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God Says, "I Played My Trump Card, I Will Win the Hand"

God Says, "I Played My Trump Card, I Will Win the Hand"

"For I will At This Time Overhaul the World and Overhaul Your World"

"Hang on, because a time of accelerated change is here. For I will at this time overhaul the world and overhaul your world. You must not overrate your thoughts, your judgments, your theology, your eschatology. Most of these have put Me in boxes that I do not reside in. This is a time where literally ALL IS POSSIBLE for those who look to Me. Therefore, you must remove the veils through which you see Me. Position yourself to be in learning mode from Me. Thinking you know something is literally your greatest hindrance at this time.

"I only can fill empty vessels. Find a way to empty yourselves. Humility is a huge key. Gratitude is a huge key. These keys will help you access the great golden keys of faith, hope and love. I call on you to stop carrying anxiety, stop the finger pointing, stop the angst, stop proclaiming end of days scenarios. Stop any and everything that takes you out of being a carrier of good news. You are ministers of the Gospel and that word still means 'good news'. Your best days are here if you are committed to faith, hope and love.

"I am using My Trump card for certain matters but you must rise up and make even the much greater Kingdom difference."

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Comment by Cheryl Nelson on May 21, 2017 at 10:35pm

I used to live in Santa Clarita, though I didn't know Johnny Enlow.  Very inspiring message.  Glad to see someone telling the end-timers to come out of the trance.


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