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Good Morning Adrial

Good Morning Mark

I am a spokesperson for those aboard the starship Athabantian. We are pleased to visit with you this morning. As we have previously communicated, when you are able to hold a 5th Dimension vibration you are indeed one with the collective of which are we. Thus we can communicate as friends, not as one somehow better than the other.

I understand what you are saying.

We intend the following message as encouragement for those who are willing to take the next step in their personal transformation. Read in in joy, for you have a grand adventure awaiting you.

Many have come form all parts of the Cosmos to participate in the great transformation of Earth. Mark, it was your choice to come here from Andromeda, to incarnate as a human, and to spend many years living as an ordinary human among your family, with your career, your friends and many others.  This earlier activity was necessary for you to firmly connect with this planet and her people, to appreciate what life is like on a 3rd Dimension planet.

For those reading these words, we come today to give you a better understanding of your current situation. We come as ones who knew you from your time on other planets, as ones who are neither better than nor less than the real you. All within the higher vibrations are equal; all respect each other within the oneness of the All That Is.

Never before has a planet mired in the 3rd Dimension raised itself to 5th Dimension functioning. The physical bodies of Earth humans are to be infused with the vibrations of the 5th Dimension. In the process all will be transformed into lightness. It is a grand undertaking, involving the most powerful of celestials; we are most happy to be a part of it. Moreover, we are extremely happy for all Earth humans who are actively participating in this grand undertaking.

Know that the celestial collective is a vast realm, much greater in numbers than you in physical form. In the celestial realm we are a pure collective. I know this is hard to grasp, but we are most comfortable in this way, for indeed once one moves above the frequency of physical form, all operate in a collective. There are many collectives, the celestials are but one of those who are without physical form. Then there are those with no form at all; this is an even vaster arena, and one that is impossible to convey in words. What is important to understand is that the non-form creates what is in form; what is in form creates that which is in physical form.

As a creature in physical form, you have a readily recognized individuality. It is easy to see and feel the limits of yourself. You can touch the limits of your body. You can feel your mental and emotional bodies. You can get in touch with your soul. Thus you are an easily defined individual. Within the celestial realm we are not so easily delineated. As we said before, we are a collective, and as such our form melds within the entire collective. When we wish to manifest an individual being such as I am doing at this moment, we do so from the collective.

We are belaboring this point because as you move into the higher vibrations, you too will lose aspects of your individuality. (The concept of the “rugged” individual exists only in the 3rd Dimension.) As one learns to exist in the 5th Dimension, you will begin to feel the closeness of others in the 5th Dimension. You will “know” that Oneness is a feeling, a knowingness; it cannot be put into words.

We would like to remind all who read these words of the reason you incarnated on Earth. After you have the ability to sample the higher vibrations and can learn to maintain yourself in them, then you can now truly appreciate your reason for incarnating. It is quite simple: You possess a physical body. Now you must become adept at moving into the 5th Dimension. There you will assist other to do the same.

By focusing on this single objective, you will become an ascended one. Your light will shine for all with whom you come into contact. Your energy will radiate to all around you. By doing so you will have a significant impact on this planet and indeed all others in physical form throughout the cosmos. Those of us who have no physical form are unable to accomplish this. There are many Earth humans who do not have the ability (as yet) to be in the higher vibrations while in physical form. This is why each of you volunteered to come to Earth.

There are now enough lightworkers on Earth maintaining higher vibrations so that Earth’s transformation is assured. As we have spoken of before, the magnetic constructs of the 3rd Dimension were removed in December 2012. This makes the way to the higher dimensions much easier, but by no means automatic. Individual physical forms must still take actions to train themselves to exist in these higher vibrations; it is not automatic. It is a daily discipline. To maintain yourself in the 5th Dimension, you must learn to control your thoughts and emotions. You have experienced yourself drop from a lighter vibration when a lower vibrations confronts you. You have also seen yourself maintain the lighter vibration when lower vibrations ask for your attention. You know the difference in your reactions. Practice this valuable lesson.

Look in the mirror and ask yourself, “What is important in my life? What am I doing that I would like to continue doing, doing more of? What can I do without? To what am I attached? What serves me? What serves the continuation of the 3rd Dimension?” Then decide how you will live.

Understand that you do not need external verification. The best use of your time and energy is to discover for yourself exactly who you, why you agreed to incarnate at this time and place, and what you can do to further this. Forget get about interacting with your space brothers and sisters. You already know in your heart that others of physical form exist on other planets. Do not waste your time seeking to see their ships, or listening to the witness of others; knowing that they are your brothers and sister is enough. As we have told you, they walk among you.

You do not need some higher authority such as your government or your religion to tell you that non-Earth human life forms exist. That is giving away your power (once again) to an authority that you have placed in charge of your life. Forget about ET sightings. Do you really need to see an ET ship in the sky time after time to realize that others exist in the universe? Look within yourself. Know that many from other planets walk among you. Know that many from other planets have incarnated to be with you at this time.

Be all you can be. Seek to raise your own energy. Practice daily. Focus your attention on this singular task. Compose yourself; do not flit from one message to another. Practice self-discipline. Practice discernment. Discover your energy field. Then see all that is not a part of you as merely entertainment on the stage of your life drama. Focus on being “The” player on your stage. Nothing else matters for your advancement. Nothing will happen by wishing for it to be true. You must do this for yourself; no one else can do it for you. Know that you are the creator of everything in your life experience; create well.

To remain within the higher vibrations, you must put aside all that draws you back into the 3rd Dimension. Put aside anger, judgment, wealth, and power over others. Put aside attachments to the material comforts of the 3rd Dimension. Be in the world, but not of it. Realize who you really are: An individuated expression of Source, a great being of light. Put aside past behaviors and current habits that do not contribute to the manifestation of your higher self in your body. Do not allow yourself to be pulled into the 3rd Dimension while wavering in your commitment to be in the 5th Dimension. Practice self-discipline, but do not forget to live in the joy of creation.

Know that the 3rd Dimension is going away. Know that your planet, along with all others in 3rd Dimension density, is being cleansed of the darkness. The glue of the 3rd Dimension has been removed. The energy construct that held all in 3rd Dimension rigidness is no more. The sense of freedom you may be feeling is due to this collapse, due to your lack of focus in the old ways.

You have an opportunity to be one of the first to be a great physical being of light, a powerful human to show the way to others. To do this, self-discipline is required. Self discipline to shed the judgment, violence, anger, and distortions of the 3rd Dimension. You have the opportunity to be a multi-dimensional being, participating in all levels to the 12th Dimension. All have this opportunity, but it will come slowly to some. It will require a 50 to 100 years for all to be in the 5th Dimension. Many who are lagging will not live to see this glorious event. On the other hand you can live to see it all; you can experience it all.

Time is collapsing. Will this make it any easier for those who are lazy to achieve 5th Dimension? Somewhat, however the same rules apply; self-discipline, dedication, and joy are required. Pay attention to your own development, and have fun doing so – for it is the grandest of adventures.

Know that your brothers and sisters from around the universe walk on this planet. Look into yourself and know who you are. Do not give your power away to others asking them to define you. Look inside yourself; everything is there. You can discover who you are, and enjoy that realization. Look inside and be grateful. Your heart will tell you who you are. Follow your heart – let your light and happiness shine forth for all to see. Then you will know who you are, and others will recognize who you are.

The new Earth will be a wondrous place, a 5th Dimension paradise that many from around the universe will wish to visit. It is slowly becoming a planet that has arisen from the darkness of the 3rd Dimension. You can have a role in helping to make this happen. Yes, you.

I am Adrial, celestial of the Cosmos. It has been my pleasure to communicate these concepts to Mark Kimmel.

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  • I think most of us do, Peter, but I'm noticing a sort of detachment from them now, not getting drawn into the drama.

  • Yes it is an excellent message. Personally I still encounter a lot of 3D distractions, but I'm working on it!

  • An excellent message. 

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