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  • ven though the picked the stupid ones there is a lot of thrut to us being dumbed down by design.A few years ago we were number  1 in education now look at us.

    Country Name
    Reading score
    Maths score
    Science score
    OECD average 493 496 501
    Shanghai-China 556 600 575
    Korea-South 539 546 538
    Finland 536 541 554
    Hong Kong-China 533 555 549
    Singapore 526 562 542
    Canada 524 527 529
    New Zealand 521
  • That is what I was thinking too Raina.

    Also many of the clips are in front of the white house. I am sure if I questioned enough people

    and only put in the one's with the wrong answers it would look the same. Never the less the

    media is behind this. But, I also know first hand that there are many who have no concept of

    world geography, and if it didn't apply to me I would more than likely be in the same boat.

    Still, this puts out a very negative aspect of how Americans are educated.

    One bad apple?

  • It is true that there are alot of people in our coutry that do not care to know what is going on in our country.  But I am always pleasantly surprised to know how may are and;  are, also, trying to prep for coming disasters.  This is a propaganda type video.  Notice how people were supportive of Bush?  That viedo was made years ago.  Also, did you notice how they were locating these coutries where Australia was located?  Kind of like they were answering one question but we were led to believe that they were answering another.  Interestingly enough he states he is the Prime Minister of Australia. I believe this video was comprised of only those people that answered incorrectly and then doctored to look even worse than it was. So, it was in this group of people's best interest to make Americans look dumb.  I think we need to determine who they are and why this is necessary?  I don't think this would be a hard task to do. :)

  • I know, It is hitting below the beltline. I also havse a basic education.

    They may have just picked out "the creme/cream of the crop"

    It is hard to believe that so many people are this ????

  • This is sickening!!!

    They are why we have the idiots we have in power. These useless idiots vote

    They have done a good job of dumbing the people

    Why are they so studid???

    I had a basic education, no college, I am not stupid. Why are they???????

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