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Hungary Torches 500 Hectares Of GMO Corn

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Comment by Byron wilkins on May 29, 2013 at 3:21pm

Jak I have to disagree with food growing well in bad climate areas by using GMO"S that is a claim Monsanto made and has been proved wrong. GMO"S are a failure even with nutrition. China just destroyed three shipments of GMO corn. 84 countries require GMO labeling, they know what is going 28 countries have banned GMO:S completely. Were just finding out that the Roundup sprayed on them may be worse than the plant itself,  

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on May 29, 2013 at 3:01pm

But when governments start torching GMO fields, it raises awareness.  In the end, we will all get sick and die eating GMO food if something isn't done about it.

Comment by JAK on May 29, 2013 at 2:45pm

I see this whole thing starting to backfire.

1. The torching and the destruction of the Monsanto genetic crops from angry awakened people.

2. Because of bad weather(storms/draut/floods etc..)  around the world a shortage of food.

3. Prices rise (Monsanto and friends are happy and can control the prices even more)

4. All leading to a global food shortage and price hike on ALL foods. (bad for people of lower income)

5. Food returning back on the table from GMO`s grown in bad climate areas at lower cost, (hungry accept)

6. Monsanto and friends win and all seeds to purchase are at the least Hybrid that do not reproduce through re-seading.

All rhis is really sick. I would bet that the most of the angry crowds (with good reason of course) do not or have no intention on growing thier own food and have a garden at all. I have always had a garden but the food I produce would not last my family for very long to live on, and therefore we have to purchase food and meat year round. The only cost effective food I can grow and store for a year is potatos and if we ate potato'es every day they would also not last that long.

I don't think the normal person/family can stock up on food to last a year or two to cover such a food recession.

My 2 cents.....this is just what Monsanto wants to happen.

God Bless


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