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How Bad Is New York's Subway? It's Looking Grim.;...

4.3 million people trying to get to work with no subway should be under triage.

Critical personnel first--doctors, health care workers, critical government/infrastructure workers.  Give them tags indicating first priority.

Essential personnel--so business can get up and running again.  Give them tags indicating secondary priority.

Those who can find closer residences to their work temporarily should do so to lighten the burden.  Or maybe the gov't could make temporary residences available for those willing.  Walk or ride bikes to work.  Seek jobs closer to home.

Company's should identify personnel who can trade positions with like positions closer to their homes. 

Other personnel furloughed until transportation improves.  Don't everyone try to jam on a system that can't accommodate everyone.  That just raises frustration levels that could lead to violence.

I've never used the NY subway but I used to ride the MetroLink to downtown L.A. and transfer onto the MTA Red Line (subway) to my stop.  Subways use electricity.  So, what happens when an electric device is flooded in seawater?  Same thing happens to your cell phone or your toaster I would imagine. 

With everything they have to do to get it up, running and safe again, it won't be up in a month.  Antiquated parts made by companies out of business for 50 years?  Right.  They are going to have parts manufactured.  This is one massive fluster cluck for New Yorkers and their local economy, which is going to impinge the rest of the country. 

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