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Discordant and dominant personalities. by Kuthumi

Morgan Le Fay

Discordant and dominant personalities

DISCORDANT PERSONALITIES are those who live complaining about life all the time. No matter what happens to them, they will always find something to complain about. They are unsatisfied by nature! They can not be quiet for long, they are always looking for an excuse not to be happy. They live in ups and downs, between euphoria and depression and therefore lose tons of energy daily, so usually they will always look for good and compassionate people, where they can lean and start complaining about life, and thus suck the energy of others. They are energetic vampires. Usually, when we give them openings, they cling, whether they are near or at a distance, in our auras, and then, they suck our energy completely. Sometimes, we feel immensely without energy, without a real reason, and that means, that there are these incarnated parasites, true embodied entities, sucking our precious energy, even though most of the time, they do it in an unconscious way. Also, they instill in our aura their depressive and discordant thought forms and often, even if we do not have states with them physically, only through the thought, we receive those discordant vibrations and if we are not protected and alert, we begin to respond to them and act in the same destructive pattern.

DOMINANT PERSONALITIES are those people who are always telling us what is best for us. They are always sure that their ways of life and habits are the best in the world and that the whole world needs to do the same thing. Usually they are immensely friendly, while we accept their domains and agree with them, the first time we say something different, they get angry and either go away carrying hate and criticism towards us, or they stay, but they start to do emotional blackmail, saying it's not fair, the way we stand in relation to them or their way of life. And then, soon after, they begin to play the same game with us, re-imposing their wills. They only feel good when they have people where they can exercise dominion. They are also vampires, for they feed on those lifestreams they manipulate.

There are personalities that at certain moments are both dominant and discordant. Surely these are the worst, for they become immensely destructive, though, they camouflage it, as I said, with blackmail, crises, and sermons of help.

Both personalities become more or less astral entities, that is, incarnate entities that live creating pollution in the planet's atmosphere. For the most part, they refuse to admit that they are destructive and end up blaming the world, life, and everyone around them for their destructive, dominant or discordant behavior.

Much of our life energy, which is to be used in the accomplishment of our daily tasks and in the service of the Light, is sometimes vampirized by these incarnated entities, who may either be someone unknown or known to, and even very dear ones. Sometimes we can not accumulate an adequate momentum of energy to take a decisive step in our lives, or to start a new project, for we allow these personalities to suck our life energy. Therefore, we need to do a daily work of protection around our auras to block these entities from entering our inner circles and absorbing our life energy.

Master El Morya has taught me something very simple to affirm every day, which is very effective against this, and certainly, if done sincerely and constantly, creates an invincible protection around us. He said to me, always repeat the statement, visualizing this sphere around you: "I AM the Almighty God and the Radiant Blue Flame of El Morya, sealing my aura in a Radiant Sphere of Light that protects me completely against all harmful influences of discordant and dominant personalities."

The geometrical shape of the sphere is the easiest shape to be held mentally, so if we imagine ourselves within a sphere of light, it will always be simpler to mentally visualize and sustain this thought form and thus create it powerfully around us. Of course, that after this radiant sphere is created, it is still necessary to be kept daily, if not, the energy disintegrates and returns to the universal after some time. But if you do this, and daily sustain this spherical thought form, imagining yourself always standing or moving within this sphere, you will after a few weeks be well protected and realize how you will have more energy, to fulfill your daily tasks, in constructive realizations that bless you and all in your worlds.

Morgan Le Fay

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Comment by Cheryl Nelson on July 25, 2020 at 9:14pm

There are so many of those kinds of personalities around.


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