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-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Our ships vary in size and structure, and each and every Light Ship and Mothership of course is constructed uniquely to fit the wants and needs of the souls inhabiting such ships. Our ships [for many] are our personal homes, and while many of us take refuge and home on the many Motherships established throughout this beautiful Creation, we also take to personalizing our own small craft, which could be looked to as our own higher dimensional version of your ‘cars’.

For the many of us who live on the many Motherships, which we perform all of our work on, we see these ships as our homes and our smaller craft as our cars (1), only of course these ‘cars’ can travel throughout Creation in the blink of an eye, and we are not limited to experiencing just one or just a few areas of your Cosmos, rather we are able to access any area of this beautiful Creation that is not blocked off for special reasons.

One example of access to a planet being blocked off is of course, your planet Earth. This world has been blocked off for so very long from the inhabitants of the many negative races who would not have your best interests at heart, and the quarantine that has been established on Earth has been enforced very strongly.

Recently, the most restrictive energies behind this quarantine have been limited in preparation for the many events to come on your world, and with this happening has come much more stepped-up security of your world by our various smaller ships associated with our Councils in the Galactic Federation. The most vulnerable points of Earth have been and are being occupied by our smaller scout ships, for the purposes of keeping darker and denser influences at bay so that the ascension of your world can be lived out as planned.

There is nothing that can possibly happen that can stop these changes from occurring, and the resulting ascension that is to occur upon the beginning of the most noticeable changes on your world is the very reason that so much security is enforced around your world, and is also the reason that only a select few [Lighted] beings have been allowed to incarnate on your world along with the many lower dimensional souls experiencing their various Lives on Earth.

Those of us who are not out on the scout ships protecting and working to heal your world in any ways we can along with doing many other things, are again Living here on the many Motherships associated with the Galactic Federation. Each race of the Federation have their own Starships and Motherships, and being free and prosperous beings as we are, we are able to Create and use any type of ship that we wish to.

As such, we have taken to being quite creative with our many ships that many of you have begun to notice in your skies. While we have the cloaking feature on all of our ships as needed, we have also taken to purposefully constructing many ships that look exactly like the common clouds in your skies, and we have stationed many Motherships that are both cloaked to look like clouds and that have been built to look like clouds, and this goes with our smaller starships well.

We can truly take any and every  form we wish to take whilst inhabiting your skies, and while the vast majority of all of us who are inhabiting your skies at this time are indeed cloaked and hidden, those of us who are showing ourselves are doing so in very careful yet direct way in many cases, so that it can be known that we are indeed in your skies and we are working for the ascension of Earth in direct ways, but not in ways that will interfere with the general freewill of humanity too directly and this is why we are again, careful about showing ourselves.

More recently we have taken to appearing in your skies in a bit more hidden yet out in the open manner, and with that admission we implore you to pay attention to the signs you are given in your skies of our presence, for there are many. Those large, bulbous clouds in your sky that look oddly like ships, the smaller yet equally ship-like clouds in your sky, those bright ‘stars’ that remain stationary for the most part but that can be seen moving back and forth and up and down occasionally, these and many other forms we have been and are taking.

Oh dear souls, we are so very excited to inform you of the nature of our technology and craft, as what we have to show you will truly surprise and shock you and have you wondering how your world has not discovered and benefited from such technology in the past. Of course, we  can say as always that this is because our Lighted technology was both suppressed and fed into your Military Industrial Complex and the more basic inventions of ours which were discovered by your dark on our fallen craft, were reverse-engineered and ‘invented’ on your world.

There are many of these technologies that we could speak of but some that may be most recognizable to you are those of your computers, televisions, smartphones and nearly any other technological modern convenience that you enjoy today but that was not enjoyed even decades ago. There is also much more primitive technology of ours that was ‘invented’ on your world and suffice to say you will be quite surprised to hear of how many simplistic inventions were actually taken from us and our craft, including your zipper and Velcro.

The most awesome aspects of our technologies have not even come close to the perception of your general public, and obviously we are quite excited to share this all with you and to share the knowledge of this all with you. We know that you will eagerly anticipate inhabiting our craft, and many of you may in fact choose to take Lives on our craft as many of us have and as has been discussed before.

There are of course, those of us who do not Live on the many Motherships of the Galactic Federation and who instead work with the Councils while inhabiting our own Homes on other worlds, but again the majority of us do choose to inhabit these craft as they are very roomy and homely and we find many aspects of our own Homes on this craft.

We look forward to being able to directly show you this craft and have you inhabit and feel our technology, for it must be felt for it to be understood. The technology that you will be given will be so personal to yourselves, to your hearts, and you will instantly feel a Loving bond with this technology as it is consciousness itself. Our Motherships and Starships are in fact consciousness, and are in many ways beings of their own who have simply taken a different form.

It is very similar to how your Earth who hosts your Lives is a Living, conscious being, as our Starships and Motherships willingly agree to host us and have us Live within them, and the Loving and happy bond that is sustained with our Starships and Motherships is that of a family type of bond.

When you will hear the term Pleiadian Mothership or Pleiadian Starship, you will know that we mean just that because the very essence and spirits of our many star and Motherships are indeed Pleiadian. There are many souls from one of the many worlds in our star system who upon ascending into higher states of consciousness and becoming familiar with the advanced and Lighted technology accompanying our Councils, actually decided to ‘birth’ their spirits and consciousness into that of a fully functional Mothership or Starship.

There are souls whom some of us have known for so very long as dear friends and family, who have chosen to take the ascended form of a Pleiadian Starship or Mothership and this is so as well for many races in this beautiful Federation of worlds.

Daily and moment-by-moment Life on these ships are similar to the Lives that many you lead, as we are not limited in any way to any experience despite the fact that we are in your atmosphere or out in space on a Starship or Mothership. In fact, the majority of the jobs that we perform on Earth would not be able to be done without the help and the aide of our ships, as they are so very crucial in getting us around and in helping us perform the cleansing work that is seeing the ascension of Gaia take off in marvelous ways.

These ships Love us and we Love them, and the bonds that are sustained between us and our ships are truly stronger than can be fathomed. We do not see these ships as simple technology Created by us that we must use and dominate, rather this technology aboard our craft and our craft alike are beautiful beings just like us, simply inhabiting a different form than we are while assisting us tremendously in bringing about so very many endeavors for the Light.

Any soul on Earth can communicate directly with our ships through your mental and emotional channels, and many souls on your world have in fact already been doing so and we implore you all to continue on in such efforts as the sooner you are able to get to better know our craft and how our craft are not inanimate technology but are themselves consciousness, the sooner that you will be able to be expanded enough and better able to work with our craft.

We are able to continually monitor any situation on Earth and have many such monitors sustained and looked upon on our ships. Through extremely small Nano-like technology that goes past even the notice of your dark, we are able to monitor any situation and even without the use of such technology, we are able to find everything we need through an easy counseling of the Akashic Records which hold each and every event that has ever manifested on Earth.

As such, we are keeping our eyes and hearts on Earth constantly and are working with ourselves and with our many liaison teams to see that all that has been predicted to transpire in the time window established will do so as needed. This ascension cannot wait any longer and the changes preceding this ascension have only begun to pick up and themselves cannot wait any longer, and you are to see in the immediate period ahead the manifestation of things that are going to make your heads spin.

This has been said many times before and we hope that with the continual attempted reminding of just how mind-boggling and amazing everything is to be, those deeper parts in yourselves that you do not notice during your daily perception will begin to mentally and emotionally prepare you for such things for while you are inhabiting this period directly before the many changes begin and accelerate, your preparation is needed greatly.

You will be prepared to inhabit and fly around with not just our Starships, but with Starships of your own and you will become familiar and accompany yourselves with these beings who are these ships. You will find great friends, allies and even guides in the spirits that are our ships. We have even in these times looked to our Motherships and the very essence that make up our Motherships for guidance and advice on many issues, be them localized to Earth or in relation to many other events occurring throughout the Universe at this time.

Think not of our craft as anything similar or near to the conventional airplanes and such that you have been used to in your current society, and think of them instead as great conscious beings whom you can ride all throughout Creation in. This is why many of your ancient civilizations interpreted us as visiting your world on flying mythical dragons, birds and beasts, because we went to great lengths to explain to them and to show them that our craft are fully conscious beings who you can fly around inside and Live inside. They of course took this interpretation and integrated it into their art, as your ancient civilizations were not ‘stupid’ and were rather very Creative and encoded the messages of our craft for the civilizations of your later history who would discover their drawings and writings about such things.

Such civilizations that have been contacted by us and by other races comprising the Galactic Federation were shown and had explained to them so very much about us and our ships, and with the many of you starting your own blogs, shows and other outlets of getting this information of us out and as well as with the various channels [we are speaking through] we have established the link of our energies to humanities' at this time and the very knowledge [of us and our ships] is beginning to come back to you once again, and is beginning to reach the fore of your perception and memory.

All that you will be shown and given about us and about so very many other things is that which you have already known and held within for so very long. Many of you will be more than excited to begin to know and remember of such things as us and our craft, and while we have begun such discussions of these things through our many channels we have not come to a full discussion of much of what we speak with you about.

This is because there is so very much intricate and detailed explanation to go into that would at present perplex you and boggle your minds, which is why we are and have been sticking to the more general and easy to understand discussions that can be absorbed in a more measured way by humanity. You are all reading and absorbing these communications and taking your own measure of our energy from them, and this is a habitual process in humanity that we enjoy immensely having our part in.

It was agreed beforehand by many of you that the channeled communications you will be and now are reading at this time would give you the energies of us souls giving you the communications in the best ways that your spirit complexes could use, integrate and handle such energies. It was also decided for many that the energies given by these communications would serve to uplift you into your own positions of helping out, and it has been noted by many of you that the channeled communications which are genuine that you started out on so to speak, served for you to lay a wonderful foundation for you to begin the Lightwork that many of you are performing at this time.

Much will be asked about and wondered about in relation to who we, the Pleiadians are as a race and this is why we have sent multitudes of our own down to your world to begin the explanations of who we are as a race and how we relate to Earth, for we are one race that is closer to you and your world than you could ever imagine. Of course you have heard before that many of us up here are the ascended forms of many of you down there, and this admission is an understatement in relation to the truth for we the Pleiadians are the ascended form of you, Earth humanity [ascended from a different timeline structure].

We are the fifth dimensional ascended collective consciousness that is Earth humanity, and we know that this admission may boggle your minds a bit and require much explanation and we will give what we can in relation to this. Of course, the majority of souls who are on your world at this point are themselves incarnate starseeds from various places throughout your world, and when we say that we are the ascended forms of humanity we mean of the original native population of humanity.

The time thread that most of us Pleiadians who are the ascended forms of the native population of humanity were experiencing on Earth was indeed different than the time thread you are experiencing currently.

We experienced our ascension on our Earth in a different lower dimensional timeline than yours, and again we know that this will confuse many and send many in the direction of paradoxes and multiple Universes and we say that this is good, for with these many admissions [we are giving] we are expanding and broadening your perspective of just what is real and possible on your world and in your reality. Upon ascending on our third dimensional Earth with the help of thousands, not millions as are on your world now, of incarnate starseeds, we branched out and explored this beautiful Creation as of course any ascended society and collective consciousness would.

We eventually stumbled upon so to speak, the planet Erra in the Star System of the Pleiades. This planet was and is so very beautiful, and those of us who did not wish to keep exploring and who rather wished to settle on another world for the first time, chose to make Erra our home and began expanding to other planets in the beautiful Star System, the Pleiades.

We inhabited these worlds within this Star System [Pleiades] for so very long and ourselves built numerous societies, some of them ascended and some of them lower dimensional so that we could host the lower dimensional experience in our own section of Creation that we had discovered with souls existing on these worlds who were themselves lower dimensional.

Of course that opens up a whole new avenue of discussion and lays admission to the fact that not each and every one of us are from Earth and some of us were native to the planet Erra [as well as other Pleiadian planets] when those of us from Earth discovered it, but that percentage is very small and of course, as we were visitors to the worlds of these lower dimensional souls, we honored them and their land completely as we being ascended did not wish to harm, enslave or take over their land. We only wished to Live there with them and our presence on these worlds served to advance, uplift and help the native lower dimensional souls to ascend, many of them then choosing to work with us in our many Councils in the Galactic Federation.

This message has been considerably ‘longer’ than many previous, and as always we wish that we could give more information as we have barely scratched the surface and have likely left you all scratching your heads. We will be back before you so very soon, to go into a further detailed explanation about who we are in relation to your world and to why we chose to help your current lower dimensional civilization to ascend after being with you in [your] Atlantis and watching the destruction play out.

Oh yes, there is so very much to tell and so little perceived time to tell it, but all will unfold before you in beautiful Divine order in the point of your ‘time’ that it is all intended. We Love you all so very much, and we make our exit from this communication reminding you to radiate the Divinity that you are feeling and experiencing to all around you for each and every soul deserves the beautiful, uplifting ascension energies being given to you all at this time.

Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council.

(1) I think when the PHC refer to their Motherships as their ‘houses’ and their smaller ships as their ‘cars’, they are attempting in a way to familiarize their experience with these large and small craft for us who are used to thinking in such terms. link to original article

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