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In case you missed this: Pro-Trump Pentagon Analyst Was Stripped of His Security Clearance by Obama Holdovers

I do not recall any outrage over this one. The article below implies that the analyst's security clearance was pulled because he was stirring the pot over some irregularities he was seeing.

Can we safely assume that this action was for political reasons--the very thing that Trump bashers are accusing him of doing to Brennan?

Aren't double standards awesome!

"Pro-Trump Pentagon Analyst Was Stripped of His Security Clearance by Obama Holdovers"
By Debra Heine

A Pentagon analyst was stripped of his security clearance by Obama holdovers after he complained of suspicious government contracts with Stefan Halper, the FBI informant who spied on the Trump presidential campaign in 2016, the Washington Times reported. The pro-Trump analyst also apparently ruffled feathers when he blew the whistle on an alleged sweetheart deal with a woman Chelsea Clinton referred to as her “best friend.”


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Comment by Dee Fatouros on August 17, 2018 at 11:18pm

Sounds about right to me!

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on August 17, 2018 at 11:10pm

Do what we say, don't do what we do.  Double standards at their finest. 

Well, double standards = double faced.  And, what's that saying, a double-faced man is unstable in all his ways?


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