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  • You can get used to it as long as the humidity is low. I was in Las Vegas when an earthquake hit San Bernardino county back in '91 or '92. It had been 116 degrees that day. Spent most of the day at Wet 'n Wild. In LA, on those hot days, everyone takes off to the beach or cranks the a/c and just prays for summer to end.
  • Thats disgusting...I would die in that heat.
  • I remember back in the late 70's the San Fernando Valley would get as hot as 110 degrees in August, but downtown never got that hot, maybe in the 90s. So for downtown L.A. to reach 113 degrees is Las Vegas weather. Ow!
  • I lived in California, and I remember the Santa Anas, it felt like I was living in an oven, and it made it harder to breath sometimes.
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