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  • An amethyst I found in a plowed field near my parent's home:


  • Thanks for the article, Vickie.  Very interesting!  And yes I would love to put it in a piece of jewelry to wear.  I have lots of cut stones I collected over the years and some I would like to have put in jewelry though not at this time :(

  • Kim, it's beautiful.
  • The photo does not do it justice that's for sure!

  • Here is my rutilated quartz Vickie


  • A crystal will find it's owner?  Interesting.  BTW, Vickie, I have a cut rutilated quartz stone I obtained in North Carolina.  Cool.

  • It makes me happy to see you two connecting your past lives. I went hunting crystals out side of Reno at crystal mountain  and found lots of small ones but when I returned to Reno I was walking between two large hotels where you could not get in without a key and right on the ground was a cluster that is on my desk right now so I guess it found me. When I meditate my doggie thinks it is time to give me a face wash.

  • Yes, we do have a lot in common here, Vickie.  I read that a crystal will always find its owner, so I await its arrival with interest. 

    Byron, definitely no disturbances.  I have to shut my bedroom door to keep the cats from jumping on me.  As soon as I try to meditate it seems like it attracts them and they jump on me.

  • I am going to try it tomorrow when there are no disturbances.

  • Here's my experience with doing the gift exercise:

    I met the priestess and she was me. She brought the gift on a tray with a lid on it. I contemplated it for a few minutes and released the fear of gaining access to the power it contained, and reconfirmed my commitment to being here to do this, and accepted the awesome responsibility that comes with that kind of power. When she lifted the lid, a bright white light came from it and encircled my head and shoulders for a few minutes. I heard the word/name Azulta in my head. I heard the command, "Come forth." I felt the energy as a wind, and heard some crackling sounds. It seemed the two of us merged.

    Afterward, I stayed in meditation and asked the SC for an interpretation, who confirmed that I really was the priestess in the vision and it was real (i.e., not my imagination).  Prior to doing this exercise, I had ordered a crystal orb from, a simple quartz heartstone on a pink silk cord.  The SC said it will assist in the restoration of my knowledge. I will regain my abilities controlling the weather, and I will be dealing with sacred geometry in some way. 

    The meditation concluded by me not opening my eyes, but falling into a deep sleep, for something like four hours.  During that time, I had a lucid dream (but it didn't appear to be Atlantean related, but then again, who knows, right?). 

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