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  • Another good point is DO NOT TRY TO STAND DURING AN EARTHQUAKE. I was following the old rules during the 1994 Northridge earthquake, standing in a door frame, holding it with one hand and holding my 13-year-old son with the other. I woke up on the bathroom floor with a serious concussion when I hit the marble countertop on my way down (when the movement of my house threw me, though I have no memory of the actual fall) and a broken ankle.
  • And last, yes, my heart goes out to the people in Christchurch, and Pakistan, India, Nigeria, China, Peru, Bolivia, Columbia, Brazil, Russia, and here in North America, this is already happening to real people, right now.

    I've included them in the Rose of Sharon icon for the ECC Group Meditations on Tuesdays.
  • Here's another part of this article that I thought was interesting:

    " Christchurch will never be the same again and my heart and thoughts go out to everyone living there.

    I now have a pack by my front door and in it, a sleeping bag, torch, batteries, a couple of cans of food, a Swiss army knife, small first aid kit and a few other essentials that would enable me to survive for a day or two - and of course some socks. "

    This is a good simple description of a 72 hour kit from someone who experienced being without one at Christchurch. You don't need a lot in this kit, just enough to buy you a bit of time. If you haven't got this sort of kit together yet, just think in baby steps. And feel free to talk about this with anyone here.
  • Okay, so I've got the Tatlife post up now, for anyone who is interested in learning more about that.
  • Here's a bit from the bottom of the article:

    I was only in Christchurch for two days of aftershocks, but I am still having flashbacks from the initial quake, waking up suddenly from nightmares where my house is violently shaking and it takes a little while to realise that it was only a dream.

    I jump every time my house creaks or there is a loud noise anywhere. I find myself inspecting buildings as I walk past them, especially older ones, and think to myself "That wouldn't stand up to an earthquake."

    I am very aware that my experience of the Christchurch earthquake and its aftermath pales in significance to what thousands of Cantabrians have experienced since the quake and the psychological effects of this disaster will far outweigh the devastation and destruction of the houses and buildings. Christchurch will never be the same again and my heart and thoughts go out to everyone living there.

    What she is describing here is Post Traumatic Stress, PTS, this is where the neurology of your brain sort of freezes an event, or series of events into the forefront of a person's mind. In the NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) research, it was discovered is that this wiring stays forward and in vivid color in the internal mind's eye. Much like a glitch in the software. There are all sorts of treatment for PTS, but most, if not all would be impractical in an Post Shift world.

    I've been thinking for a long time now of how a average person would be able to help someone, or even help themselves recover from PTS of Pole Shift type events. My prayer and research led me from the basic psychological models to NLP, to Emotion Freedom Techniques (EFT), on to Tapping and then finally to TATLife techniques. The TatLife process is what I decide would be the most effective and do-able thing a person could use to help themselves and others recover from emotional, mental, psychological and PTS wounds in the AfterTime.
    It's used for PSTD right now, there are teams of people who go into war zones, and places where the people have experienced horrific traumatising events, such as Bosnia, Israel, Rwanda, using this technique to help heal from the trauma.
    I have tested it's effectiveness by using this for myself, and it has worked for me, many times. I still use it any time I catch myself acting from a program.
    I just wanted to share this with the people here. See also a post I'll post on this in the Earth Changes and Emotions group
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