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Fri, Sep 17 at 9:32 PM

Hi Cheryl, 

Something incredible has happened. 

I remembered a particular reference popping up in my readings, somewhere back in the late 1990s. I kept thinking about this over and over again. 

Finally this morning, I went back and did a keyword search on the term. I quickly realized that many of the readings in late 1999 were FAR more specific, and detailed, about our current situation than the prophecies I already shared last week. 

This is literally brand new. I barely have enough time now to prepare some of this into slides for this Sunday. Let me promise you… this will be worth your while!

Since things are really heating up right now, I am going to be in contact with you regularly over the next month. 

You’re about to get insight into how the past two decades of writing and prophesied times are converging….the deeper layers of mystery that are soon to be uncloaked...and what boons we stand to enjoy as intel from an all new high-level insider comes bursting out like a cornucopia.

I’ll be doing a live FREE live broadcast, every Sunday at 3:00pm PT, for the next four weeks.

IMPT: If you’d like to receive access to the replays (and get access without going on Youtube, just in case the videos get pulled down), then sign-up right here, and you’ll get replay access on one-streamlined and password protected page. 

I’ll see you this Sunday, at 3:00pm PT on the following link— PUT THIS LINK IN YOUR CALENDAR. 

Gratitude & Light, 
David Wilcock

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