/18/20:  Regarding my Thomas past life:  "All of the Apostles as you have known them are already on the planet, as are most of the disciples that have walked with Yeshua, including his family — no, excluding the mother [of Jesus], of course, (1) and excluding Jophiel."]


P: Thank you. What is her connection to Judas Thomas?

SC: She was Judas Thomas.

P: So, is her oversoul the same as Judas Thomas?

SC: It's the same. It's Jesus Christ. The same for all the apostles.

P: In a meditation, she saw Jewish men in what appeared to be prayer shawls in an outdoor group meeting, near a large body of water. Can you confirm what that was and how she might be involved in that scene?

SC: That was the past life we just viewed.

P: Where was she? At the kingdom, or with her family.

SC: Family. It was the life of Judas Thomas.

P: Can you tell us who was the brother who sent Judas Thomas to a foreign land.

SC: It was Jesus. He was telling Judas to go to India.

P: He was a carpenter and the king liked his work?

SC: Yes.

P: What else?

SC: He preached the gospel of Jesus. That was his mission.

P: What was the gospel then, in its purest form?

SC: It wasn't like it is today. Too much added today. Too much taken way. It was a way of life. It was loving your neighbor. Taking care of the next. It was simple. And what came afterward was what man conjured up.

P: Thank you for the clarity. She's been an Atlantean priestess, a Roman spiritual leader [Cicero was a Pontifex Maximus and was on the Board of Augurs], an Apostle, has a history of spiritual work. Does she have it in her soul contract to do spiritual work this lifetime?

SC: Yes. It's part of the awakening. Teaching people the truth, not what religion has become today. It's simple. People will need something when the hard times come.

P: From your perspective, what is the best way to convey that message.

SC: Continue on the path she's on.

P: Did she have a lifetime known as Thomas Nelson Jr?

SC: Yes.

P: Does she have any work this lifetime to do along those lines?

SC: Possibly. Those timelines are not set.

P: Will you help her?

SC: Yes.

P: She's been told by two different readers in the past that she sits on the Board of Karma. Is this true? Can you give more information about it?

SC: The Board reviews lives, she's on that board. It's an important position.


P: Does she give suggestions, or counseling, or how does that work?

SC: There's some of that, but mostly it's not something we can talk about.

P: Okay. In last year's session, you told her she was a commander. She had a vision of temporarily taking control of a ship. Was that a recall or imagination?

SC: Yes, it was recall. She was there, she saw it. Can't talk about who they were, but the vision she saw was quite real. And, yes, ships can be controlled in the manner that she saw: A big orb with universes floating around in it, and three people controlling what it was doing. Quite interesting technology.

P: [Back to the first question re the pink pyramid.] You said it was related to Atlantis. What was its purpose?

SC: A source of energy that was mixed with love, and fed the people.

P: What was her connection to it?

SC: She controlled the energy inside. She worked with it.

P: Was the pyramid somehow conscious?

SC: Yes, the pyramid was conscious. The energy was conscious. She could join her consciousness with the energy.

P: She had a vision of an Atlantean priestess, named Azulta. Vision or imagination?

SC: Vision. Corrected pronounciation, accent on the zool.

P: She had a wide-awake vision of a soul shattering or splintering into a multitude of gold-colored fragments. They glittered and glowed and sprayed out to the four corners. She got the impression that nuclear energy does that to souls. Then three Zeta-type Elders came rushing into the room this was happening in and began some kind of procedure. Suddenly, three light beings materialized and took over, capturing the fragments and reintegrating them. The body was a goner but they transferred the restored soul into its next incarnation. Can you interpret the meaning and how it relates to her?

SC: It was a recall, happened to her in a parallel life, and we wanted her to know this is what nuclear energy does to souls.

P: Is that why, the aliens help protect us from nuclear mishaps?

SC: Yes, the results can affect many universes.

P: Convey our gratitude.

P: She was doing a search to confirm an image she had seen of an ET with a ginormous white, bald head. It fit the description in Dolores Cannon's (DC) book "The Custodians" (p.512: "No, there's a taller one. It seems like a "he." He has a very, very bony white head, and different eyes.") My own recollection is seeing him (or one like him) in the "crew pit" of a starship, with his back towards me. The size of his head was remarkable. Since someone else has seen a similar being, am I right to believe he is real, rather than imaginary?

SC: It's Commander Parve.

P: Does she know him?

SC: Yes, she's been a crew member under him.

P: His race?

SC: A zeta-type.

P: Anything else?

SC: She was a junior commander. He was a senior commander. She trained under him. He was the best of that race. She learned a lot.

P: Does she still have any worldly connections?

SC: Worldly?

P: Otherworldly connections?

SC: Yes, he's there. He's part of the crew Hazbo belongs to. She knows Hazbo.  Works on the same ship. He's around.  [Later, I learned Hazbo is a parallel life of G___.] 

P: Are there any messages for her Earthchangers group that you could give her?

SC: Byron needs another session.

P: Are there any other details?

SC: That's complete.

P: Can you give us the likelihood of a Planet X event.

SC: Yes, a little bit of information. Teams stand by to evacuate the planet at the point, IF that point is reached, where the tectonic plates begin to move. It can still be avoided. There are many, many, many teams prepared to step in, should it be necessary.

P: Anything we can do on an individual level to help?

SC: Prepare your own lives, needs if electricity is lost, local events happen. And keep working on raising your consciousness to be ready for the next step.

P: If there would be an event, any time frame?

SC: It's always hard to put a time on things when factors change minute by minute.

P: When we send love to the planet, does it help?

SC: Yes, just keep sending her love.

P: Any special message to convey to Cheryl.

SC: Just keep doing your path. She keeps asking. Hopefully, this session will show she is getting good information. And just carry on.

P: Can you do a complete body scan on Cheryl?

{Cheryl says "my feet just got hot." "Now my knees just got hot."}

P: We appreciate your ability to look at every cell and organ, and to give us information.

SC: The muscle problems are worse. The fibromyalgia.

P: Can you tell us what causes it?

SC: The new word for rheumatism. She had it in a prior life and it's back. The past life connection triggers it.

P: Is that something you can remove from her cellular memory?

SC: Yes.

P: Will she be cured?

SC: It will improve gradually.

P: Can she do anything?

SC: Strengthen her muscles. Use the big rubber bands. Walking isn't easy enough for her any more.

P: How often?

SC: Several times a week.

P: For how long?

SC: Several minutes at a time.

P: Any other phrases or words of encouragement to help her make this a regular habit.

SC: <chuckles> Commanders don't limp.

P: Make a sign and post it on the wall?

SC: Yes. That should prick her ego enough. <chuckles>

P: Can you help her with her occasional double vision.

SC: It's the loss of patches of myelin sheath. It's better, but slow progress. When there are extra energies in the air, including electricity, it affects the wiring in her vision center.  [Update September-October 2015:  I've been having multiple optical migraines during this time of increased energies.]

P: We are ever so grateful for your continued work on this. Can you give her more information about the diabetes she's experiencing.

SC: We let it happen to force her to change her diet and get into better shape.

P: Is this what you want her to do?

SC: Yes, she's controlling it with diet. If we have to hold the sword of diabetes over her head, <chuckles> so be it. Times are changing. You need to have your body in better shape. The chocolate is okay.  [Update June 2015:  I beat the diabetes with diet, and am now off all meds.]

P: Anything else in her body?

SC: Fatty liver. We'll work on dissolving the fat. We can take care of it, as long as she doesn't go off the diet.

P: Is there anything else within her body you want to point out?

SC: No.

P: Can you reprogram anything that no longer serves?

SC: Yes.

P: Can you tell her, or give her any idea what she'll be doing a year from now.

SC: She always wants to know. No cigar, as she would say. <chuckles>

P: We truly appreciate you spending time with us and answering our questions. Can you give any further info on Zeta-type beings she knows?

SC: They are their healers, very skilled in healing, not just theirs but humans too. Because of the genetic experiments, they know human bodies better than humans do. They are the healers, they are good, they are loving, not associated with the ones causing problems.

P: Can you tell us anything else about whether it's a planetoid or something we will perceive as a comet next year, and the grids changing on Earth, or any type of insight that may aid us?

SC: Be prepared for anything. There's only so much we can tell up front. But when energies change, it will affect the Earth. And when people awaken, it will affect populations. High probability of civil unrest and chaos in the next few years. As for energies hitting the Earth by Planet X or other modes, again, we stand ready to assist. This generation is expected to survive the transition.

P: Anything else you want to say?

SC: Just continue to communicate via meditation like you've been doing and we'll address things as they arrive.

P: Thanks the SC and closes the session.

Remember What Petrach Said?

This is the wowser: "You would fancy sometimes it was not a Pagan philosopher [Cicero] but a Christian apostle who was speaking."  The irony is that he was right, but it wasn't imagination.  Could it be that the Christ consciousness came a lifetime early to set the Roman stage for Jesus' incarnation as the Son of Man?  Or was Cicero someone who was a spiritual colleague, who came on mission to the failing Roman republic?  Or both?

CONFIRMATION OF PAST LIFE >>>>>  CiceroExcerpts-revised.doc   <<<<< IMPORTANT TO READ

So, the lifetime was contacted in the first session and confirmed by the SC in the current session.  In between, I researched it more after what was posted with the first session.  I stumbled upon a few personality traits I shared with Cicero, so decided to research it more.  I found four biographies and so far have gone through two of them.  The Excerpts link (right above) are the result of that research.  I think what this says, besides confirming the lifetime, is that personality traits travel with the spirit/soul.  I don't know if it means all traits do.  He had one trait (vanity) which perhaps has been lessened over the millenia as I don't have it as bad as reported he did.  Maybe that means that less-than-good traits are erased as we have gone through time and only good traits travel with the soul/spirit. 

Don't perceive this as an ego thing.  Actually, I'm kind of uncomfortable with having a famous past life.  And I was uncomfortable posting about it (even though I was fairly convinced before the second session).  I mean, what do I do with it in the present?  Brag about it so people can call me crazy?  I don't think so.  But I do know it was brought forth to help me in this lifetime.  Perhaps build up my confidence and certainty.  I don't know, but I do know I was supposed to make it known. 

One thing for sure, there is definitely a trend that shows me doing spiritual work at the end of Atlantis (as the priestess, Azulta), at the end of the Republic in Rome (Cicero), the beginning of Christianity (the Apostle Thomas), then the beginning of the USA (Thomas Nelson, Jr--signer of the Declaration of Independence), and now at what appears to be the end of its better days, as well as Christianity's.  So, is this the conclusion of the Rome/Christianity to America/Christianity experiment?  How will it end?  I don't know, but I know I'm a part of it.

So, if I'm uncomfortable with having Cicero as a past life, just think what it's like having this next past life...

The Apostle Thomas Lifetime

Remember what Petrarch said about Cicero's works?  "You would fancy sometimes it was not a Pagan philosopher [Cicero] but a Christian apostle who was speaking." Read the document at the Cicero Excerpts link to see the things he said, the man who was assassinated 43 years before Christ was born:  CiceroExcerpts-revised.doc.  It's not just about Christianity, but he also had quite the New Age view of things, some of which I'll be posting examples from Dolores Cannon books, which further confirm the information gleaned in her sessions.  [I learned later that he was an initiate of a Greek mystery school, who was also prone to have visions of future things.]

The irony is that Petrarch was right, but it wasn't imagination.  Could it be that Christ came a lifetime early to set the Roman stage for his incarnation as the Son of Man?  Or was Cicero someone who was a spiritual colleague (soul group member?), who came on mission to the failing Roman republic? 

One interesting theme through DC's Five Lives Remembered is the spirit speaking of a voice that tells the spirit where to go.  This book is about five lives of one woman.  She was a relatively newly created spirit, coming on the scene in the early 14th century.  This one didn't know much, having had no former Earth lives.  It was innocent and described by DC as "beautiful."  This is in Chapter 10, A Spirit Created.  As the spirit was encountered after subsequent lives, it had more knowledge to share about the spirit world.  (I highly recommend you reading this book!)  These sessions, by the way, were done by DC's husband before his accident.  DC was holding the microphone.  

When this pure spirit was created, DC's husband Johnny wasn't sure how to handle it.  Anita is the subject and it is her new spirit talking in this sequence:

A:  I am kind and I am good.  I have all virtue.

J:  How long have you been here in the spirit?

A:  Since I was created.  I do not number in years.  I was created.

J:  And do you know where you were created?

A:  I know -- you mean a name?  A name for this place?

J:  What do you call this place?

A:  I have no need to call it anything.  I simply know that I am here; that all is good and well.  I have what I need.  I know what I know, and I will do what I am told.  But you may call it any word which is good.  That will be acceptable to me. 

In my first session, after the assassination, I was asked how long I was on the spirit side.  I responded with 75 years comes to mind.  So, if I really did reincarnate as Thomas the Apostle (doubting Thomas as he was called), that would have been only approximately 43 years later, or so.  Thus, Cheryl the Doubter, well, doubted.  But I do not number in years answers that question.  On several occasions in this book, and a few others, it has been learned that spirits are outside of time and to ask for a concrete time is difficult for them, for they do not measure time like we measure time, if at all.  So, for me to say 75 years was probably a guesstimate, at best.  

I will do what I am told  and a voice tells me to do something are also a recurring theme in this particular book.  On page 128, Anita is about to enter the body of a child, whose spirit must rest and Anita's spirit is trading places.  She says:

A:  It's very young... I'm watching... I can see them... I will be a girl now.  I will be a little girl.

J:  Did someone tell you to do this?

A:  Always, we follow what we feel.  The voice tells us.

J:  Do you hear this voice or just feel it?

A:  Spirits have no ears.  We hear by feeling.  See by feeling. 

Now, turning to a different lifetime (same person), we come to the chapter on Strong Gretchen in what appears to be early 1300's Germany, Anita's first lifetime.  She dies in battle and enters the spirit world.  Johnny Cannon questions her.  My point will be on the voice and not resisting, but I'm providing the larger excerpt because it is just simply fascinating.  She became a ghost and haunted her castle, and she was patiently dealt with doing wrong things...

J:  What are you going to do now, Gretchen?

G:  I must rest.  I was too strong.  Why did I have to be that way?  I was supposed to be a good fighter, but not that strong.  My voice tells me ... I was very brave.  I had good qualities, but I must not resist the voice.  I stayed there too long, and some things I did were not right, while I stayed there.  I said I didn't know ... but maybe I did.  It's wrong for me to stay there, and I try to slip back now, to scare people who look at it.  I just don't want them to bother it [her castle].  It was to have been mine.  And I want to be Gretchen.  I can't let go of her.  I must wait a long time, and then I'll forget.

J:  Did the voice tell you this?

A:  Yes.  And not to go back.  It's very patient when I keep going back. 

J:  Where are you resting?

A:  Well, he wants me to go...all the way back.  I wasn't ready to be sent just yet, perhaps.  He said I was too strong.  I have to go all the way back to rest.  I started to cry...and he promises me that the castle will always be there.  He will erase the memory, I will rest.  I will come back.  As I go back, I can go back, but not Gretchen.  I will be alive again but I mustn't be so strong.  My spirit was too strong.

J:  Has the voice told you when you'll be going back?

A:  When I am rested.  And he tells me, I am truly a perfect spirit.  That person, the times, made me too strong.  That's the whole trouble, you get involved.  You become that person.  My spirit was so strong.  They told me I was strong and could do anything because I was Gretchen.  And I was -- my spirit believed them.  Even death didn't stop me.  It's not common to do that.  Most spirits aren't that strong.  I will be a different person, much milder, gentle. 

WOW~ Never heard the ghost's side of things, have you?

Anyway, the point of this excerpt was I must not resist the voice.  Correlating this with Thomas the Apostle's lifetime, I mentioned in the session the purpose or lesson had something to do with resisting.  Further research turned up the Acts of the Apostle Thomas in which the story is told of how Thomas drew the lot to go to India and didn't want to.  Jesus sold Thomas to a merchant named Abbanes, who was on a mission to buy a carpenter for King Gundaphorus of India.  Thomas then agreed to go to India. 

And of Thomas' death...

In the Eleventh Act, King Misdaeus' wife had become a Christian [but the king wasn't, at that time] and it was interfering with their marital relations.  The good King was not pleased, so he eventually sentenced Thomas to death.  He was taken up a mountain by four soldiers and an officer, and allowed to pray before the sentence was executed.  [This is not the same king as Gundaphorus, for whom Thomas was bought as a carpenter slave.]

168 And when he had thus prayed he said unto the soldiers: Come hither and accomplish the commandments of him that sent you. And the four [soldiers] came and pierced him with their spears, and he fell down and died.

And, I stumbled upon another confirmation, this one a confirmation that Cicero and Thomas had similarities – Speaking is a captain of Misdaeus, the Indian King:  I have heard of thee that thou takest no reward of any man, but even that thou hast thou givest to them that need.  And Thomas Nelson, Jr. spent his personal fortune on aiding the fledgling nation in its war against Britain.  And I have the same characteristic of being altruistic.


As for Thomas never seeing his mother again and going home to visit, there are various legends that he did go home, again, missed the big event, this one being the assumption of his mother, Mary.  See the Legends section at ;

So, all things given, the information given in the session matched up pretty well with historical information.

Research on the Shawls

For some reason, in my recall the shawls appeared light blue.  When the image returned in the session, the light blue color practically screamed, so I checked it out.

Update 12/24/18 (from


This kind of garb (shawl-like garment that can be worn over the head) is a common middle eastern attire, but since more than Jewish people wear something similar, I gathered that the color was to distinguish the people.  So research turned up that the color blue is associated with Jewish shawl.  Thus, those people by the shore in the vision are likely Jewish.  Whether the entire shawl was light blue or not was something I couldn't determine (prices of some dyes at that time were for the wealthy only, and the people I saw were not of that class) and sometimes, I've discovered, the imagery in recall can morph to bring attention to, or to clarify, an important point.  I think that could be the case here.

What I discovered is that the Bible commands that a blue thread (or cord) be inserted in the tassle affixed to each corner of the Jewish prayer shawl.  Here are the sources I used:,,  The original biblical blue has been recently rediscovered, which is an exciting discovery.  

Research on the Body of Water and the Hills

I took an educated guess the body of water was the Sea of Gallilee.  There certainly are hills surrounding it, as these images show:;_ylt=A0LEVjk_1mNVMbAAFucnnIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTByMjB0aG5zBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--?p=Sea+of+Galillee+Hills&fr=ytff1-yff25&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-002.

Research on the Cube (Flat-Roofed, Box-Shaped) House

Here is an image of housing in an ancient city on the Sea of Galillee, dating around the time in question.  Read the article at  It says this city may be one mentioned in Mark, and that remnants of a boat dated to that time was found.  Scholars are speculating that this could be the place Jesus went to after feeding the 4,000.  Perhaps this is where he came right after the scene from my past life occurred? 


The Thomas Nelson Jr. Lifetime

The SC confirmed I am a descendant of Thomas Nelson Jr, the signer of the Declaration of Independence, who was considered a U.S. founding father (as well as a general and wartime governor of Virginia, who famously ordered his soldiers to bombard his own home to prevent the British from occupying it).  He impoverished himself to defend this country.  He is considered a "founding father" of America.  And Pliny the Elder referred to Cicero as the father of his country (Rome). 

I have no documentary proof, other than pictures that suggest a family resemblance.  The top left is my grandfather Nelson on the occasion of his wedding in 1917, when he was about 23.  The other two pictures are of Thomas Nelson Jr as a teenager, mid-1750s.  But the more important point is below the pictures...

10958064874?profile=original and that point has to do with timelines.  The SC mentioned that I might possibly have a mission along "those" lines (meaning the restoration of this country), but that the timelines were not "set" at this time. 

In today's Cobra,, the interviewer asks:

Rob – I have been told that there are many timelines that are in flux and things are not really stabilized and that’s why a lot of things are changing. There still seems to be some sort of manipulation. Things aren’t really stabilized. That’s why things aren’t really happening. Is that correct? Are there multiple timelines still in flux at this point?

COBRA – Yes, there are sub-timelines. The main timeline has been stabilized. There are sub-timelines, which are in flux. They are not manipulated directly, but I would say, certain situations, certain conditions, haven’t been resolved yet and the outcome of those events, those conditions, is not known yet. And yes, some of those situations are extremely unstable. We have been dealing with one of those situations – the resistance has been dealing with one of those situations last week.

You know I am not sure if Cobra is disinfo or not, but even if he is, those guys can still be used as vehicles to pass on messages and make confirmations, such as this.  My SC said that the possible Nelson timeline is not set.  A week later, Cobra comes along and says a similar thing about some timelines not being set (being in flux or transition).  This is an example of synchronicity.  They happen to me frequently.  It is a way for you to confirm things you might become aware of, either through SC whisperings or reading or whatever, so pay attention.

UPDATE 12/12/2020:  While researching my next book (on reincarnation), I encountered the concept of identifying a soul's passage through lifetimes, via the recognition of facial architecture.  Walter Semkiw, M.D. is the author of The Return of the Revolutionaries, who pioneered this concept/technique.  He has proven that souls incarnate in groups and it is possible to track a soul through its lifetimes using this technique.  Part of the technique is to have inverse pictures, which can emphasize architecture not noticeable when the picture is right side up.  My SC confirmed I was Thomas Nelson, Jr. in a past lifetime.  And it seems, the facial architecture is also confirming it:

10958064286?profile=originalYou can't make this up. 

UPDATE #2, 12/12/20:  It struck me that Thomas the Apostle had the same name as Thomas Nelson, Jr.  Seems like another synchronicity, so I started digging around to see what I could find. 

Cicero was born 1/3/106 BC and died 12/7/43. 

Next lifetime was Thomas the Apostle, no written records remain, other than mention of him in the Bible. 

I was told I was off-world for the next 1700 or so years.

I came back to an Earth lifetime as Thomas Jr. on 12/26/1738 and left that life on 1/4/1789. 

Now, looking at Cicero and Nelson from the aspect of both being political leaders, Cicero's soul left Rome in December 43 BC, in the waning years of the Roman republic, and came back as Nelson in December 1738, at the beginning of the American republic.  Picking up where he left off?  244 years later, I'm back, at what seems to be playing out as a critical juncture, perhaps the ending of the American empire?  And, Cicero, Thomas the Apostle, and Nelson come together with America having been birthed as a Christian nation and formed as a constitutional republic. 

Looking at their birth/deceased dates, they are mirror images:  Cicero born 1/3/106 BC and Nelson dies 1/4/1789.  Cicero dies 12/7/43 BC and Nelson is born 12/26/1738.  It seems like their dates are near mirror images.  These are some of the tricky clues, if you know what to look for, in identifying past lives.  Many lives can't be identified by pictures because there simply aren't any.  I was lucky, in that most of my past lives left written records behind and images (Cicero's statue, Nelson's oil paintings, and then the next two lives, one had a Daguerrotype image (the beginnings of modern photography), and my last lifetime, photography had improved and there were a number of pictures. 

However, there are other ways to detect if a person was a past life by noting their characteristics and their interests.  Apparently, I was just getting on to something in my last life and came back to finish the mission. 

Anyway, there is definitely a connection between Cicero and Thomas Nelson, Jr.  I also suspect Thomas the Apostle was a valid lifetime between Cicero and Nelson, as both the apostle and the American revolutionary have the same name.  Out of all the names in the world.  And, wasn't being involved in a world-changing movement, such as Christianity, just as revolutionary as breaking ties with England and declaring independence?  Or, standing up to evil when Rome was in its decline?  And, Plutarch commenting that Cicero  sounded more like an apostle than a pagan philosopher. 

There are just too many similarities to be just coincidental.  What an adventure this has been.  But with this facial recognition discovery of my Thomas Nelson Jr. past life, it validates that the QHHT session gave good information. 

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  • 7.  A number that repeats quite often for me.  Usually its 717, or 77.  

  • As I finalized the above two updates, the views show 777.  While it has other meanings in numerology, in the Bible, the number 7 "is represented as the symbol of perfection and completion." 

    I started this journey back in 2014, with the QHHT sessions.  Over time, I added updates as I came upon confirmations.  Then, a year-and-a-half ago, I was given the challenge to discover my past life.  In so doing, I found the lifetime preceding my past life, and just recently found a way to independently confirm the Thomas Nelson, Jr. lifetime. 

    My research is done.  Reincarnation exists, as far as I'm concerned.  Next March will be the seventh anniversary since I started this quest.  A good goal to shoot for finishing the book. 

  • Yes, he was known as Thomas the doubter.  (A trait we share.)  Actually, his name was Judas, but was called the twin.  Both Thomas (Aramaic) and Didymus (Greek) mean twin and sometimes he's even referred to as Thomas Judas Didymus.  There are some extra-canonical books of Thomas, and legends. 

    Yes, facial architecture is fascinating.  I have a friend who looks similar to someone I knew in my last lifetime.  I compared photographs and it was a near match.  So, I think soul groups do incarnate together.  I think that it happened here, on this website.  Lots of Atlanteans have passed through. 

  • Facial architecture fascinating!!  I believe it as my friend Amy found a photo of a family from the mid to late 1800s.  The woman in the photo looked almost identical to what she looks like now.  And her higher self confirmed it was a past life of hers.  Btw, Thomas the apostle - isnt he is known as the doubter?  There may be more written some where about him as I recall reading something about him somewhere (wish I could remember).

  • UPDATE 12/12/2020:  While researching my next book (on reincarnation), I encountered the concept of identifying souls as they pass through lifetimes through the recognition of facial architecture.  Walter Semkiw, M.D. is the author of The Return of the Revolutionaries, who pioneered this concept/technique.  He has proven that souls incarnate in groups and it is possible to track a soul's lifetimes through this technique.  Part of the technique is to have inverse pictures, which can emphasize architecture not noticeable when the picture is right side up.  My SC confirmed I was Thomas Nelson, Jr. in a past lifetime.  And it seems, the facial architecture is also confirming it.  [See image in the blog above.]

  • Who is Jophiel?


    Regarding my Thomas past life:  "All of the Apostles as you have known them are already on the planet, as are most of the disciples that have walked with Yeshua, including his family — no, excluding the mother [of Jesus], of course, (1) and excluding Jophiel."

  • You have always resonated with the Arcturian messages. I will read it all later

  • I've discovered more information.  I found my star family.  See yesterday's post at for those details. 

    I did some research and found this link:, that explains the mysterious "the all" that appeared in both my qhht sessions.  "The All" is not the Arcturians themselves, but a power above them.

    Another link I found: also ties in.  I seem to know someone "up there" called Commander Parve and I've had encounters with commanding a space craft.  Another link discusses their starship, Athena: ; It talks about a room on board as big as a stadium, and I've had a memory of something similar.  

    Very interesting.  It all ties together.

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