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  • Nancy  Lieder,  of  Zeta  Talk  believes  there  is a 93%  chance  the Obama  will  annouce  the presence of PX  within  the  next  few weeks.

    I  believe  there is a 100%  chance  that Nancy is  blowing smoke.

  • The macedoniandimension article is speculation and probably won't happen.  First, if you accept the arguments that Obama is a starseed whose hands have been tied in doing the good he wanted to do, then how can he announce PX?  The concept of NASA admitting to a cover-up doesn't ring true.  What gov't agency admits this?  Any announcement of this magnitude would create panic. I could see the possibility of an announcement right before the elections to create panic to have a reason to invoke martial law. 

    The pictures of two suns in the article are telling.  If PX was that close, wouldn't we be in the passage?  There has to be another explanation for it, which could be sunlight reflecting off an orb-shaped UFO (biosphere?), space junk, or whatever.  For those who remember, Jezz's photoshop caper showed how easy it is to create second suns where there are none.  How real is this next image?


    Further, the author is unknown, the website owners are unknown, how the information that Obama will be making an announcement is unknown, how the author knows PX will not be an extinction-level event is unknown.  I'm not claiming PX doesn't exist or isn't causing at least some of the earth changes currently in progress, and there is evidence that we are in, at least, a magnetic pole shift, and constellations and the moon are out of place, but based on this article, I don't see any solid proof from the data.

    The only hard proof that something is coming are the earth change signs that continue to escalate. Now there is a bright comet coming and the speculation is on whether it is PX/Nibiru.  Well, it's brightness doesn't fit one model we've heard of PX being being a dim red planet shrouded in a dust cloud. 

    Prof. McCanney has a statement about this comet:  "September 30, 2012 posting... regarding comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) there are some REAL issues with this comet..."  Read the rest at his website @  Here is his new sub-page where he will be tracking this comet...  And he has some interesting new products, sales of which keep his radio show commercial free, so check it out... non-GMO corn and a new device to help restart the calendar after a poleshift or other catastrophe.

  • Here's an unconfirmed article - not even sure who wrote it - titled:

    "Planet X / Nibiru is real: Announcement by the United States will happen before November 2012!"



  • What I find odd is that it is in the same position that they have been saying PX was/or is in!

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