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The following is a dream that was shared with me by an unusual friend, Juli, who has the gift of sight.
I trust her and believe she tells this dream as it happenned. We live in the Ozark Mountains.




Somehow I just arrived home and there were people in military clothing milling around our house and property. Right away they told me that I was to be temporarily relocated. They told me all domestic animals had already been relocated. (all our cats and dogs) I was furious about it and kept asking for them but they kept calling me Ma'am and telling me they were safe. They said I had 2 hours to pack what i could and that i should pack to be gone for 4 weeks. They said I could take the blazer and trailer and they would help me load. They were confiscating all firearms but was allowed to take knives and our bows and arrows. (Nik was not in the dream and I knew him to be safe elsewhere)
I continued demanding the animals back but they kept to the same and started packing for me so i gave up and packed myself so they wouldn't touch my stuff, plus they were packing ridiculous things. Most of what i packed was very vivid in the dream and seem to stand out in color. I packed clothing including my winter coat, more blankets and sheets etc than i should ever need, 2 wash tubs, a certain stack of books, many herbs, as many food goods from the pantry as I could. I took cooking supplies (pots and pans etc), a folding drying rack, notebooks and paper, pens and pencils.
I kept going back for more blankets and sheets, they seemed very important. While packing clothing I came across one cat they had missed. Pearl, my second familiar. I was afraid they would take her so i stuffed her in a bag and carefully loaded her in the blazer.
I also loaded both goats, the pig and about 8 hens and a rooster (I didn't want to take the rooster but he ended up being there and later stood out in color like the other things). I started to pack the grill but one of the people told me there were grills provided. For some reason I didn't take any animal feed but did take bowls and tie outs. I took all the tarps and plastic we have and all the rope. I took a few plastic buckets, a small metal one and my big old watering can.
There was probably more but those are the things that stood out. I never felt rushed in the dream and felt like I had everything I needed by the time they said I had to go. We left out and it was a large procession down the highway, quite a few other people with trailer trailers, campers, etc. escorted by military in jeeps and hummers.
They took us to a place south of here called Caney Mountain. (I believe it's a state forest, I've seen the signs for it on the highway). The dream jumped forward and we were all grouped around a military guy telling us that an area of 180 had been fenced off for our protection. The fence was 10 foot chainlink. For our protection we would not be allowed to leave the fenced area until we are told. But that we were free to go anywhere on the 180 acres. He said that we were designated into groups and each group was directed to a "home base" which centered around one of those park covered eating areas, with concrete floor and roof. There were 3 or 4 brick grills at each covered thing and there were 20 or so of the big covered things spread out over several acres.  It seemed like there were 6 to 8 vehicles or families assigned to each "home base".
The dream jumped forward again and I had been there a few days. It appeared that I was the only one who brought any livestock and one of the few that brought food. Most people had thought food would be provided by the military.
people started moving their homes (cars, trailers, campers, tents) to make up their own groups. While all the bustle of moving was going on i heard someone laughing and knew it to be my friend Fredna. I found the group it came from and Fredna and her husband Mike and another friend, Paul, was there, along with other people I knew but can't recall. I moved my "home" nearer to them and we were a large group that took up 2 of the covered things.
We had a little goats milk and eggs and some folk were able to hunt and got deer and smaller things. Our group ate well as did a few other but the majority of people didn't do as well. At first there was a lot of friction, stress and vexing. People went to the fence and gate to ask for help but were ignored. there were armed soldiers but they no longer acknowledged anyone inside the fence.
The dream jumped forward. It was full winter but everyone had come together and we were all doing fine. The unprepared folks learned quickly and we all worked to help one another. The pig ran loose but stayed near the encampment, the goats were tied out and the chickens freeranged. It was now that I noticed the Roo's color standing out and was thankful I had him so we had a chance of having more chickens from these. It was bitterly cold but we all made do. I was very thankful i brought my heavy coat and all the blankets. most of the blankets were dispersed to people who didn't bring any. Most people were without coats as well but made do with the blankets.
It was now that we started to realize we had been there much longer than 4 weeks. I felt upset at myself for becoming so complacent there and not realizing sooner. People began questioning the guards again but got the same reply, ignored completely. One guy tried to climb over the fence but it was electrified (it didn't seem like it had been earlier in the dream). Then another guy took off into the forest to try and break out somewhere else. Several people went with him and soon they carried him back. he had been shot and killed by the guards. At no time in the dream did I ever feel it was nightmarish or overly vexed or scared. But at this point, like when they took the dogs and cats, I got pissed. I knew I had to get home and I would not be stopped.
Then I woke for the day.
many things in the dream were just known, like happens in dreams. but there was also a surprising amount of detail and I very very rarely do things stand out in color like they did.
I woke a few times in the night and went back to the dream each time i returned to sleep. Once when I woke I still had the scent of a woodfire in my nose. Another time I thought I was still in the dream and could feel the wind blowing in through the covers I had hung around my canopy as part of my "house".
Interestingly, not everything that stood out in color was used in the dream. Some things like the books make sense, I understand why they would stand out. But we have a very old decrepit tent that stood out but was never used (that I was made aware of) in the dream.

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Comment by donna on February 10, 2012 at 1:52pm

Most interesting that you have made this comment, Dianna, at this time because it has also been brought up again in another group as well. And as a result, a group of us including Juli are going to Caney Mtn to look around to see if Juli can recognize any of the topography of the mtn. Fortunately for those of us involved, we have the ability to eat off the land to survive if we needed to. It would hard in the winters for all.

Yes, this is a dream worth reading again.

Comment by Dianna Spencer on February 10, 2012 at 1:46pm

... This needs to be brought to the fore again, I feel, perhaps now more than ever.. Let us not forget... we need to survive!

Comment by Rosemary S on September 16, 2011 at 11:41pm
I do not remember seeing this episode. I just hope that this attitude will not spread around the world. But lately, I found goverments in general to have become more strict.
Comment by Byron wilkins on September 16, 2011 at 6:17pm
A vision of what has already been planned for us.
Comment by Kim B on September 16, 2011 at 8:53am
This dream could be a warning for her to make plans to avoid being taken away.  Praying that this does not come to be.           
It almost sounds like a "reservation" in the dream.  Someone should drive up to that state park and look for any unusual activity (and chain link fences).
Comment by Alex Cortes on September 16, 2011 at 8:43am

Prep time is upon you.  And by no means follow blindly.  Thats what I got from the dream.


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