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How the Internet & Electronic Entertainment Devices Are Sabotaging Your Preparedness Plans

I've been watching some of the younger ones in our family. TV and computers have a definite negative impact on their thinking and behavior. These kids are addicted to their DS and Wii games and movies. They don't listen, can't focus, whine and complain if you make them do something else, are constantly bored if they don't have electronic stimulation, and are becoming quite anti-social. So, when they are at my house, TV and electronic entertainment devices are restricted. I make them go outside to play or work inside on non-electronic games or crafts. And you know what? They are becoming social again, they are listening better, they don't whine and complain near as much (but two sisters are always going to fight, it seems).

You MUST do something about this NOW. If you wait until trouble strikes, you will be dealing with children who will not follow your instructions, who will drive you insane with their noise, and who will not be able to cope with the earth changes. The children in my life get absolutely depressed when deprived of their electronic stimuli. Then add on the depression and other psychological stresses of troubled times and they could easily just go psychotic on you. Imagine bugging out with 2 or 3 or 4 psychotic children. Your chances of survival will be seriously impacted. Or else you will have to leave your children behind. Could you do that?

I couldn't. So the solution is that you just HAVE to start interacting with your children NOW. Turn off the electronics. Involve the kids in games and social activities. Teach them to listen and follow your orders. Teach them they don't know it all (not a good thing in life and death situations).

And do it NOW! It will take time to bring them back from the brink.

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Comment by Kim B on June 27, 2013 at 10:48am

I do not watch that much TV.  What shows I watch might be horse training on RFD-TV or something like that.  However, I do like to watch Star Trek when it is on tv.  My husband always has the remote, and watches mindless stuff which lack morals (so I don't get to watch much star trek lol).  I could easily live without the TV.

However the computer I can keep touch with dear friends and family who are far away.  The computer makes this so easy.  

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on June 26, 2013 at 8:43pm

In fact, Edina, your dream was eerily reminescent of Stephen King's novel, "Cell."

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on August 22, 2010 at 8:23pm
I seem to be one of the few who aren't hypnotized by TV. I have never been an avid TV watcher. My parents were, though. And I have noticed some people just seem to be instantly hypnotized by the TV. It's scarey. I don't think it's generational. I think it's who you are and anyone is susceptible. I don't think many of us are immune to it. I think your dream is prescient.
Comment by edina on August 22, 2010 at 7:02pm
Cheryl, I've been thinking about this, only from a very self-centered point of view. My husband is about 14 years older than me. We've noticed that I have a very different response to electronic media than he does. I struggle with this, if I am near a running TV, it takes an "act of will" for me to not sit down in front of that TV. Even if I just hear the sound of it. I seem to be drawn to it like a magnet.

Then, when I am there, I seem to go into an near trance-like hypnotic state. For years, we would go round and round on this. He can treat this "noise", like background noise. I cannot. I honestly need the TV to be off, to keep my focus. Eventually, after observing me for years, he decided there actually was something to my idea that we are somehow being programmed through the TV. Now, he cooperates much more with me, in keeping the TV turned off. In fact, we never watch the TV, any more.

However, new discovery. I'm noticing the same felt affects with the computer. If the computer is on, it takes as act of will for me to stay away. It takes real mental effort. If I am tired, or just a bit out of kilter, I can suddenly find myself drawn back into computerland, and BAMM!!!, I've lost one, two, or four, or more hours of productivity. It's very much like an addiction.

We've wondered at times if this is generational. He doesn't seem to be as affected by the frequencies as I am.

Also, I have been diagnosed with electro-magnetic allergies. Odd, huh? I didn't know such an allergy existed!!! A chiropractor who also uses acupuncture discovered this. I find that I must turn the computer completely off, I use a surge power strip, and I must turn it all the way off, to help me overcome the attraction of the signals. I also sometimes wonder if I have been tampered with in a way that makes me susceptible to this.

I have discovered that taking daily walks out in nature is a good way for me to clear this electronic pollution from my body. I agree with you, this is likely going to be an immediate problem when we lose electricity, not only for children, but for many of us adults, as well. It will be helpful for people to understand this. WE COULD HAVE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE HAVING dt'S, WITHDRAWAL SYMPTONS, and if we could remember this, is may help us in at least understanding the wild and crazy temper tantrums people may be experiencing everywhere.

I often wonder, when I'm reading Clif High's reports, is this why, the TPTW (The Powers That Were) begin to lose control of us, because the electricity an the grid support for the electronic cage gets knocked out and we all, collectively start WAKING UP.

I had a dream, a long time ago, about 20-30 years ago. In this dream people were being controlled through their computers. I remember going all about, trying to warn people to be careful, to stay away from their computers. I can still remember this dream as clear as if I had just now experienced this. There seemed to be a sort of signal that went off, and everyone connected to a computer at the time was locked in. I could not get through a single person. In the dream, it was as if I was the only person moving around. Everyone else around me, was locked in, ???....

And here we are, on computers, super reliant on computers, I don't know what to think about this?


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