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Hey everyone,

My name is Alex and I recently resigned as a moderator from the Pole Shift ning site after 2 years of working with them. It was a page on the site that prompted me to come here and say what I'm about to say to you. I wish to explain what I went through, the after-effects of leaving, and to utterly apologize to the members here, including those who were suspended and ended up landing on this site; the ones that were hurt and told they were wrong. I want to extend an offer of friendship, the very place that I had so wrongly condemned.

This is the page that blew me away and prompted this, thanks to my brother:

And THIS jewel:

When I first joined the ning, it was much more open - meaning- flexible, tolerant, and more accepting of more off-topic discussions. I had become a moderator at the time of Cheryl's vamoose, amongst the endless discussions regarding her "wrongness" and apparent betrayal. And ended up in the middle of a skirmish of which I had no prior basis of, which led to joining the group mentality of "Us Vs. Them" with little question. I participated in "secret" operations that involved creating false memberships here and attacking the members who spoke differently. How sneaky! "We're doing so good snooping around and Zeta-bombing her followers! We're so fantastic!" To me that was logical at the time (and fun) and I was totally into it. How silly! But now I'm looking back and kicking myself because I understand now how absurdly ridiculous the whole thing was!

I was never one to really hunt down members and suspend them, but I still did it on occasion when I felt the need to. Overtime it escalated quite a bit. I can tell you that clearly -as it's been pointed out so blatantly- that they have become a place of rigid rules and intolerance towards anything not ZetaTalk. I tried to remind them that the Zetas themselves have urged and urged us endlessly via Nancy to use our common sense, to take what they say and view it from many angles to draw our own conclusions. But that is not how they operate on the ning. They'd deny it too!

To those who were suspended for reasons of posting "disinfo" or even spiritual ideals, there was nothing "wrong" with the info of which you offered. I know so many were excited to join, who found a place to share, but once doing so were blasted out and told they were wrong and upon asking for reasoning of suspension, were greeted with with blunt answers. Hell, some were even suspended immediately after they joined without notice! They have their own reasons. The info was only wrong to them by what they have come to understand. Understand this, so that you can understand them. They mean no harm, and did not intend to hurt anybody in their suspensions.

They have every right to act the way they do and there is nothing wrong with them. I want the members here to see them in a more positive light, to see that they are no worse, no better. They are simply operating in a different mindset with more rules. Sadly, they still consider this a place of weakness and lies, and likewise, I am sure there is still much disapproval towards them on this side as well. I will continue to post my experiences through the comments on this blog. There is much to say.

And to end this, I approve of neither side. Nobody is any better than the other, yet they will see this at some point and will slap many labels on my head and some of them will consider me a complete traitor, but it hardly matters now.


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Comment by Cheryl Nelson on June 18, 2012 at 6:32pm

There are many susceptible people out there.

"Black ops" in NZT-speak means someone who disagrees with Nancy and has the poor judgment to prove her wrong.  That's all it means.  I was labeled that.  So was Paris.  So was DesertRose.  Makes you wonder why she needs so many lessons from the Zetas on this point.  Guess she's just a slow student?

Once a cult defines a label and then applies it to someone, the definition kicks in and critical reasoning faculties shut down.  Ah, that explains this blemish.  Well, nothing to worry about.  It's been identified and removed.  Carry on.  In other words, someone else is doing the thinking for those people.

Comment by Tammy Fielder on June 18, 2012 at 2:23pm

Ken, you will find many beliefs here.  Some people believe in PX others do not, some believe in Earth changes coming from the solar system and it is a natural course others do not.  The one thing that we do agree on is that we all respect  others beliefs.  We all have our voice here and it actually helps us all find the truth.  I welcome you and hope you make yourself at home.  :)

Comment by Ken Harris on June 18, 2012 at 2:00pm

It took CoS's expose's for me to say something publicly about the PS ning. Since my attack last year that got labeled as "black ops" I have viewed the PS Ning with disdain and incredulity at how many straws the members are grasping at to prove Nancy's predictions and garner her favor. Now I see through CoS that the Black Op and RV accusations are used as a curse to prevent the current mods from listening to their inner voices that contradict the falsehoods being spouted by (as GLPers say) the Queen Mother. My belief that PX is coming, and the earth is about to go through major changes holds firm, but the messenger has lost the message, and instead must revert to conjecture and lies to fulfill the ego driven need to "be right". The PS Ning cannot survive the "cult" like control that duplicates the worst of totalitarian and dictatorial countrys around the world. I would bet that if the "active" membership of the Ning were analyzed, we would fine a wealth of cult suseptible personalities.

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on June 7, 2012 at 11:03am

Another thought:  I didn't come here to be your lord and leader.  I'm in this suit of humanity as one of you.  My deal was to walk this walk with you as one of you, suffering in this life, for better or for worse.  We are family.  Many here are from "elsewhere" but someone had to be the alarm clock, ya know?  We are teammates, dusting off the rust and getting ready for showtime.  And what a show it will be!

A lot of future truth comes out in my writings.  If you read Ahn of the C`etas (posted below) you'll see where this is all headed.  heheheh.

I'm getting the giggles over what a grand game we are all playing.  I had a very vivid dream about Nancy some months ago.  Gerard was there, too.  I asked Nancy, Can we stop fighting now?  And she replied, Not yet, dear.  Gerard was laughing.  Yeah, he does have an infectious laugh.  I started laughing, too.

Hahahahahah!  Can we spell h-o-l-o-d-e-c-k, as in "Earth is a ......"

I got the okay to say this now.  It's time for him to awaken.  Good mornin'! :-D

P.S., this just came to me ... Nancy & Co. are getting karmic debt forgiveness and some intensive rehab ... we're all subject to 3D crapioli.  The new day is dawning.  Welcome!

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on June 7, 2012 at 9:43am

DR, your observations are astute, as usual. 

I miss her, too.  I enjoyed the conversations. 

Comment by Tammy Fielder on June 6, 2012 at 11:29pm

I second that Weiynala!  I agree that Rose has said what we all want to say!

Comment by desertrose on June 6, 2012 at 6:42pm

I feel that  she  is  sincere in what  she  came here to do .  Unfortunately it  was  too much too  soon.  Knowing the truth  has nothing to  do with  emotional bonds  that have  been created  and now severed very  possibly  beyond  repair  with most.

To  come here to  express her  truth  was  very  brave and  I  applaud  her courage.  I  do not  believe she  was ready  to  be  confronted  with our  truth and therein lies the rub.  We  have all experienced different  levels  of  treachery and deceit from the  NL  side.  Just as  Alex  was sure of  what  truth  she had  to  impart  .  So are most  here  who still carry the  scars from their own  personal  encounter.

We have  all been  hurt ,  we  have  all seen  the  disruptions visited  upon  us simply  for  existing.  The  horrible  things being said.  Alex  said  she was  aware  of the tactics that  had been use  against  us  and yet we should not  say that  we   do not  appreciate  how we  have been treated?

I feel  for her  because  I  know her heart was in the right  place when she made the decision  to come here.  Yet  I  cannot  help  but  understand that  she was  not  ready  to  face the truth of  the damage  the tactics and  subterfuge  they use has  done to so many.  Not  just  to her and those  yet  to  wake up in the ps ning.

She  is able to see our shortcomings  and point  to them out willingly ,but   not  ready  to  have the  same  done to those on the other side.  Thus asking us  to  not listen to  Cheryl and  phase  her  out as  if  we are here  because Cheryl is or leader and  we are  blind  followers as they  are in psning.  That statement  alone has shown me that  she is on the defensive and not  yet  ready  to accept  the  full truth  of what  is   happening there.

Yes  Cheryl  we owe  her  love  and understanding,  however, no one  here  was  cruel  or disrespectful.  the truth was stated  gently but  clearly.  It is  obvious   that her  wounds   are  still   quite open  and  vulnerable.  One can only  hope that in time  she will mend  and  begin to  understand that  we seek  not  to attack  but  to be left  to  find  our truth in  peace.  That is  all each and  everyone of  us   has   sought.  That is the  reason  we are here. 

This is  not  simply  a group  of  followers  to  our   one  Leader. This is a  family  where  we each have a say  and  are  able  to  express our  opinions  respectfully   even   when  we  do not  agree.  This  discussion  being the  prime  example of that  fact.  Our  gratitude to Cheryl  is not one  of  adoration  or  pedesal  placing but gratitude that  she cared enough  to  create this place that  has  now become  our home.  A  very  different  sentiment  and  approach  from the one  Alex  claims  to see  here.  Her   view  is  skewed  tas a  result of   her  loss  and that is understandable.

I  wish  you  well  Alex  and know  that no one here  wishes  anyone  ill.  But  you  must  understand  that when one is attacked  mercilessly time and  time  again one becomes  gun shy and will be hard  pressed  to  simply  open  up and  accept  that  what  we  know  to be  true  has  been a  figment  of  our  own  fevered imagination.  Understanding  this would have  helped  you   to  see us  as  we  truly  are  not as  you  suspected us to be.

I am sorry you are  still hurting,  I  wish  we  could help  somehow  , but  I  understand  that  this  is  your journey to make  and  you  must  decide  what  road to take  for your  healing to take  place.  Be  well and  take  care.  Please  know that all  who are   sincere and of  pure intent  are  always  welcomed  here.

Blessings of Love and Light Alex and Lothar.  You  will be  in  my  prayers.

Comment by nicholas fowler on June 6, 2012 at 1:32am

I will think about it, give it a few weeks maybe. if its a good idea, well we'll see.

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on June 6, 2012 at 1:28am

Yes, but all email addresses are confidential.  You might send her daughter(?) an email and she could forward your email address to her.  Penny Rubsam's a member here.

Comment by nicholas fowler on June 6, 2012 at 1:15am

Maybe a period f cooling, of reflection on her part, of putting things in context. does anyone have her email, I would be happy to drop her a line In a  week or two, just saying she is missed, or something similar? It may be what she is looking for, there is so much goodness in thus forum, in the hearts of its members. we are all damaged souls or else we would not be having our  earth experiences. pain is often the way of growth in our soul journey here on earth.. Anyhow just a thought.


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